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Difference Between Nintendo DS Lite and DSi XL

Nintendo DS Lite vs DSi XL

The DS Lite and DSi XL are two versions of Nintendo’s successful portable gaming systems. Just with the names we can already figure out that the main difference between the two is size. The DSi XL is much bigger in terms of length and width but is surprisingly thinner than the DS Lite; it also weighs roughly 50% more. The difference in size and weight is forgivable when you look at the screens of the DSi XL, though. Instead of the 3-inch screens of the DS Lite, the DSi XL has huge 4.2-inch screens. A bigger screen means you can hold the device further away from without needing to squint.

If you think that those are the only differences between the DS Lite and the DSi XL, you’d be dead wrong as the DSi XL has a handful of new features not found on the DS Lite. While the DS Lite has no cameras, the DSi XL now features two, one in the rear and one in front, for taking photos just like most phones.

The DSi XL is an improved platform and not just a revamp of the DS Lite’s appearance. There are DSi software that would not run on the older DS Lite. Still, the DSi XL maintains backwards compatibility and is able to play all DS games without any problems.

When it comes to memory, each platform has its own advantage. The DSi XL adds an SD memory card slot where you can save games, pictures, music, and many other things. But Nintendo chose to remove the Gameboy Advance slot which was present in the DS Lite. This made it impossible to play the huge array of Gameboy Advance games. The ones greatly affected by this change are the old timers who have many Gameboy Advance cartridges already. For younger ones, who probably haven’t seen a Gameboy, much less play with it, it is not really much of a loss.


1.The DSi XL is bigger and heavier than the DS Lite.
2.The DSi XL has a significantly bigger screen than the DS Lite.
3.The DSi XL has two cameras while the DS Lite has none.
4.The DSi XL is able to play all DS and DSi games but not the DS Lite.
5.The DSi XL has an SD card slot while the DS Lite doesn’t.
6.The DS Lite has a Gameboy Advance slot while the DSi XL doesn’t.

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