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Difference Between Vostro and Inspiron

Vostro vs Inspiron

Dell has been around for quite some time, and they have been providing computers to just about every niche in the market. Two lines of Dell computers are the Vostro and Inspiron. The main difference between these two is which market segment they aim to serve. The Vostro is intended for the small business market as an affordable yet reliable computing platform. In comparison, Inspiron computers are marketed towards home users who have very different needs.

Although both lines have many models to choose from that provide various capabilities at various pricing points, there is a general trend. Vostro computers tend to be more affordable than Inspirons. This is great for small businesses that have limited funding as they can get the best bang for their buck; especially during the start-up of a business where expenses are much greater than income.

In order to reduce the cost of Vostro computers, Dell has decided to cut back on some things. For starters, you do not have as many color options. Colors are not just painted on, and each color option requires a limited manufacturing run of those parts. Having fewer color options means that Dell doesn’t have to produce so many of them.

Another major difference is the minimal software that comes pre-installed in the Vostros. Inspirons have a lot of software pre-installed supposedly to make it easier for users. Although ordinary users may like them, many already have their own software that they prefer to install rather than those installed already. Because of this, it has been a common practice to call the pre-installed software as bloatware as they just take up space and aren’t useful to the user.

One way that Dell manages to lower the price point for Vostro computers is by including a shorter technical support duration with the package. Those who have some computer know-how can just troubleshoot the problem themselves while those who have multiple computers would probably benefit from subscribing to a different support system instead of getting extended technical support with each computer. Home users, which are the target of Inspiron, are more likely to need technical support from Dell. But if you want to, you can still purchase extended support for the Vostro from Dell as an add-on.


1.Vostro is intended for small businesses while Inspiron are intended for home users.
2.Vostro computers are more affordable than Inspiron computers.
3.Vostro has fewer color choices than Inspiron.
4.Vostro has less pre-installed software than Inspiron.
5.Vostro computers typically have shorter technical support periods than Inspiron computers.

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  1. that was exacty what i was looking for. it helped to decide what to buy without any doubts



  2. Very helpful. One more doubt is the more pre installed softwares offered worth the increasemnt of price as i want to choose between dell inspiron and dell vostro and the price difference is 10000 rs , which one should i use

    • For such a price difference, I would go for Vostro. Inspiron has software pre-installed, but you got to pay to get it activated. Plus, Inspiron has a lot of stuff that I don’t want, and I always waste a lot of time uninstalling such stuff. VOSTRO, definitely.

    • The only thing is, Buy the Vostro with Windows 10 pre-installed. Never even think of going for copied Windows. Must have genuine Windows pre-installed, because otherwise it will be too expensive.

  3. It is really very helpful….You have given a high level clarity….Thank you so much.


  4. It really helped me, but is there any difference in the quality of components used in vostro and inspiron series.

  5. This was truly helpfull to descide for vostro.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Which type vostro or inspiron is good for taking online classes and for studying

  7. Very usefull

  8. This is fascinating. Since, as a home user, all those things you suggested are interesting to businesses interest me. I don’t want all that software bundled. I don’t care about colors. I just want a reliable machine for the lowest price possible. That individuals are willing to pay extra (and companies aren’t) seems backwards to me. Companies tend to buy better gear than individuals.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong. You’re probably right. I just think that people and businesses are weird.

  9. Which laptop is good for studying purpose vostro or inspiron???

  10. Please tell me for news website related work , which is laptop will be affordable.
    I have to update , edit and post news content and other advertisement related work.
    Which is better vostro or inspiron .

    • Save money and go for sturdy Dell Vostro. Buy directly from Dell website and if possible, choose a Made in India laptop.

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