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Difference Between Blackberry z10 and Galaxy s4

Blackberry z10 vs Galaxy s4

Arguably the battle of the titans lies in the two monsters of smart phones that are the Blackberry Z10 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. These are phones that were released in the market in 2013 and all seek to tap into the ever lucrative market. The S4 comes from the massive success that was enjoyed by its predecessor the Galaxy S3 which saw massive sales, making Samsung reap great profits too. The Z10 on the other hand is the most recent offering by its maker Research in Motion which is trying to carve a niche of functional business smart phones as is the niche that Blackberry phones have occupied in the market.

The S4 is just a class on its own. The build of the phone is just but superb in all measures. This phone has been in the designn phase for more than 3 months that the consumers had to anxiously wait till they had their hands on the one of a kind phone that will perform much better as opposed to using the S3. So just what is in this phone? The S4 can be said to a refinement of the S3 with a few additions that will surely make the consumer tick. One of the main things that have changed when compared to the S3 is that it has a larger screen size at 5. 0 inches

The S4 comes with a full HD 1080P capacitive touch screen that allows for easy navigation. With the resolution, the screen can produce 441 pixels per inch. The weight of the phone is quite fair at 130 grams with the consideration of its size. The phone runs on a 1.6 GHz Octa – core processor or the 1.9 GHz Pro-quad core processor. Storage capacity of the phone comes at 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. In the event the phone internal storage capacity is deemed not enough, it is advisable to make use of an expandable SD card that allows for expansion up to 64 GB. The operating RAM for the S4 is at 2 GB as is the norm with most smart phones. The camera offered has a 13 MP capability with the front with a 2 MP capability. The S4 runs on the Jelly Bean platform. It is only available in two colors, white and black mist.
The Z10 on the other hand seems a worthy competitor as it is a phone that comes with a robust build to ensure of the best quality end result. This phone operates on a 1.5 Dual core processor and a 2 GB RAM. All phones that are given out are with a default 16 GB internal memory space. If more is required, it c an be expanded to 64 GB using an external SD card. The camera capability of the Z10 is an 8 MP camera at the back and a 2 MP camera at the front. It is important to note that the camera capability of the camera is rated average, as it has not been able to replicate the successes of previous Blackberries which have amazing capabilities. One cool addition though is the Time Shift Mode that is able to allow for adjustment of pictures. The main limitation with this phone is Apps availability.
Both the S4 and the Z10 are 2013 phone releases
The S4 is a tweak of the S3 which enjoyed massive success
The S$ operates on a 1. 6 GHz Octa core processor while the z10 is on a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.
Bothe phones have 2 GB of RAM
The S4 runs on the Android platform while the Z10 runs on BB10 software

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