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Difference Between Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV

TVs have been around for decades, and for decades it just kept on getting better and better. Nowadays, the competition among TV manufacturers is no longer on the key service that TV provides but on the new things that cannot be done with TVs in the past; thus, the appearance of Smart TVs. Samsung and LG are just two of the companies that are offering Smart TVs and the main difference between a Samsung Smart TV and an LG Smart TV is the remote.

The remote is very essential as it is the main bridge between the TV and the viewer. Samsung decided to go with a two-sided remote that basically smashes a typical TV remote on one side and a small QWERTY keyboard on the other. The keyboard is very useful in browsing websites and in entering searches, status updates, or chatting with someone. The Samsung remote is quite busy with more than enough buttons on it. In contrast, LG decided to go with something that is a whole lot simpler. LG’s remote is very similar to the Wii controller that uses motion sensing technology and a mouse pointer on-screen. You can just point to the item you like and click on the remote. For entering text, LG decided to go with a virtual on-screen keyboard that you can use by pointing and clicking on the letters. For sure, LG’s keyboard implementation is going to be slower and users would probably get tired of it much more quickly. The LG keyboard would also take-up screen space, which can be a problem if you want to send a quick tweet or status update while watching something.

Something unique about the LG Smart TV is the upgrader. With Samsung, the only way to get a smart TV would be to buy a new one. LG is selling an upgrader that is basically all the electronic components for a Smart TV sans the screen. You can just connect it to an HDTV and have the functionalities of a Smart TV. This is good for people who already have HDTVs as the price of the upgrader is a lot less than a new Smart TV.


The LG Smart TV uses a virtual keyboard while the Samsung Smart TV uses an actual keyboard integrated to the remote
The LG Smart TV can be acquired via an upgrader while the Samsung Smart TV cannot

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