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Difference between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Difference between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Both the devices are really smart when it comes to functionality and are pretty good at playing music and doing whatever you ask them to do, especially taking control over your smart-home devices. Well, this is where the Amazon’s very own personal voice assistant comes to the picture – Alexa, the brains behind the entire Echo lineup. Apart from controlling your smart-home devices, Alexa can do literally anything from playing music and reading audiobooks to reading recipes and ordering a pizza to calling an Uber and lot more. The Dot does almost everything the Echo does, but in a slightly smaller package.

So which Echo smart device should you go for? We have compared both the smart devices on all aspects to make it easy for you to pick the right Echo device for your needs and preferences.

Echo vs. Echo Dot

  1. Design

The Echo is a full-size Bluetooth speaker with a black cylindrical design styled with blue illuminating lights, whereas the Echo Dot is just a stripped version of the original Echo in terms of design. If you take the top portion out of the original Echo, you’ll get yourself a brand new Echo Dot. While the Echo measures at 9.3″ x 3.3″ x 3.3″ (235 mm x 84 mm x 84 mm), the Dot stands at 1.3″ x 3.3″ x 3.3″ (32 mm x 84 mm x 84 mm). The Dot also weighs just 163 grams, against the Echo, which weighs 1064 grams. The Dot offers everything the Echo does, but at a pocket-friendly price.

  1. Controls

The Dot is basically the head of the Echo without the downward facing speaker grille running all around, but is equally smart as the Echo. The idea behind the Dot is to create your own audio setup without Bluetooth. The light ring on the Dot suggests that the brains behind the device, Alexa is always listening, just like the Echo, however, the Dot got rid of the volume ring. Instead, two additional buttons compensate for the volume ring, making its way to the top. Both the devices have a micro USB port, whereas the Dot has an additional 3.5mm audio output which connects to external speakers.

  1. Compatibility

Both the smart devices are equipped with Alexa which is “always-on” by default. The voice assistant is able to assist you with the basic questions like “How is the weather today”, “Set an alarm”, and “Play some jazz”. Echo devices integrate more than 130 apps within, known as “skills” to help you with whatever you want. Both the devices sport a seven omni-directional microphone array which picks up your voice commands from literally anywhere in the living room. The only difference is that the Dot seems to work well with an external speaker attached, rather than being a standalone smart speaker.

  1. Price

Price is probably one of the most pressing factors which might influence your decision to buying a smart speaker for your home. The Echo Dot offers all the features of that of the Echo and probably more for almost half the price. Well, with Dot, you’ll get the always-on Alexa and still save a great deal of money. The Echo is more stationary, which means limited mobility. While the sleek and easy-carry design makes the Dot a perfect addition to any room. The Dot is much cheaper than the original Echo, but you might want to consider the extra cost of the external speaker.

Difference between Amazon Echo and Echo Dot-1

  1. Ease of Use

While the Dot is touted as a compact Bluetooth speaker, the Echo is more like a smart home device. If you’re seeking Alexa’s assistance with ordering a Pizza or needing traffic updates or requesting an Uber, or tracking your fitness levels with Fitbit, both will do just fine. However, the Dot is smaller and lighter so that you could easily place it in a bag or keep it in a drawer. You can use the Dot in the kitchen to set timers or help you with your daily chores or shop from the millions of Amazon products using just your voice. The Dot is possibly everything an Echo can be, but in a much smaller package.

  1. Music

The sound quality is something you can clearly differentiate between the two devices. As the built-in speakers are much smaller in the Dot, it performs less in terms of sound quality. There’s nothing much to talk about in terms of sound and the 360-degree speaker of the Echo clearly dwarfs the Dot’s tiny little speaker which is just enough to seek Alexa’s assistance from your voice commands. Well, none of the Echo devices are exceptional in terms of audio quality, however, the Dot allows you to connect to external speakers with a 3.5mm audio output for a pleasant listening experience.

Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Dot
It is a standalone smart device and a full-size smart speaker equipped with always-on Alexa. The Dot is just as smart as the original Echo but works best with an external audio system attached.
With decent sound quality and clear bass, the 360-degree speaker of the Echo clearly outperforms the Dot’s tiny little speaker. The Dot is sleek and compact which should be enough to hear an alarm, but not powerful enough for an exceptional listening experience.
It is a standalone device which cannot connect to external speakers or larger audio systems. It easily connects to larger systems or external stereo speakers with a 3.5mm audio output jack.
It is a smart home device with a cylindrical-shaped design. It is basically a stripped version of the Echo without the speaker grille.


While both the devices come built-in with the Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa which responds to your voice commands from literally anywhere in your living space, they have their fair share of differences. While the Echo is a standalone smart device with a cylindrical design and a speaker grille at the bottom half, the Echo Dot is more of a stripped version of the Echo without the speaker grille underneath. If you just want Alexa and the music quality doesn’t bother you, the Dot is capable enough to do the job just fine and that too, at a much lower price. Well, the Dot is obviously the cheapest of the Echo lineup and will make a convenient addition to your smart home. If portability is your number one priority, the Dot offers all the features of the Echo in a smaller package without even breaking your proverbial bank.

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