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Difference Between Sonos and Airport Express

Sonos and Airport Express

If you are considering setting up an audio streaming setup and you are just not sure of what you really want or the requirements that will give you the best experience in the audio stream, we are up to the challenge to see that you do make the right decision. Earlier audio streaming basically required you to set your Smartphone or MP3 player next to one position connected to your speakers’ docs for audio streaming or the rule that if you stored your music in a single system then your music could not be listened to by anyone else if you weren’t there. Things aren’t like that anymore.

We now have a look at the music streaming giants that are Sonos and Airport Express from Apple. It is important to note that these two technologies require a basis station for them to allow a third-party speaker to function together and also they do require Wi-Fi connection to function


Sonos is being recognized as one of the best audio streaming device with its major strength being its streaming support. Sonos to audio streaming offers services alongside granted access to over a hundred radio stations. You also do not require a computer or phone to play online music or an album, as your Sonos device connects to the service that you have selected and queues the tracks precisely to your device.

This implies that your music can continue playing even after you have switched of your phone and your PC and also have driven out of range. This offers an experience like no other and it even gets more interesting. And with the ability to sustain a number of controller’s apps, you don’t solely control the music, as any party with a device that is being supported can install the app, line up music and even alter the volume.

Demerits of Sonos

Support of iTunes on Sonos is noted as a deficiency by the Sonos security system

Playlists are not supported by the Sonos system

The Sonos setup is costly

When using Sonos Play3, the sound quality is only suitable for a small area like the kitchen


It is easy to set up a Sonos system as the instructions are well explained in its manual

The Sonos device requires no computer device for you to access your desired music or station

When connected to Ethernet, your Sonos can go wireless

Sonos can support audio streaming to a number of connected devices

Airport Express

When using Airport Express, you can choose to use your existing speakers that either do not support airplay and link them to your network by use of an optical cable or secure a compatible speaker.

Setting up Airport Express for your mobile device is not complicated at all. You simply have to follow a series of simplified instructions and you are done. The first procedure is to establish your connection is to set up a Wi-Fi connection. For Airport Express, you can only stream one song at a time and you have to keep within the signal range.

Demerits of Airport Express

It does require a PC or a phone device to play online music.

Airport Express relies on the range of signal transmission and music is set not to continue playing when you go out of range.

Any speaker device can be transformed to an audio streaming receiver by connection to an Airport Express by connecting it using an optical input cable or analogue 3.5mm.

Merits of Airport express

In terms of price flexibility, Airport Express is recommendable, as it does not cost that much.

Offers the best sound quality for indoor use.


Sonos offers access to over a hundred radio stations unlike Airport Express that only allows a single audio file at a time.

The range is not restrictive to Sonos as far as audio streaming is in question, while the opposite is true to Airport Express.

The PC and mobile device is not relied on when it comes to audio streaming for Sonos, while it is key when using Airport Express.

Sonos also has a number of disadvantages despite its outstanding advantages.

Airport Express is cheaper as compared to Sonos, which comes at a platinum price.

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