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Difference Between Led Light Bulb and Regular Bulb

With the advancement in technology coupled with diverse environmental issues, the process of buying a simple light bulb has become more complicated. This comes with the concern regarding energy efficiency and conservation. As with the norm, choosing a certain light bulb can reduce the power consumption while also affecting the environment positively. On the other hand, choosing the wrong light bulb could increase power consumption and cause harm to the environment. It is for these reasons that the information regarding different types of bulbs, such as led light bulbs and the regular bulbs should be availed to the consumers. 


What is Led Light Bulbs?

This is an electric light bulb used in light fixtures and produces light using light-emitting diode (LED). The light emitting diodes produces light when negatively charged semiconductors are applied voltage, hence causing electrons to combine which leads to a unit of light. It is more efficient and has a longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours in comparison to normal bulbs. With the led light bulbs, frequent switching on and off does not reduce the lifespan. However, the light output gradually decreases over the lifetime of the bulb. 


What is Regular Bulbs?

The regular bulbs generate light when electric current flows through the heating of a tungsten filament. Due to the constant operation of the lamp, it may fail to light when the filament loses enough tungsten. They are locally available in most places and are inexpensive. However, they are not as durable as they have a short life span of approximately 1,000 hours.  


Similarities between Led Light Bulbs and Regular Bulbs

  • Both use different technology mechanisms to produce light


Differences between Led Light Bulb and Regular Bulbs

  1. Mechanism of producing light

Led light bulbs use the light-emitting diode to produce light when negatively charged semiconductors are applied voltage, hence causing electrons to combine which leads to a unit of light. On the other hand, regular bulbs generate light when electric current flows through the heating of a tungsten filament.

  1. Durability

Led light bulbs are durable and have a life span of approximately 50,000 hours. On the other hand, regular bulbs are not durable and have a life span of approximately 1,000 hours. 

  1. Cost

Led light bulbs are expensive. On the other hand, regular bulbs are not expensive. 

  1. Power consumption

Led light bulbs consume less power because they do not use a filament in the creation of light. However, regular bulbs consume a lot of power because of the use of filaments which consume more power than the light produced. 

  1. Brightness

Led light bulbs are much brighter. On the other hand, regular bulbs are not as bright as the led light bulbs. 

Led Light Bulb vs. Regular Bulbs: Comparison Table


Summary of Led Light Bulb vs. Regular Bulbs

The use of both led light bulbs and regular bulbs have different effects on the environment, energy consumption and also the brightness level. Although it is more expensive compared to regular bulbs, conservatives encourage the use of led light bulbs so as to conserve the environment while also saving power. 


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