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  1. Mr2ndii
    October 7, 2017

    Once again someone behind a computer puts out their opinion instead of full truth..I’ve bred dogs for over ten years and the Nkc does require proof of pure breed though a veterinarian. So this they’ll register any dog stuff is balogna. They even offer single generation paper work for hybrids (designer breeds) of two pure breeds, which you have to have paperwork proof of the two breeds. So whoever wrote this article get off your AKC loving high horse..


  2. Kevin Mellott
    November 30, 2017

    Total B.S. I cross registered dogs from AKC to NKC. All dogs need a registration from another organization to do this with NKC. If not, NKC has a process in place to validate the dogs lineage. This article is written by an AKC advocate obviously. AKC is only after your money. The general public has no clue as to the bullying tactics used by the AKC to take over breeders and such. NKC is much easier to work with and the staff very polite on the phone. Hold onto your wallet when getting into AKC. They really aren’t that special. Pure breed? Explain the labra doodle to me. Mixed breed. And it’s only to get more dogs registered for the all mighty dollar. It does not stop at one mixed breed. Do your research and see how many miles are recognized by this crooked money grubbing group. I will never register another dog through AKC. It all about the show for them.


    • Felicia Houston
      May 18, 2018

      AGREED!!! AKC is a joke


  3. Roy Shivers
    January 22, 2020

    I have in the past only bought AKC registered dogs to make sure of their pedigree. However, I just purchased my first NKC dog today. He shows to be a pure bred Mountain Fiest. Is it possible to have a NKC registered pet also moved over and registered with the AKC? I want to be able to breed my dog and I know from experience that the AKC stamp carriws a lot of weight. I have nothing against the NKC or I would not have bought the pup. Im just ‘fishing’ for opinons here. Thanks for any input


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