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Difference Between Split AC and Window AC

Split AC vs Window AC

When it comes to cooling a room, there are two common types of air-conditioning units that we can choose from; the window type and the split type. The difference between the two is their packaging. A window type is a compact unit where all the components are packed inside. It just needs to be mounted properly and plugged-in to function. On the other hand, a split type AC comes in two discrete packages; one for the hot side and another for the cold side. The two sides are connected with tubes that carry the fluids.

One major consideration when choosing between the two is the amount of power. Because a window type is packaged as a whole, it cannot have too much power or the unit would be too big. A split type can be much bigger and still seem small inside as much of the components are located outside. If you are looking to cool a reasonably sized room, you can have either type but for much bigger rooms, only a split type has the adequate power.

One drawback of split type airconditioners is efficiency. The tubing that connects the two parts carries the coolant and needs to be insulated. Despite the insulation, it still losses some of the coldness; the longer the tube, the greater the loss. A split type also needs two fans for circulating the air; one for the cold side and another for the hot side. With a window AC, a single motor powers both fans.

Although you can mount a window type AC on a window, most people actually provide a dedicated hole in the wall to mount it with appropriate brackets at the back to hold most of the weight. You need to find a wall between the room and the outside with adequate space. A split type is actually much easier to install as the tubing provides much freedom in mounting the unit. Even rooms with no direct path to the outside can be cooled; given that longer tubing needs to be used. There is also no need to create a big hole in the wall as only the tubing needs to pass through.


1. A split AC comes in two parts while a window AC comes in just one
2. Split ACs have more power than window ACs
3. Split ACs are more silent than window ACs
4. Split ACs can be less efficient than window ACs
5. Split ACs are easier to install than window ACs

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