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Difference between Sonos Connect & Sonos Bridge

Sonos Connect vs Sonos Bridge

The Sonos ZP90 has been recently renamed to Sonos Connect imparting a characteristic meaning to the device. Instead of giving up your current Hi-Fi system or even adding Class D amplifiers, get this unit to boost up the music system of your home. It does not come with a built-in power amplifier and so, is very small, light and cheap. The Sonos Connect has a single volume and mute control at the front and you don’t really need it any more than that.

The rear panel houses the power input in the Connect along with the line output and audio outputs. The Connect also comes with two Ethernet ports that can be connected when there is a shortage of network sockets. However, the Sonos Connect can be connected to amplifiers and speakers providing a very powerful and exotic sound system for your home. Since your Hi-Fi system still exists, the Sonos Connect can be used as FM Radio or CD player. The Sonos Connect controller app is very simple and easy to use. It comes for free. The only problem with the Sonos Connect is that you’ll have to handle to sets of controls – one for the Sonos controller and the other for the amplifier. This actually requires more space than the Connect: Amp. The standby power consumption is a little high and stands at 4W.

The Sonos Bridge allows wireless music streaming throughout your home using a Mac, PC, Sonos Control or using the app downloaded on your iPhone, iPad or Android. You can control the music in your house with a smart device in your palms. The Sonos bridge, when connected to you router, creates a conection among the Sonos players in your home and relay perfect quality music all around the system. Play music in your kitchen, patio or office and you can have access to more than 100,000 radio stations and different music services like Spotify.

For setting up the Sonos system, there must be at least one player and the Bridge connected to your network. Using the Bridge, the players can be connected anywhere you want. You can move your Sonos Players all around the house and the Sonos Bridge will readily create the network you need and that too with a very strong signal. The Sonosnet does not share the bandwidth with the home network it is connected too and so, Sonos will not slow down your internet experience. The range of Sonos Controllers can be extended when the Bridge is connected to the network, providing a perfect sync of the entire music system.

Key Differences between Sonos Connect and Sonos Bridge:

Sonos Connect is a single unit device with no amplifier. The Bridge is a connecting device which literally creates a media bridge among the Sonos Players.
The Sonos Bridge creates a Sonos network with very strong signal, which is not featured in the Sonos Connect.
Sono Bridge extends the range of the Sonos Controllers, which is not possible using a Sonos Connect which is not connected to the Sonos Bridge.

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