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Difference Between Tesla Force and Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla Force is a spin-off of the original twin-stick RPG shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft with infinite number of maps, randomly generated levels, and tons of weapons. Both the games take place in the same universe, following up on the adventures of Nikola Tesla from the first iteration.

What is Tesla vs Lovecraft?

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a fun, action-packed, twin-stick shooter video game that takes an entertaining premise filled with adventure and lots of action. You play as the great Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla who fights off against an army of monsters led by his arch rival H.P. Lovecraft. So, it’s you and your Tesla-Mech against the whole Lovecraftian universe. On the surface, it’s like any twin-stick game with lots of enemies, tons of shooting, and meaty mechanics. But, it’s the game’s perk system that really steals the show. As you start getting kills and racking points, you get perks, which give you special abilities. As you play along, each level gets more intense and dying allows you to choose different perks.

What is Tesla force?

Tesla force is an intense, action packed, top-down shooter with endless action and featuring procedural-generated levels. It is a role-playing game that leaves no time wasted throwing monsters at you. It’s a twin-stick shooter and you play as one of the historical characters in a messed-up world with full of creepy, ugly-looking creatures. Tesla Force is pretty similar to Tesla vs Lovecraft. You play as one of the four characters – Tesla, Lovecraft, Curie, and Shelley – and each have their own abilities. You can choose the one you like and then you can go gunning down those nasty little creatures with a machine gun or sorts. One goal is to collect those spawning mechanical parts that are spread all over the map and while doing that you will b fending off waves of enemies that are constantly coming at you.

Difference between Tesla Force and Tesla vs Lovecraft


– Tesla vs Lovecraft is an intense role-playing arena shooter video game from the house that brought us Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. Developed by Finnish studio 10tons, Tesla vs Lovecraft comes under the twin-stick shooter genre that doesn’t bring anything new, but it’s a hell lot of fun and has its own unique flavor. Tesla Force is also a top-down shooter game with the same twin-stick mechanics. It is essentially a sequel to Tesla vs Lovecraft.


 – Both the games are essentially science-focused, meaning you use science as your superpower but with a slightly different premise. In Tesla vs Lovecraft, you play as the enigmatic Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla who fights off against his arch nemesis H.P. Lovecraft and his never-ending army of creepy-looking monsters. Lovecraft steals all of Tesla’s inventions and uses them to open a dimensional gateway to let the monsters in. Tesla Force is basically a follow-up game with lots of power-ups, weapons, and a rogue-like structure which is incredible. It is more of a co-op game for up to four local players.


 – Tesla vs Lovecraft allows you to take on the role of Nikola Tesla who uses the static energy to power up Tesla-Mech battle robot and a ton of other devastating weapons to fight off an army of nightmarish monsters. The battle begins after Lovecraft’s minions destroyed Tesla’s laboratory and his greatest inventions. Tesla Force, on the other, takes a slightly different approach, allowing you to team up with four historical figures – Nikola Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, Marie Curie, and Mary Shelley. You can play solo or go co-op with others to fend off encroaching hordes of monsters from another dimension.


 – While Tesla Force is fairly similar to its predecessor Tesla vs Lovecraft; in fact, the visuals are pretty much identical, with a few improvements in the lighting effects. The new game doesn’t reinvent the twin-stick scheme nor does it push any graphical boundaries. However, Tesla Force features an endless replayable rogue-lite gameplay, thanks to its procedurally generated levels and non-stop mayhem. This ensures you get a unique adventure and challenge each time. All these random levels can be played over and over again. Tesla vs Lovecraft, on the other hand, is limited to that singular arena and nothing you do inside that arena will affect the world outside of the arena.

Tesla Force vs. Tesla vs Lovecraft: Comparison Chart


Tesla Force is essentially a sequel to the 2018’s popular twin-stick RPG shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft which seems to surpass its predecessor. Tesla Force doesn’t bring any significant changes to the graphics apart from a few visual effects, such as lighting. However, it managed to change some aspects of the game to bring in a new experience, one that offers more action, more adventure, and a much bigger world. The procedurally generated levels certainly give the game a boost and the four playable characters is definitely a noticeable upgrade.

Is Tesla force the same as Tesla vs Lovecraft?

Tesla Force is essentially a sequel to its predecessor Tesla vs Lovecraft which expands the limits of the arena. You now have more room to play and a bigger world to explore.

How long is Tesla vs. Lovecraft?

The main story takes roughly 3 hours to complete. On top of it, if you go for all the extras, it may take somewhere around 7 hours. Completing everything can take 15 hours. So, overall, the game can take 3-5 hours to complete, depending upon your skills.

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