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iPhone vs Windows Mobile

Since the appearance of the iPhone, there has been much debate about which one is actually better, the iPhone or Windows Mobile smartphones. Probably the biggest difference between these two devices is in their general approach. The iPhone focuses on simplicity and letting its users do what they want to do without much fuss. Windows Mobile on the other hand, focuses more on productivity and allowing the user to do more complex things than what you can achieve on the iPhone. Because of this, Windows Mobile phones are much harder to learn and get used to when compared to iPhones.

Just to prove a point, the iPhone uses a single home screen, which is easily recognizable to most users. For Windows Mobile, there are a variety of third party applications that let you install and customize your home screen depending on your needs. It is a bit more complicated but should yield a more personalized device.

One major gripe that a lot of people have with the iPhone is the lack of true multi-tasking capabilities. Despite the introduction of multi-tasking in iOS4, this is a very limited feature and not all applications would be able to take advantage of it. Windows Mobile has had true multi-tasking even before the iPhone came to the market.

When it comes to applications for your phones, Apple has total control over which one can be published and which ones cannot. Some developers even refuse to speak out against Apple in fear that their next app would no longer be approved. Microsoft does not exercise any control over any third party software. As long as you have an installer, you can use the application on your phone.

Lastly, iPhones do not allow user replacement of certain parts like batteries or memory. You are therefore limited to what the iPhone has. In case you run out of battery, there is no other option but to plug-in to the nearest wall socket. Windows Mobile phone allows easy access to the battery and memory so that you can replace them anytime you want and carrying spares is a good option when on long trips.


1. The iPhone touts simplicity and ease of use while Windows Mobile banks more on flexibility and customizability

2. There is only one home screen for the iPhone while you can have a multitude of other interfaces for Windows Mobile

3. The iPhone is not able to multi-task while Windows Mobile phones can

4. Apple has tight control over what you can install on your iPhone while Windows Mobile users can install pretty much what they want

5. The iPhone does not have replaceable memory or batteries while most Windows Mobile phones do

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