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Difference Between Leopard OS X and Leopard OS X Server


Leopard OS X vs Leopard OS X Server

Apple is quite famous for its desktop computers that are running the Leopard OS X which is the latest operating systems for Macs and comes pre-installed in all the latest models. But a less known fact is that Apple also produces a line of server computers called Xserve. These server computers run a modified version of Mac OS X that is intended for servers. Since the Mac OS X Server is still just the same OS, it also has the same features as the Leopard version of OS X. Only the modifications and the added software differentiates it from the standard version.

Being, basically, the same operating system, they also run on mostly the same specs. Although the Mac OS X is meant to function on the Xserve which has a much higher specification compared to standard desktops, it can also be installed in a standard Mac or a Mac mini and use it as a server for small environments like a small office or even at home.

In order to serve as a server, the operating system needs to provide services to multiple computers in the network. It must provide users in the network with the means to transfer information and files, setup a website for that can be accessed in an intranet or in the internet, and even work together on the same files without having to have copies around. This is done with the applications that come with the Mac OS X server. These applications are not available with Mac OS X, that is why a standard OS X installation cannot be used as a web server unless you resort to other applications like Apache. Doing this might be a little bit more complicated, especially when you consider getting all the differing technologies to work together flawlessly.

Given that Mac OS X Server has added capabilities to serve a different role, it is quite understandable that it costs more to purchase compared to the Mac OS X. This is the cost of having a a system that is running flawlessly from the beginning.

1.Mac OS X is the latest version of Apple’s operating for its desktops while Mac OS X Server is a version of the same operating system that is intended to serve as a server
2.The Mac OS X Server is usually used with Xserve but it can also be used with other Apple computers
3.The Mac OS X Server comes with applications that are not available in the standard Mac OS X
4.Mac OS X Server costs more than the standard OS X

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