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Difference Between Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest vs Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are two photo-sharing social networking sites where you can upload photos for other people to see. Although they basically have the same purpose, they are not identical. The main difference between Pinterest and Instagram is how people typically use them. Instagram is more of sharing your own personal photos while Pinterest leans more towards uploading interesting photos that you’ve found on the net.

This major difference is easily apparent through how the services are being accessed. Pinterest is typically accessed through a computer or through smartphones with a capable internet browser. On the other hand, Instagram is accessed primarily on smartphones and tablets, and has its own dedicated app for both iOS and Android devices. The Instagram app is used to browse uploaded photos and for taking your own photos that you can upload. The biggest draw of Instagram is the ability to apply filters to your photos. There is a variety of filters to choose from and most people like to make their photos look old or dated with sepia filter. This is not something you can automatically do with Pinterest and you need to do it on your using photo editing software like Photoshop.

People like using Instagram because it is readily available on their phones and makes uploading photos online a breeze. Most people also link their Instagram accounts to their facebook account so that their pictures show up on the social networking site for their friends to see. On the other hand, people who go on Pinterest usually go there to find things that interest them. They can then like or share these images so that those that follow them can also see the images.

The last difference between Pinterest and Instagram is in the way that you join the site. With Instagram, you can sign-up anytime as long as you have a capable smartphone or tablet. With Pinterest, you need to be invited by someone who is already a Pinterest member in order to join. It is just a minor annoyance since you just need to find a friend or acquaintance who is willing to send you an invite before you can join.


  1. Instagram focuses more on photos you take while Pinterest focuses more on things you find online
  2. Instagram has software for mobile phones while Pinterest doesn’t
  3. Instagram is able to apply filters to photos while Pinterest cannot
  4. You can join Instagram anytime but not Pinterest

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  1. you actually dont have to have a request to join pinterest now on an android device from the google play store. free.

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