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Difference Between Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Red vs Pokemon Blue

Video games have become hugely popular in the last fifteen years or so. Most are created by Japanese programmers, and two of the leading video games are released by Nintendo; the Mario and Pokemon series of video games.

Pokemon is a contraction of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters and refers to the Nintendo Role Playing Game (RPG) that was created by Satoshi Tajiri. It was first released as a game for Game Boy but has now become the world’s second most successful video game based franchise.

The video game involves the designation of players as Pokemon trainers and is given three Pokemon to train with the goal of competing against other Pokemon and Pokemon trainers in order to become the Pokemon Master.

It is a series that releases games in pairs with each game containing small differences. An enhanced remake of the original game is released after a few years from its original release. It started with the release of the Pocket Monsters Red and Green in 1996 in Japan.

An enhanced remake was then made, the Pokemon Red and Blue. Pokemon Red is the first in the series of Pokemon games. It is characterized by its red hue, and the game starts at Pallet Town where the player meets Professor Oak who offers the player three starter Pokemon.

This is also how the game starts in Pokemon Blue; the difference lies in the characters. In Pokemon Blue it is hard to catch Pokemon so the player has to trade with players of Pokemon Red. Some Pokemon evolve and become more powerful only through trading.

The graphics and sounds of Pokemon Blue are more advanced than with Pokemon Red because it is more similar to the animated series. It presents everything in an aerial manner. Pokemon Red is more accessible for new players, though, and it has the most basic plot with a better frame rate.

While Pokemon Red has a red hue, Pokemon Blue has a blue hue, naturally. Pokemon Blue has a very satisfying combat and exploration game pattern. It offers places, buildings, and sceneries that have different sizes and patterns.


1.Pokemon Red is the first in the Pokemon game series while Pokemon Blue is an enhanced remake of Pokemon Green.
2.Pokemon Red has a red hue while Pokemon Blue has blue.
3.Both games start at the same place, meeting with the same characters, and choosing three starter Pokemon. 4.However, in Pokemon Blue it is hard to catch Pokemon so they have to be traded with the players of Pokemon Red.
5.Pokemon Blue is more similar to the animated series that can be seen on television while Pokemon Red is not.
6.Pokemon Blue has more advanced graphics that feature an overhead view of the game’s characters while Pokemon Red has the better frame rate.
7.While Pokemon Red has the most basic plot, Pokemon Blue has a more intricate one providing players with a combat and exploration pattern that is satisfying.

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  1. Pokemon red was always my go to game although. I’m a bit biased since it was the first game I had played in the pokemon series. But I do like how pokemon blue was more in depth for the story.

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