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Difference between Sonos Connect & Sonos Connect: Amp

Sonos Connect vs Sonos Connect: Amp

Sonos is one of the most trusted brands in the Hi-Fi product industry and they have made some notable changes in a few of their best selling products recently. The ZonePlayer 90 and the ZonePlayer 120 were two extremely popular devices under the Sonos brand and they have been renamed respectively to Connect and Connect: Amp.

The official announcement states that the features and the performance of the two devices will not undergo massive changes and only the names have been transformed with a view to attracting user’s perspective about the functions of these two great devices. The change in the names have resulted into more accurate description of the roles played by them. The Connect is an accessory which can be connected to a normal home theater. It can also be connected to a stereo set up. After that, you can use the Connect to play any type of music you want and stream that to your own audio device. Well, the universal set of any type of music practically includes iTunes, Napster, Pandora and internet radio stations. A central Apple OS running on your iPhone, iPod or iPad can control all the speakers and devices connected to a single Wi-Fi router. The Sonos Connect has a lot of features and options which can be customized on the basis of your individual choice and taste. If you have many speakers positioned at different spots in your home and want to control all of these from a single control center, then Sonos Connect can be a great option to opt for. The Sonos Controller App will allow you to browse and play your favorite music from practically any device from any room of your home. The best part of the Sonos Connect is that it brings the whole audio mechanism of your house under a single wireless network with zero drop-outs.

The Sonos Connect: Amp is the new name of ZonePlayer 120, which has nearly the same features to that of a regular Sonos Connect. The only difference between the Sonos Connect and the Sonos Connect: Amp lies at the fact that the Connect: Amp is integrated with an amplifier powering to a limit of 55 Watts per channel. The amplifier is a great addition to the Connect and can boost incredible power to your speakers. An audio amplifier can change the entire musical system of a device by reproducing the audio frequencies. Power amplifiers are grouped together as channels which can be bridged to allow multiple audio frequency imitation requirements. Adding an amplifier to any device can result into a splendid sound quality and Sonos Connect is no different. Hence, the Sonos Connect: Amp was introduced.

Key Differences between Sonos Connect & Sonos Connect: Amp

  • Sonos Connect does not come with an amplifier. The Sonos Connect: Amp has an integrated amplifier of 55 Watt power per channel.

  • The Sonos Connect: Amp costs $50 more than the Sonos Connect.

  • Better sound quality can be achieved from the Connect: Amp due to the additional amplifier which features perfect sound synchronization.


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