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Difference Between Facebook Phones HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha

Facebook Phones HTC Salsa vs HTC ChaCha

HTC is banking on the popularity of social networking, Facebook in particular, in marketing their two new phones; the Salsa and ChaCha. The main difference between the Salsa and ChaCha is the keyboard.
The Salsa is just what you’d expect from HTC and just like its many other phones, it has a touchscreen display that dominates the entire front of the device. On the other hand, the ChaCha is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard in a candybar form factor. Something that you’d expect from Blackberry and but not from HTC. The QWERTY keyboard makes it very easy to send messages, post statuses, email contacts, and just about everything that involves typing any amount of text.

Because the ChaCha has a QWERTY keyboard, it is understandable that its screen is significantly smaller than that of the Salsa. At just 2.6 inches, it is significantly better to watch movies or browser the internet on the 3.4 inch screen of the Salsa. Because you can use the whole screen for viewing and just launch a software keyboard whenever you need to type something.

Lastly, the ChaCha doesn’t have the same capacity battery as the Salsa; it is smaller by about 20%. Despite this, the ChaCha still manages to outmatch the Salsa when it comes to standby and general use time. We can probably attribute this to the smaller screen consuming much less power. But when it comes to call duration, the smaller battery shows its weakness as the Salsa manages to beat the ChaCha by a narrow margin.

Aside from those stated above, the two phones are virtually identical. They have the same hardware and are running the same version of Android. They also have the very recognizable Facebook button at the bottom. You can use this button to quickly launch Facebook related tasks like posting pictures, changing your status, and many others. Anything that you can do on the Salsa, you can also do on the ChaCha and vice versa. The decision between the two is simply whether you want a bigger screen for multimedia or if you want the QWERTY keyboard for faster and more convenient messaging.


1. The ChaCha has a QWERTY keyboard while the Salsa doesn’t
2. The ChaCha has a smaller display than the Salsa
3. The ChaCha has a smaller battery than the Salsa

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