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Differences Between the Sony A35 and A55

Sony A35 vs A55

Sony has been pushing their SLT cameras into the market to grab a chunk of camera users who are no longer satisfied with their compact cameras and are looking for more advanced options. The Sony A35 and A55 are two SLT options from Sony. “SLT” stands for “Single Lens Translucent.” Unlike SLRs that have a moving mirror, SLTs have a fixed mirror that lets 70 percent of the light through while reflecting the 30 percent to the AF sensor. The main difference between the A35 and A55 is the cost. The newer A35 seems to be a stripped down version of the A55. It inherits most of the important parts like the sensor and lets go of the non-essentials to make it more competitive with entry-level DSLRs.

One of the notable features of the A55 is the articulated screen which you can move to just about any angle and even flip backwards to protect the screen when not in use. Instead, the A35 has a fixed screen like many DSLR cameras. This is a big drawback for those who like to shoot videos, and it is a shame since video is where SLT cameras tend to shine because of its constant AF capability. You can still shoot the same quality video with the A35, though, but you just need to be flexible if you want to go for the more creative angles.

Another removed feature is the GPS module. The GPS module of the A55 lets you record the latitude, longitude, and altitude of where you are taking the picture. When you open the picture in software that is able to read the information, it can automatically indicate on a map where the photo was taken. Because the A35 lacks a built-in GPS module, you need to organize your photos in other ways, most often by date and time.

In order to be competitive, an entry-level SLT camera needs to be priced the same or lower as entry-level DSLR cameras. This is just what the A35 is all about. Despite the removal of a number of features, the more important specs are still the same as that of its more expensive siblings.


  1. The A35 is more affordable than the A55.
  2. The A35 lacks the articulated screen of the A55.
  3. The A55 has a GPS module while the A35 doesn’t.

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