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Difference Between VISA Signature and Platinum

VISA Signature vs Platinum

Having a credit card sure is much easier said than actually having one. The good thing with credit cards is that these cards are so helpful that they seem to open the entire world to you. All credit cards give you a bigger purchasing power even if you actually don’t have the money to buy a certain commodity or service at the time of purchase. With regard to the VISA cards, there are two credit cards that seem more or less the same but not entirely.

The VISA Signature card gives the card holder some obscure benefits that seem to be very valuable but in reality most won’t mind them at all. Their official website actually tells it all. VISA Signature has the concierge service like giving you a hand for your restaurant reservations and bookings. This service is one of the most availed. The 24/7 Concierge can assist you in most of your escapades and day to day planning. Even asking some help to find a day care centre for your beloved canine can be handled by this amazing service.

Although there’s no guarantee, this card can also give you tickets for highly anticipated shows that are already most likely sold out. In addition, the cardholder enjoys special promos for travel, exclusive entrees into popular entertainment occasions, discounts at special fine dining food stops and the luxury of watching the hottest sports today.

There are many other benefits that one could get when he has a VISA Signature card on hand. Although these benefits vary per country, more or less they offer the same great discounts and exclusive treats to some of the most availed perks today.

A double -edged sword, VISA Signature’s feature of no credit limit reporting can be either annoying or fulfilling. If you happen to utilize a great fraction of your balance regularly then this can be good for you. However, since you fully pay your bills regularly, then you may end up in the losing end. Not reporting your limit creates the impression that your overall use of your card is greater. VISA Signature cards are also thought to be issued with greater card limits but it does not include over limit fees unlike the Visa Platinum.

With regard to the VISA Platinum, the service enjoyed under this card is handled by the VPCC or the VISA Platinum Customer Centre. This is composed of many professionals who are available to answer toll free calls round the clock. Nevertheless, they also have a similar online concierge service like the VISA Signature card and the same amazing benefits and discounts for the cardholders.

Although both cards have the concierge service, they still differ in the following aspects:

1. VISA Platinum reports your card’s credit limit while VISA Signature doesn’t

2. VISA Platinum has over limit charges while the VISA Signature doesn’t have any.

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  1. Since I use my Visa ‘platinum’ card for car rentals over 15 days, I prefer to keep it in view of my financial services bank trying to shove a Visa ‘signature’ card down my throat with ‘zero’ protection after 15 days on a rental if you check the blocks that decline the CDW and LDW….. Not good for me and if you don’t read the fine print on these so-called upgrades in Visa cards, you may end up not getting what you thought you were gettiing…BEWARE!!

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