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Loft vs Studio

One of the basic necessities of man is shelter. It is necessary for his survival and well-being. His house or home is where he rests after a hard day’s work, and it is where he keeps everything that is important to him, including his family and some of his assets.
It also serves as his protection from the forces of nature such as the rain, heat, and the wind. Everything which is valuable to him is kept safe from others inside his home. While most people own the homes they live in, some are living in rented houses or dwellings.
These houses or dwellings are called apartments. They can range from a single, detached house to a row of several houses or rooms located in a building. Two such apartments located in a building are the loft apartment and the studio apartment.
A loft is defined as the large upper portion of a factory or commercial building which can be used as an apartment. It is spacious and usually does not have any partitions and can consist of a living area, a kitchen, a sleeping area, and a bathroom.
It is more expensive because of its size which gives the occupant a chance to divide it into several rooms. Aside from this, loft apartments are usually located in the cities and can sometimes double as an office or a dance or art studio.
A studio is defined as a room or a portion of a building which is used as an artist’s workroom or an apartment. It is small and can only have one or two rooms with most areas combined to save space. Since it is small, it is cheaper and more affordable.
It is only suitable for a single or two occupants. A young professional or someone who is still starting out would fit nicely in a studio because it is very economical and needs only a little furniture and fixtures. It is easier to manage and clean and entails less expense as to bills and cost.


1.A loft is the upper portion of a building, usually a former factory or commercial building converted into an apartment, while a studio is a room or portion of a building which is previously an artist’s workroom converted into an apartment.
2.A loft is large and has more space than a studio.
3.A loft is an open space which can be divided into several rooms and can even be made to make room for an office or a studio or workplace for the occupants while a studio has limited space and can have only one or two rooms.
4.A loft is more expensive than a studio.
5.A studio is more economical than a loft.
6.While both are rented, a loft needs a larger amount of money to maintain because of its size while a studio only needs very little to maintain.
7.Most loft apartments are situated in cities while studio apartments can be found almost anywhere.

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