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Tobacco is a product that is widely used around the world. That being said, its consumption also varies from one person to the next depending on their taste and style. One good example of the way people use tobacco-based products is by snuffing, dipping, and chewing them.

Snus is composed of finely ground tobacco (moist) and is sometimes confused with snuff (dry or pulverized tobacco) that is inhaled through the nose. Snus is placed on the upper lip and is consumed in that order.

Dipping, on the other hand, is a traditional form of American snuff (don’t get it confused with snuff which is inhaled) and is placed on the lower lip and gums that tend to cause extra saliva when dipping. The nicotine is absorbed through the mouth, and the juices that are formed when dipping are sometimes swallowed or spat depending on one’s preference.

Chewing tobacco is one of the oldest ways to consume tobacco, and the variety of these products is the leaf, pellets/bits, and plugs (leaf tobacco that has a sweetener). They are placed between the gums, teeth, or cheeks and, just as the name implies, chewed for consumption. Chewing tobacco is said to help you experience the taste of its natural flavor. Chewing and dipping-based products are also called “smokeless tobacco products.”

Since both products are consumed orally, people are sometimes confused about the difference between the two. Dips are just placed in your mouth and allow the saliva to naturally play its role in extracting the juices from it. Chewing tobacco requires you to “chew” it in order to release the taste of the product. Chewing and dipping tobaccos are also considered as a safe alternative when compared to smoking tobacco. Some studies show that those who dip or chew tobacco have less chance of developing cancer when compared to those that smoke it. Dippers and chewers of tobacco attest that the taste and effects of the products are longer lasting than smoking tobacco.

Nicotine acts as a stimulant, and it enters the body through inhalation (smoking) or by oral consumption (chewing, dipping). It can play a factor in affecting a person’s mood, behavior, and mental alertness. Experts say that nicotine does not play a role in getting cancer (as most people believe). It actually has some health benefits, and the only negative thing about it is that it can cause an “addiction.” In fact, there are some athletes (players from all around the world) who prefer to use smokeless tobacco than smoking cigarettes.

There are some tobacco brands that have sweeteners and artificial flavors which help enhance the chewing experience. Tobacco is loaded with nicotine, and this is what makes smoking it so addicting. If you are doing your best to stop your addiction from smoking, then try chewing and dipping (smokeless tobacco-based products) might just be the thing for you. Not only will it satisfy your cravings, it might also help you get over your smoking habits.


1.Dipping is ground tobacco that is placed on the lower lip and gums and is sometimes spat or swallowed. Chewing is consuming a leaf or bits of tobacco that are placed between the gums, teeth or cheeks.
2.Dipping allows the saliva to naturally extract the juices from the product. Chewing-based products require you to chew it in order to release its natural flavor.
3.Both products are consumed orally.
4.Both products are deemed safer to use when compared to smoking tobacco.

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  1. I appreciate that this article addresses the diferences between dipping, snuff, snus, chew, and most Americans terminology when it is about snuff. However, to indicate to someone that smokeles tobacco products are safer than smoking a cigarette, cigar, cigarello, etcetera. Is totally… a sad misrepresentation about tobacco use… as a “safe” form of usage by anyone. We now know that there are direct correlations between smokeles tobacco use and cancers of the esophagus, colon, and regretably the pancreas. Please review Dominigue Michaud’s findings about the aforementioned cancers and smokeless tobacco. The universities of Brown and Cambridge collaborated on unbiased research in 2007 about smokeless tobacco.

  2. Stop the health jabber it is safer than smoking simple because cigs have over 10000 man made chems init while loose leaf and dip contain not a one. PS love all you boys that chew I’ll pray you never get cancer.. tho you won’t ….

    • Yes, I’m sure you know better than the International Agency for Research on Cancer, it’s not like they’ve devoted their lives to studying this shit or something.
      Enjoy your oral cancer, ya ding-dong.

  3. interesting article! Here in The Netherlands both forms of this tobacco use is rare, and I think when I translate Chew and Dip to Dutch, there is only one word for it in our language.
    We still can get two Chew brands in the better tobacco stores here, but no dip or the scented chews you have. It is only used by some old men above their eighties. And luckily it is slowly starting to attract some former smokers here or people that are often on places where smoking is forbidden.
    I recommend this tobacco form even above the chemical e-cigarettes. Chew is very natural. The only thing with Dip is it contains many salts.
    I would be very glad to have some contact with fellow dippers/chewers around the world. Feel free to find me on facebook. I nowadays dip some flake pipe tobacco. Lacking a good, fresh available brand here.

  4. I chewed till my mouth got sores pre cancer when I stopped it went away then I started again it got much worse. More pain then I ever imagined almost like a professional boxer with brass knuckles punching me in the mouth over and over again. The cost of chew cost me much money and my teeth. I still have pain and mouth cancer after stopping for five years now. I still have no teeth but still got pain. I have to eat all soft things like yogurt NO SOLID FOOD . my mouth hurts and I can’t even use false teeth. It hurts when there in. If that’s not bad enough I also had part of my tounge removed. If I talk I sound like retarded because of my tounge. DONT EVER CHEW ITS A SLOW PAINFUL SUICIDE

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