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Difference Between Townhouses and Villas

Townhouses vs Villas

A townhouse and a villa are dream houses for almost anybody. Having a townhouse or a villa is a great living experience. These are the kinds of homes that you want your family to have. The main difference between a townhouse and a villa is how they appear. A townhouse is a residential house that emphasizes the terraced portion while a villa is a compound complete with the amenities you want. This definition of the latter is according to the definition of the ancient Roman construction.

A townhouse is more of a contemporary style of house that emphasizes the terraced part. It is usually found in places where many other houses and families are living. Townhouses are not exactly built for the people of the upper class. A townhouse may also accommodate several families. Townhouses are constructed in the cities or near the cities. Townhouses are also usually built in complexes. In complexes there are amenities you can enjoy.

Villas, on the other hand, are not focused so much on the terraced part. This is because villas today are inspired by the ancient Roman architecture and they do not have terraces. The villa is more of a compound where gardens and landscapes are emphasized. The surroundings of a villa are breathtaking. It has amazing views of landscapes and gardens. The villa is located in places where there are not crowds. A villa is a form of townhouse in the times of ancient Rome. It is constructed for people who were part of the aristocracy and are usually located in capital cities. Many wealthy citizens during the ancient Roman period lived in villas.

These are some of the main definitions and differences of a townhouse and a villa. The common thing between these two is that they are both inspired by ancient architecture, ancient Roman architecture to be exact.


1.Though both a townhouse and a villa are inspired by ancient architecture, townhouses emphasize more on the terraces while a villa is more of a compound with complete amenities.

2.Another difference between the two is where they are located. The townhouse is located in a crowded place unlike the villas.

3.In ancient Rome, the people who lived in villas were the people of the aristocracy. These are the people who have high positions in the Roman empire, like their politics, etc. Just as in the contemporary setting, people of the upper classes are the ones living in villas.

4.The townhouses may also be built as complexes. This means people of the lower class can easily afford it, but these complexes also have amenities for everybody. This means the amenities in the villa are enjoyed privately while the amenities in a townhouse complex are for the public.

5.The villa has amazing views of gardens and landscapes while the townhouse doesn’t.

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  1. I have been told that a villa is all on ground floor and a townhouse is 2 story or more

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