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Difference between Sonos & Squeezebox

Sonos vs Squeezebox

Sonos & Squeezebox are both extremely trusted brands for streaming music to your home over multiple rooms dividing into a number of zones. If you’re a music lover looking for the best device for a flawless music system in your home, then you must know that it’s difficult to choose the best priced solution for a multi-room music system suiting your budget. Let’s compare Sonos & Squeezebox and check their specifications to determine the winner.

Sonos has a very minimalistic design with simple setup process. It operates smoothly over multiple zones. When you’re using Spotify or radio stations on the Sonos app, the entire process works like magic. The price tag is comparatively higher when you look at Sonos. For three zones, it would cost you around $1100. If you have computers in multiple rooms along with many speakers, Hi-Fi system along with an Android phone, you can go for Sonos systems. The Sonos Connect does not feature a touchscreen, but the Squeezebox touch does. Which one is the best choice between Sonos & Squeezebox depends on what package you’re going to choose. However, when analyzed in general, the Sonos costs nearly 4 times more than the Squeezebox.

Sonos has its own unique features for hanging such a high price tag though.Sonos has extremely easy setup process. Other than the occasional rebooting, it never stumbles on its performance. This is reflected by its simplistic design. The user will probably never screw up the whole system. On the other hand, the Squeezebox is for high tech users. It’s more prone to freezing and needs frequent updates for its firmware. One of the major cons of using Squeezebox is that your computer has to be turned on for the whole time to keep the Squeezebox functional. While using Sonos, only your first ZonePlayer will have to be hard-wired to your computer and does not require the computer to keep turned on. No one wants to end up with a high electric bill for enjoying some good music in a multi-room system.

Power consumption is an important section which must always be brought to account. In this category too, Sonos is the clear winner. The Sonos tweeters and subwoofers are of high quality with powerful music systems and features energy saving design. In the end, Sonos charges you more than the Squeezebox, but also offers some great features which are not available on the Squeezebox. If you want something good, you can’t expect it to be cheap. From that view point, Sonos is a champion when it comes to listing the best music streaming devices for your home.

Key Differences between Sonos & Squeezebox:

  • The Sonos Connect does not feature a touchscreen, but the Squeezebox touch does.

  • The Sonos is very easy to setup and is more reliable compared to the Squeezebox.

  • The Sonos is more expensive than Squeezebox.

  • The Squeezebox is more prone to freezing and require firmware updates unlike the Sonos.

  • The Squeezebox needs the computer to be turned on, but the Sonos does not.

  • The Sonos has more powerful tweeters and subwoofers than the Squeezebox.

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