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Blunt vs Joint

Are you familiar with smoking marijuana? If you are, then perhaps you are not new to the terms blunt and joint. To those who are not that familiar with these, they often use the wrong term , using one to mean the other and vice versa.

Blunt is basically marijuana plus tobacco cigar (specifically the cigar’s shell which is a tobacco leaf). It is a street name that is also known as LP’s or ‘el-pees.’ It is said that this street drug preparation was brought by some Jamaicans to New York sometime in the 1980s. The term blunt is actually derived from one specific cigar brand ‘“ the Phillies Blunt. Nevertheless, other cigar brands can be used to make one line like the White Owl, El Producto and also the Dutch Masters. By simply rolling marijuana then wrapping it in a cigar, it will automatically be regarded as a blunt.

On the other hand, a ‘joint’ is another form of marijuana preparation. When marijuana is wrapped, not in a cigar, but using a thin sheet of paper like cigarette paper (i.e. hemp or rice paper) then it will become a joint.

In terms of weed content, one would assume that the blunt will end up having the most weed because it really takes more weed to fill in an entire blunt. Nevertheless, this amount of weed doesn’t necessarily become the amount to make the user high because the majority of cannabis users will already get high with just a small amount of weed. If the former is true, then the habit of smoking marijuana will just be wasting many weeds because of the need for a greater amount of such to experience the feeling of being high.

Either using a blunt or a joint, the number of hits needed to achieve a high is subjective. It varies according to the threshold of the person so it is really not that clear yet. It is also something that is affected by the weed quality. Usually, half filled blunts will give you about 4 to 5 hits and this is already enough for you to experience the sensation you so desire (as mentioned, the number of hits depends on the person’s tolerance or threshold level).

Nonetheless, most marijuana users agree that the blunt gives more buzz because of the joint action of the nicotine and the cannabis. In the end, you will unfortunately feel very wasted. If there’s such a word as a ‘healthier’ cannabis smoking method, then, it is probably the joints. Smoking joints will give you a high that is rather purer compared to that of the blunt. Thus, if you want to get the feeling of high, but in the better way possible then it may be advisable to use the joint.

1. Blunts can hold more marijuana as compared to joints

2. Blunts is the more wasteful way of smoking marijuana compared to joints.

3. Although not yet proven, blunts may induce the greatest high because of the possible mixture of nicotine from the tobacco.

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  1. 4. And, because tobacco has been named a carcinogen, and reefer hasn’t, blunts may cause cancer, while joints can’t!

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