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There are registries of dogs in the United States: the registry of pure breed dogs and the registry of all-breed dogs. The American Kennel Club or AKC and the National Kennel Club are two of the most prestigious kennel clubs in the United States. The main difference between the two is that the American Kennel Club only registers pure breed dogs while the National Kennel Club registers all-breed dogs.

The pedigrees of the dogs in the American Kennel Club are more authentic than that of the National Kennel Club. The American Kennel Club only registers pure breed dogs and is very particular and strict when it comes to proof of that particular dog belonging to a certain pedigree. AKC is not a member of the World Canine Organization; however it promotes and organizes some of the best dog shows in the country. Some of these dog shows are Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (which is done annually since AKC started), the National Dog show, and, of course, the Eukanuba National Championship. AKC was formed in 1884; it is the largest nonprofit purebred dog club in the world. Its main advocacy is to make purebred dogs a companion of the family. It also has a mission of promoting the health of canines, and it also helps protect the rights of the dogs and their owners. It also improves the responsibility of the owners of the dogs towards their dogs. Not only that, every dog’s parents in the AKC are also registered to be authentic purebreds of the AKC. This means for the next generation, they can be registered in the AKC also because it is guaranteed that they are purebreds with their parents being registered in the AKC.

The National Kennel Club, on the other hand, is an all-breed dog registry in the United States. Its dogs are not very authentic because they are not so strict in registering dogs. This club registers any dog in any pedigree. This is one of the main reasons why dogs in this club can’t easily enter the dog shows launched by the AKC. This is because the dogs in NKC are not properly tested whether their DNA is authentic, and there is no verification as to which ancestry the dog belongs to. The National Kennel Club was founded 1969 and was coined as a ‘paper mill’ dog registry. This registry needs a little paperwork but is not particular with the proof of the dog’s pedigree. The dogs registered in this Club are not authentic. The National Kennel Club will register any dog of any breed and are not that strict when it comes to the proof of ancestry of the dog pedigree. This why the National Kennel Club is criticized as a ‘paper mill’ registry for registering any dog. The NKC also registers the parents of the dogs that were not purebreds.



AKC only registers pure breed dogs while NKC can register any dogs.

AKC is stricter when it comes to testing the proof and authenticity of the dogs being registered while the NKC is not that particular to proofs and authenticity.

NKC dogs can’t join easily the dog shows of AKC.

The parents and the offspring of the dogs registered in AKC are authentic while the dogs, from parents to offspring, are not authentic in NKC.

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  1. Once again someone behind a computer puts out their opinion instead of full truth..I’ve bred dogs for over ten years and the Nkc does require proof of pure breed though a veterinarian. So this they’ll register any dog stuff is balogna. They even offer single generation paper work for hybrids (designer breeds) of two pure breeds, which you have to have paperwork proof of the two breeds. So whoever wrote this article get off your AKC loving high horse..

  2. Total B.S. I cross registered dogs from AKC to NKC. All dogs need a registration from another organization to do this with NKC. If not, NKC has a process in place to validate the dogs lineage. This article is written by an AKC advocate obviously. AKC is only after your money. The general public has no clue as to the bullying tactics used by the AKC to take over breeders and such. NKC is much easier to work with and the staff very polite on the phone. Hold onto your wallet when getting into AKC. They really aren’t that special. Pure breed? Explain the labra doodle to me. Mixed breed. And it’s only to get more dogs registered for the all mighty dollar. It does not stop at one mixed breed. Do your research and see how many miles are recognized by this crooked money grubbing group. I will never register another dog through AKC. It all about the show for them.

  3. I have in the past only bought AKC registered dogs to make sure of their pedigree. However, I just purchased my first NKC dog today. He shows to be a pure bred Mountain Fiest. Is it possible to have a NKC registered pet also moved over and registered with the AKC? I want to be able to breed my dog and I know from experience that the AKC stamp carriws a lot of weight. I have nothing against the NKC or I would not have bought the pup. Im just ‘fishing’ for opinons here. Thanks for any input

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