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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S 8GB and 16GB

Samsung Galaxy S 8GB vs 16GB

The Samsung Galaxy S is a smartphone that has been around for quite some time and has already been succeeded by the Galaxy S II. But with a new model comes a significant price drop for the model that preceded it, making the Galaxy S a more viable option for those who thought that it was too pricey before. As always, the Galaxy S comes in two versions; one with 8GB of memory and another with 16GB. That is the only difference between the two, the amount of memory that is integrated into the phone. All other hardware aspects are identical and the 16GB version is no better than the 8GB version in terms of features.

But then, you also need to consider the price. With more memory comes a higher price tag obviously and you need to think whether it’s worth it to pay the extra to get 8GB of more memory. Many other factors come into play with this decision. In one side, you may prefer the 8GB version as you don’t think that you can even fill the 8GB with content. It also seems to be the better option if you already have a microSD card or just buy one when you need it. On the other hand, having 16GB of internal memory, probably means that you would not need to expand anymore. Or if you really need to store that much on your phone, you have a higher ceiling with an additional 32GB from a microSD card for a total of 48GB.

Overall, regardless if you go with the 8GB or 16GB version, you are still getting one of the best smartphones in the market today. With a powerful processor and ample amount of RAM, you can do just about anything, even run multiple applications at once. The 4 inch screen is also absolutely beautiful, with Samsung’s Super AMOLED display creating vibrant colors and better contrast. The choice between the 16GB and 8GB versions is just a trivial one. You can expand the memory capacity of the 8GB version given that the Galaxy S has a microSD slot or you can just go right ahead and pay for the 16GB version and not have to think whether you have enough or not.


1.The 16GB version has more memory than the 8GB version
2.The 16GB version is more expensive than the 8GB version

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  1. I have a 8GB Galaxy. And have used 7.65 out of 8….I have deleted all but 3 apps…the usage has been Samsung updates eating up my storage…not fair…

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