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Difference Between Oil and Gas

Oil vs Gas

The Difference between oil and gas is that the term oil refers to hydrocarbon mixtures that are liquid at room temperature, whereas gas is a mixture of gas formed from the fossil remains buried deep in the Earth. Gas can be associated with oil, or found alone.

Oil has a high density with a low rate of diffusion, whereas gas has an incredibly low density and viscosity. Oil is an unctuous flammable substance which is not water soluble, whereas gas is an aeriform fluid. Oil has various forms of compositions and types, such as rock oil, mineral oil and crude oil. Gas is a mixture of many other gases, and is used for heating, cooking, producing electricity and drying clothes. Gas is used with the help of pressure and temperature, that cast affects on the particles and is referred to as compressibility. Many types of oil are found naturally, and some are processed. We call motor oil, olive oil or crude oil etc. according to the applications and compositions.

Oil and gas are used as fuels, and they are non-renewable energy forms. Oil and gas are both used for heating homes and buildings, but natural gas, when compared to oil, is much cheaper. Oil is also more polluting when compared to gas. Oil is used as a backup fuel for gas. Gas is more widely spread as a heating fuel, and has reduced the usage of oil as a heating oil.

Residual fuel contains relatively high amounts of sulfur, and has undesirable properties which make it less useful, and also the cheapest. It also cannot be used for cars or vehicles because it requires heating before use. Gas has replaced oil in the industrial sector, and gas wins over oil because it is comparatively cheaper and less hazardous to the environment, whereas oil use falls under regulations of environmental restrictions on emissions.

When compared to oil, gas gives off a lot of heat and light, but does not produce smoke. Because it burns brighter, cleaner and hotter than other fossil fuels, like coal and oil, it has become the first choice as a fuel. A gas supply is also reliable, and gas pipes are buried safely underground.

1. Oil is an unctuous combustible substance, and gas is an aeriform fluid.
2. Gas is cheaper and a more reliable source of fuel when compared to oil.
3. Oil is not water soluble, and is temporarily used as backup fuel when a gas supply is not available.
4. Gas has replaced oil in various industrial applications, because, it is not only cheaper, but gives smoke free heat.
5. Oil is potentially more dangerous to the environment than gas.

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    • Your distinctions between oil and gas is quit educative & brief. Kindly send me more about oil and gas. I am a law student in the university of Lagos Nigeria.

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