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Difference Between Nikon D60 and Nikon D90

nikon_d90Nikon D60 vs. Nikon D90

Nikon D60 and Nikon D90 have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Nikon D90 comes with the best resolution of 12.3MP, D60 comes with a resolution of 10.2MP. While D90 is an up-to-date model, it doesn’t make sense for budget conscious buyers, who are most likely to go for D60 which is anyway the best advice.

D90 uses what is known as a CMOS sensor, which brings forth better portraits and also provides a silk like feel to the photograph being taken. It is important to note that CMOS is power saving when compared with CCD Sensors, which is what the D60 cameras come with. Another argument in favour of Nikon D60 is that CCD sensors create cleaner and better quality files than CMOS.

Kelvin selection, which is used for white balance, is automated in D90 but manual in D60. Both the cameras have a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000sec, but the D90 can take up to 4.5 frames/ second and the D60 can take up to 2.5 frames/ second. Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of D90 and D60 will vary according to the kind of shoot. For example, for weddings D90 will be considered better than D60.

Thanks to its superior AF system and ISO performance, D90 camera ends up with better quality pictures. The D90’s bigger LCD (at 3 inches) is more than three times in pixels and provides a clear and crisp view of the subject being photographed. The D90, which is heavier than the 495 grams D60, also has D-Movie mode which helps it to captures progressive video at 24fps. Though this facility isn’t available in D60, you can use its stop-motion-movie feature to choose the photos and make a movie out of it by deciding the frame rates. The range for the frame rates are from 3fps to 15 fps.

The D90 also has the scene Recognition System, which is closely integrated with its Face Detection System. D90 comes with 5 manual settings and a superior auto focus system. One of the reasons why it is considered a top camera is its refined white balance selection. The two killer features D90 has are a brighter and larger viewfinder (with 0.94x mag) on-demand grid lines, and the capability to change settings using direct access buttons. D90’s more reliable auto focus also stands it in good stead.

D60 costs anywhere from $400 to $700 while the better camera D90 ranges from $999 to $1200.
1.Nikon D90 has the best resolution of 12.3MP while D60 comes with a resolution of 10.2MP.
2.CMOS, the Sensor type of D90 is far superior than that of D60’s CCD.
3.D90 has a bigger LCD display at 3 inches and also provides clear and crisp views of the subject being photographed.
4.D90 uses Nikon Multicam 1000 for Auto Focus, because of which it is far better than D60, whose settings is only 350.
5.D90 can take up to 4.5 frames/ second and the D60 can take up to 2.5 frames/ second.
6.D60 costs vary from $400 to $700 while D90 ranges from $999 to $1200.

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