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Difference Between Dell Inspiron 15 and Dell Inspiron 15r

Dell Inspiron 15 vs Dell Inspiron 15r

The Inspiron line of laptops from Dell is an entry level, budget-oriented category. The “15” in the model name clearly indicates a 15-inch screen (15.6 inches to be exact). The main difference between the Inspiron 15 and 15r versions is the processor. The older Inspiron 15 has the Dual Core T4500 processor that operates at 2.3Ghz while the newer 15r has a Core i3 380M operating at 2.53Ghz. The Core i3 processor presents several advantages to the older T4500, not the least of which is the added speed and reduced heat generation. To give you an idea on the computing difference between the two, the T4500 has a Passmark score of 1551 while the Core i3 380M has a significantly higher score of 2334.

Aside from the change in processors, there are also a few minor updates to the Inspiron 15r that may not improve overall performance but adds to the usability and overall positive experience. The first improvement is the increase in camera resolution from 0.3 megapixels to 1.3 megapixels. You still won’t be taking excellent photos with that camera, but you should get a much clearer picture when video chatting.

A feature that was sorely missed in the Inspiron 15 is the HDMI port. With the Inspiron 15r and its HDMI port, you can connect to your HDTV, PC monitor, and other HD capable devices to stream high-definition content. You are basically transforming your laptop into an HD player but do not have to be content with the 15-inch display.

Lastly, Dell has managed to shave a few grams off the Inspiron 15r. It has a starting weight of 5.83lbs. to the Inspiron 15’s 6.02lbs. Just keep in mind that this is just the starting weight, and any additional options that you choose to put in can increase the weight of either laptop making the difference larger or null depending on which model and what options you choose.


1.The Inspiron 15r comes with a Core i3 processor while the Inspiron 15 has the Dual Core T4500 processor.
2.The Inspiron 15r has a 1.3 megapixel camera while the Inspiron 15 only has a 0.3 megapixel camera.
3.The Inspiron 15r has an HDMI port while the Inspiron 15 doesn’t.
4.The Inspiron 15r has a slightly lower starting weight than the Inspiron 15.

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