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Difference Between Samsung Moment and Samsung Intercept

Samsung Moment vs Samsung Intercept

The doubt regarding the viability of Google’s Android as a competitive smart phone OS was quickly erased with the deluge of smartphones from different companies that use Android. The Intercept and the Moment are two offerings from Samsung for the Android OS with the Moment predating the Intercept by almost a year. The most significant difference between the two is the use of the AMOLED screen in the Moment; the Intercept uses the standard TFT LCD that most portable devices use. AMOLED displays operate differently from LCD screens but it has certain advantages, which includes lesser power consumption, brighter display, reduced thickness, and faster response time.

Aside from that one major difference, the rest are quite minor. The Intercept is equipped with a 1500mAH battery, which is 60mAH greater than the 1440mAH battery of the Moment; probably to compensate for the higher battery consumption of the LCD display. Despite having a bigger capacity battery than the Moment, the Intercept still manages to shave off a few millimeters in each dimension, resulting in a device that is slightly smaller than the Moment. It is also lighter than the moment by roughly 14% as the Moment weighs 161 grams while the Intercept only weighs 139 grams.

Since the Moment is older than the Intercept. It is also expected that the software it comes with is older. The Moment comes preinstalled with Android 1.5 (Cupcake) while the Intercept comes preinstalled with Android 2.1 (Éclair). There is really no need to worry though as the Moment is upgradeable via a number of ways. You just need to make sure that your unit is updated to the latest version that it can utilize as there has been major improvements to Android since version 1.5.

The remaining specs of both phones remain the same, including screen size, memory, network frequencies, connectivity, and camera resolutions. Although the Moment is the older phone between the two, it still has its advantages over the Intercept. It is up to the user to choose between a better screen or a smaller and lighter device.


1. The Moment uses an AMOLED display while the Intercept uses an LCD display

2. The Intercept has a slightly higher battery capacity than the Moment

3. The Intercept is smaller and lighter compared to the Moment

4. The Intercept comes with Android 2.1 while the Moment comes with Android 1.5

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