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Difference Between QTP 10 and QTP 11

QTP 10 vs QTP 11

The HP QuickTest Professional, more commonly known as QTP, is a software that provides automated function and regression testing of other software and software environments. This is important in ensuring that the product would perform reliably under different conditions and loads. The latest latest version of QTP is version 11. One of the major differences between QTP 11 and QTP 10 is the added methods of identifying objects. Aside from the normal method used by QTP 10, QTP 11 is now able to identify objects via XPath and CSS. This has been a long awaited feature of many QTP users.

Another improvement in QTP 11 comes in its results viewer. It now provides a very informative summary of the tests performed, complete with visualizations like charts and graphs. You can also compare the results to past tests performed in the past, giving you a quick view of how the changes you’ve made affected the performance. Not only has the presentation of data been improved, the overall look of the results viewer has also been refined significantly.

QTP 11 is now capable of loading libraries at run time, unlike QTP 10, which loads everything on start-up. This gives the user a bit more flexibility in how they conduct their tests. Another addition to QTP 11 is the ability to support Web 2.0 Toolkit applications right out of the box. This eliminates the necessary steps needed by QTP 11 to work with Web 2.0 Toolkit applications.

Lastly, the ability to have redundant license servers was added to QTP 11. Having redundant license servers is not really important when everything goes well. But in the event that the main license server fails, it would cause QTP 10 to experience downtime. This feature helps QTP 11 avoid downtimes due to a failed license server.


1.QTP 11 has more methods of object identification than QTP 10
2.QTP 11 has a better results viewer than QTP 10
3.QTP 11 is able to load libraries at run time while QTP 10 cannot
4.QTP 11 natively supports Web 2.0 Toolkit applications while QTP 10 does not
5.QTP 11 is capable of having redundant license servers while QTP 10 cannot

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