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Difference between Sonos 3 & Sonos 5

Sonos 3 vs Sonos 5

Sonos is one of the most reliable names in the world of wireless music streaming and Sonos 3 and Sonos 5 are two of most popular models. Let’s check out the main differences between these two Sonos models and determine which one is the best for suiting your media streaming needs.
The Sonos Play 3 is the soul of the Sonos family and perfect for first time users who prefer to indulge into a divine world of digital music streaming. If you want to know how loud this device can get and how is the bass performance, you’re in for a big surprise. The Sonos Play 3 has more to offer than meets the eye. The Sonos Play 5 is available in black and white colors and can be connected directly to the Wi-Fi router. The Sonos 3 is very powerful and can control the music system of an average sized bedroom, living room or kitchen. However, if you need the device to cover a larger area, you should go for the Sonos 5 or connect two Sonos 3s in stereo mode.

The Sonos 5 was the first device by Sonos entering the arena of wireless music system and is still one of the ruling all-in-one wireless music systems in the market. The build and sound quality is top notch in all Sonos devices and particularly the Sonos 5 is powerful enough to rock the music in an oversized room too. The Sonos 5 features higher quality bass than Sonos 3 since the bass drive\r is larger and pushes more air resulting in to a deeper base. It also has the advantage of extra input options. The Sonos 5 can be connected to gaming consoles, Sky TV, mixing desk or to a computer. This puts Sonos 5 at a better position than the Sonos 3.

For first time users, the Sonos 3 can be a good choice. The sound quality is practically exceptional and later on you can move to the Sonos 5, placing the Sonos 3 to your bedroom and use it as your alarm clock for waking you up in the morning with the sound of your favorite music. If you are planning for a bigger area coverage and wish to spend a little more money along with the advantage of using additional sockets, go for the Sonos 5.

Key Differences between Sonos 3 and Sonos 5:

The Sonos 5 can be connected directly to your router, which is not sported with the Sonos 3.
The Sonos 5 covers a larger area for music streaming compared to the Sonos 3.
The Sonos 5 features a deeper bass than the Sonos 3 as it has a bigger bass driver.
The Sonos 5 has extra input features and can be connected to devices like gaming consoles, computer, mixing desk, disk player etc.
The Sonos 3 is comparatively cheaper than the Sonos 5, but the Sonos 5 offers wireless music streaming and better quality bass at a reasonable price upgrade.

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