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There are a lot of differences between a kitten and a cat. Aside from the obvious age disparity, the two have their own peculiar set of characteristics as well.

Felis catus, the scientific name for a common cat, is a domesticated animal that many regard as a type of feline. It is loved by humans because of its sociability, companionship, and ability to fend off vermin and other house pests. Cats are classified as nocturnal predators and are carnivorous in nature. They are also revered for their heightened sense of hearing and smell.

Kittens are baby cats. Physically, kittens are unable to open their eyes during the first week of life. They are unable to control or adjust their body temperature and are unable to defecate or urinate at this time. Being young, kittens can also be called “cubs” although the name “kitten” is more commonly used.

Most consider cats as kittens if they are still less than one year of age. However, some vets say that a kitten can already be considered a cat when it reaches eight or nine months. This is usually the stage wherein physical growth slows down to the point of stopping. This age difference is also the basis on how cat food companies categorize their products.

In this connection, kitten pet foods contain extra calories in the form of fats to help nourish the energy requirements for the rapidly growing kitten. Adult cat foods are already balanced in fats because an extra addition of such will easily lead to obesity. It is also important to take note that some cat breeds mature faster than others.

The needs of a kitten are almost the same as for your puppy. That’s why they need more time and attention than their adult counterparts. Although they are generally cuter than cats, kittens are very lively and like to play on your couch and rearrange your beautiful flower arrangements. This is of particular importance when considering an adult cat over an immature kitten for adoption.

Cats settle faster and are more patient with humans making them ideal for your children to play with. They will just shy away when they realize that something is already too much for them. If ever you have an existing pet at home, taking in a cat instead of a kitten is best because your dominant pet may mistake it as food or a toy. Cats are already able to set boundaries with canines around them.


1.Kittens are generally regarded as a young cat that is under one year old.
2.Kittens need extra calories in their diet because of their rapid growth pattern.
3.Kittens need more attention and are more playful than their adult counterparts.
4.Cats settle faster and are better pets than kittens. They are the most ideal choice for adoption over their immature cubs.

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  3. I have a cat that’s 4 years old. Although she got very nasty when we brought her a kitten and thank God we saved the kitten, the cat always acts like kittens we had in the past.

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