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Difference Between N95 and N96

nokia_n95The N95 and N96 are two mobile phones from the very successful mobile phone maker Nokia. Despite having very close model numbers, the N96 has a considerable array of improvements over the N95. The first of which is in the aesthetics department. At first glance, the N96 looks a lot cooler than the N95 which retains the boring looks of older Nokia models. The N96 is also bigger and heavier than the N95, but this is due to the jam packed features included with it.

It is noticeable that the N96 screen is bigger than its predecessor, though it is just by a matter of 0.2 inches at 2.8 inches. The heft of the N96 also includes a much bigger memory capacity. It includes an internal 16GB of memory and a SD expansion slot in case you find the 16GB as lacking. This is a considerable leap from the 160MB internal memory and SD expansion slot of the N95.

The most significant addition to the features of the N96 is the built-in TV tuner. It allows users to view TV programs straight from their mobile phones while on the move. With the use of the TV tuner, the .2 inch improvement in screen size is a lot more appreciable since it gives you a little bit more screen real estate.

Most of the other features that are not mentioned here are the same with the N95. Music and video formats that the N95 can play are still playable with the N96. They also use the same 5 megapixel camera with the Carl-Zeiss lens. They are also identical in connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB, and Wifi which are very handy for viewing web pages using the Nokia mini browser. They also both feature the sliding keypad feature which could be slid down to reveal the keypad or up to reveal the multimedia controls.

It already goes without saying that the N96 is pricier than the N95.

1. The N95 looks like a traditional Nokia phone while the N96 is much sleeker.
2. The N96 is bigger and heavier than the N95.
3. The N96 has a slightly larger screen at 2.8 inches compared to the 2.6 inches of the N95.
4. The N96 comes with a much bigger 16GB of memory which is quadruple of the 4GB of the N95.
5. The N96 comes with a built-in TV tuner which is not present with the N95.
6. N95 is cheaper than the N96.

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  1. thanks for that! am going to get N95 in 30 minutes 😀

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