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Difference Between Samsung Rugby and Samsung Rugby 2

Samsung Rugby vs Samsung Rugby 2

The rugby 2 is Samsung’s update to the very rugged rugby phone. The rugby 2 carries over the hard plastic body of its predecessor along with all of its resistances, which include shock, water, dust, vibration, and many others. But what would an update be if there are no improvements compared to its predecessor. To start off, the rugby 2 has bigger screens inside and out. The 1 inch monochrome screen of the rugby has grown to 1.3 inches in the rugby 2 and the main screen has increased from 2 inches to 2.2 inches.

Another improvement is in the camera. While the rugby is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, the rugby 2 now comes with a 2 megapixel camera. That should let users of the rugby 2 take better pictures and videos. The battery installed in the rugby 2 can also store more power compared to that of the rugby. The former has a 1300mAh battery while the latter has a battery capacity of 1000mAh. The difference of 30% more capacity is quite a huge jump.

Considering that a lot has been added in the rugby 2, users should be pleased to know that it is lighter, rather than being heavier, than its predecessor. It only weighs 100g compared to the 132g weight of the rugby. The bulkiness of the phone is one of the few complaints that people had with the older rugby and this weight reduction should help solve the problem a little bit.

One downside to the rugby 2 is the amount of internal memory as it was dropped to 70MB from the 128MB that is installed in the rugby. If a user needs more memory than the internal, they can always resort to the microSD card slot. It can accommodate memory cards of up to 16GB. Both phones have this card slot so users of the rugby can upgrade to the rugby 2 and just transfer their memory card from the older to the newer phone.


1. The rugby 2 has bigger screens inside and out compared to the rugby

2. The rugby 2 has a better camera than the rugby

3. The rugby 2 has a bigger battery capacity compared to the rugby

4. The rugby 2 is slightly lighter than the rugby

5. The rugby 2 has a smaller amount of internal memory compared to the rugby

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