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Difference Between Pinterest and StumbleUpon

Pinterest vs StumbleUpon

There is a major surge in social networking sites that let users create their own content to be viewed by other users on the network. Two of these social networking sites are Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Although both Pinterest and StumbleUpon deliver content that the user likes, they do so in very different manners. Pinterest is the social network for those who know what they are looking for. The pins from other users can be sorted, organized, and searched so that you can find just what you want. With StumbleUpon, it is mostly left to chance. All you can do is to choose the categories that you like and then StumbleUpon would suggest things that you may find interesting in the chosen categories. You just need to click the StumbleUpon logo to view the next one. StumbleUpon is best for those who want to see something new in topics that they are interested in.

When it comes to the things that you can link or post, StumbleUpon is a bit more indulgent. Pinterest only lets their users link or upload photos and videos. But with StumbleUpon, you can pretty much link to any page on the internet. The page may contain an image, a video, just plain text, or just a web page. StumbleUpon has also a number of variants for differents purposes like StumbleUpon Video for videos only and StumbleUpon Apps for smartphone apps.

When it comes to user interaction, Pinterest beats StumbleUpon rather easily. In Pinterest, you can like, comment, and repin the pins that you like. With StumbleUpon you can only leave comments or thumbs-up or thumbs-down a post. The rating of the post will determine how likely it is to appear for other people.

StumbleUpon is available on multiple platforms that include the computer as well as iOS and Android devices. You can download the app on their respective app stores and have customized controls suited for your device. Pinterest does not have dedicated apps for tablets and smartphones but you can still access the Pinterest website by using an internet browser. Of course, the experience becomes more difficult as the screen size of your device decreases.


  1. Pinterest is for people who know what they want while StumbleUpon is for people who want to see something new
  2. Pinterest only deals with photos and videos while StumbleUpon can link to any page
  3. StumbleUpon has fewer interactions than Pinterest
  4. StumbleUpon has smartphone apps while Pinterest does not

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