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Difference Between Samsung Gravity 2 and Samsung Gravity 3

Samsung Gravity 2 vs Samsung Gravity 3

The third Gravity phone is not really a major upgrade to the older Gravity 2. It is more like a refresh of the same phone to make it seem newer and more appealing. I say this, because there are really no new features or major changes to the phone. Majority of the differences between the two are very minor at best at most people would not even notice them. The only significant difference between them is the looks; which isn’t really significant at all. The buttons were changed a little, as well as the color of the border trim. The Gravity 3 has also increased a bit in terms of height and width compared to the Gravity 2 but lost a bit of weight. But it is very doubtful that anyone would notice these changes unless you are actively looking for them.

There are changes to the Gravity 3 that users can still appreciate. The first, and probably most advantageous, is the extended battery life of the Gravity 3. Despite having the same 1000mAH battery, the Gravity 3 is able to get 5 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby. While the Gravity 2, is only able to get 4.5 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of standby. It might not be that much of a difference but many people would surely like having a bit more time in-between charges, especially when on long trips where a power outlet is not always available. Lastly, the Gravity 3 has 70MB of internal memory while the Gravity 2 only has 40MB. A 30MB difference isn’t really much and most people would probably just use a microSD memory card for gigabytes of storage. But it is still worth mentioning though, just to be comprehensive.

All in all, both phones are pretty great. They are 3G capable, with Bluetooth and AGPS, and are able to play most common music formats. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard is also a major pro for social networking and messaging buffs.


  1. The Gravity 2 is identical to the Gravity 3 in all features
  2. The Gravity 2 and Gravity 3 differs in looks
  3. The Gravity 2 is slightly smaller and heavier than the Gravity 3
  4. The Gravity 2 has a shorter battery life than the Gravity 3
  5. The Gravity 2 has less internal memory than the Gravity 3

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