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Chrome vs Chromium

Web browsers are software applications that are used to retrieve and present data on the Internet. They are important tools that allow users to access the World Wide Web and search for sources of information regarding various subject matters. The most widely used browsers are: Windows Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.

Google developed the Chromium Project which is the source of Chromium and Google Chrome. Both are open source projects and use the WebKit layout engine which allows web browsers to execute and manage web pages. They received their names from the element chromium from which chrome is derived.

Chromium is released under a BSD license which permits both open source and closed source software programs. It is constantly updated, does not implement RLZ tracking, and has no privacy concerns like other web browsers.
It is the name of the project for which Google Chrome was the intended final product. It has become a separate project with developers launching several different versions with the Chromium code and name.

Still, the web browser Google Chrome has Chromium as its code source. Google Chrome or Chrome is the official release of the Chromium Project. It was first released in 2008 and is the third most widely used web browser today.
It was intended to be a tabbed window manager rather than a traditional browser application. It aims at following the minimalist approach of Windows Explorer and Mac OSX’s Finder, and its developers wanted it to be both fast and lightweight.

Although the two are from the same project and have several similar characteristics, there are features of Google Chrome that are not present in Chromium which constitute their differences in functionality and usefulness.
Google Chrome has a very colorful logo while Chromium has a blue-colored one. It has cash reporting and user metrics options while Chromium does not. Adobe Flash Player, PDF viewer, and Auto-updater are built-in with Google Chrome while these features have to be downloaded when using Chromium.
Chromium also does not have Google’s branding and usage tracking, and it allows code modifications by distributors that are not tested so the quality of the end product is not assured. Google Chrome, on the other hand, has codes that are tested by developers, and all versions that they release are also tested before they are offered to users.


1.Chromium is the name of the web browser project developed by Google while Google Chrome is the intended final product.
2.Chromium can be updated and allows code modifications, and its new versions are released even without testing while Google Chrome always tests its product versions before releasing them to the public.
3.Google Chrome has many features that are not present in Chromium such as Google branding, cash reporting, and user metrics options as well as a very colorful and attractive logo.
4.Adobe Flash Player, PDF viewer, and Auto-updater are built-in with Google Chrome while they have to be downloaded when using Chromium.

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