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Difference Between iPhone and Droid Eris

iPhone vs Droid Eris

The Droid Eris of Verizon is simply a revised version of the very popular Hero phone from HTC. Since the iPhone 4 has been released to the buying public, let us compare these two phones and find out how they differ from each other. The biggest difference between the Eris and the iPhone is the operating system that they run. The iPhone runs on the iOS that has been developed by Apple in house. This means that only the iPhone has this operating system. The Eris on the other hand, runs on Google’s Android operating system, which has been popularized by other HTC phones like the Dream and Nexus One but is also used by a lot of other hardware manufacturers.

When it comes to raw computing power, the iPhone surely beats the Eris since it has a faster processor and more memory to boot. The iPhone has a 1Ghz processor coupled with 512MB of RAM while the Eris is only packed with 528Mhz processor with 288MB of RAM. The iPhone does make good use of the processing powers as it has a lot of features and sensors to handle.

With respect to the screen, the iPhone also wins as its screen is bigger at 3.5 inches compared to the 3.2 inch display on the iPhone. The resolution is also much higher at 640×960 on the iPhone and the Eris sporting a more traditional 320×480 resolution. At this level, the iPhone would display finer images icons.

As we have already come to expect with these phones when it comes to memory, they still stick to what they are already used to. The iPhone comes in both 16GB and 32GB version but with no option to add more memory via SD cards. The Eris has a very minimal 512MB of internal memory, very commonly used to hold applications, while the user has the option to add memory cards to the phone, making it virtually limitless.

The biggest good thing about the Eris is the price. A lot of people are already amazed at the price difference between the Eris and the almost identical Hero. If we compare it to the very recently announced iPhone, there is just no question.


1. The iPhone runs its own OS while the Eris is using the Android OS from Google

2. The iPhone has a better processor and more memory than the Eris

3. The iPhone has a larger and better screen than the Eris

4. The iPhone relies on internal memory while the Eris has a card slot for expandable memory

5. The iPhone is more pricey than the Droid Eris

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