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Two American dog registries seem to be on top of the competition. They are the ACA and AKC. The two are not the only American registries for canines around for there are a lot more of other similar firms. Moreover, there are several equivalent registry clubs that serve the same function as the AKC or ACA in other countries around the world.

Without any form of bias, AKC is truly the more reputable registry than the ACA. Because of this, their services are undoubtedly a lot more expensive when compared against their imitators. By the way, AKC is the acronym for the American Kennel Club, which is the oldest dog registry in the U.S.

But think about this, it doesn’t mean that because a dog is AKC registered then it will automatically be deemed a quality dog nor does it imply that the breeder is always a reputable one. What this means is that the dog’s parents were both registered under the AKC, hence it can be considered as a purebred dog. Needless to say, it is just highly probable that buying an AKC registered dog would give the buyer more chances of purchasing dogs of the best quality and those that were raised by trustworthy dog breeders.

To clear things up, it is not the responsibility of the club to breed the dogs ‘“ it is just a registry. Also, AKC does not accept any outside dog aside from those that came from the offspring of their own AKC registered canines. There is an exception however when the case dictates that the dog is coming from another country and is registered under an equivalent registry club. In this instance, the dog is eligible for AKC registration through cross registration.

AKC registration can be a form of social status for dogs because buying or owning a non-AKC registered dog may raise the red flag for most dog buyers or dog lovers. AKC is not also a firm that assesses your dog if it fits a certain criteria of quality or not, it is just there to facilitate the registration process of purebred dogs and keep it in their records forever. It keeps track of a dog’s parentage or lineage.

For the most obvious reasons, other registration firms have sprouted like the ACA (American Canine Association) to issue attractive dog certifications to potential dog buyers. They enable a dog to be ‘registered’ under their belt. With regard to their services, the ACA boasts of a more affordable array of dog services. They can even provide some of their registered canine with free vet and dog trainer visits.

1. AKC is the oldest dog registry in the U.S compared to the ACA, which is just a newer registry.

2. AKC is a more reputable dog registry club than the ACA.

3. AKC has more expensive services than the ACA.

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  1. About the American Canine Association:

    The American Canine Association (ACA) is not affiliated with, but does recognize the American Kennel Club (AKC). Headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming and having processing centers in Clermont, Florida, the ACA has been in operation as a canine registry since 1984. The organization is the largest veterinary health tracking canine registry in the United States that provides a variety of additional services to dog owners and breeders who choose to register their dogs.

    Health Tracking Registry
    Veterinarian certified genetic health records of dogs that are registered with ACA are updated and tracked every day. Part of the health tracking service provided by ACA is documentation of congenital defects as a means of playing an active role in healthy breeding practices. This information benefits professional breeders and individuals who purchase purebred canines alike.

    Pet Safety and Protection
    The association also focuses on helping pet owners protect their registered pets. One way the organization does this is to provide microchip registration FREE for all dogs registered with the organization. Additionally, you’ll receive an identification tag with the association’s phone number on it along with your dog’s registration papers. Both benefits are powerful tools for increasing the chances of a safe return home if your pet is lost.

    Registrant Customer Service
    When you register your dog with ACA, you will have access to the organization’s customer service center. The ACA focuses on providing the owners of registered canines with courteous and cooperative service that meets their needs in an efficient manner. Service is available with toll free telephone (1-800-651-8332) and fax (1-800-422-1864), email, and the http://www.ACAinfo.com website. Ask-A-Vet and Ask-A-Trainer expert services are available to registered pet owners directly from the website.

    Resources and Service
    Owners of ACA registered dogs can request and receive information related to registration, dog care and training, details about relevant legislative matters and more. The service center also handles veterinary health tracking and can provide registrants with referrals to qualified veterinarians.

    Expert Guidance
    The organization operates under the guidance of advisory boards made up of veterinarians as well as legal and legislative specialists who are leaders in the industry. ACA staff members are actively involved in legislation that impacts the canine industry, including factors relevant to dog ownership and breeding, as well as the service dog component of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    ACA Dog Show Events
    A variety of ACA sanctioned educational events, trade shows, and dog shows are held throughout the U.S. every year. There are many different types of shows and competitions, ranging from breed conformation to agility, field trials and more. ACA registered canines are eligible for participation in these events. A calendar of events is published online at ACAevents.com.

    How to Register with the ACA
    Are you ready to become a part of the ACA? Registering your purebred dog with the American Canine Association is easy. You can see a list of dog breeds eligible for canine registry at acabreeds.com. Assuming that your dog is eligible for registration, you’ll find that submitting the necessary paperwork is quick and easy. You can fill out the registration forms online, in just a few minutes.

    If your pet’s lineage is documented through a different registry, you can apply for dual registration. When you fill out the online dual registration form, you will need to attach a three generation certificate of pedigree along with your pet’s existing registration certificate or completed ACA application form.

    Additional Information
    For more information about ACA, you can submit the online contact form at http://www.ACAinfo.com

    • Their “health tracking registry” is literally just an exam with a regular vet. It in no way requires (or even encourages) the genetic testing or specialist exams that should be done before breeding a dog.

      Literally any dog can be registered with ACA, no matter the breed/mix and background of the dog. The parents did not need to be registered, nor did they need to be proven purebreds. AKC has a lot of improvements to make, but ACA exists solely to make money by allowing irresponsible breeding practices. No reputable breeder would ever register their dogs with ACA.

      • You are obviously getting AKC and ACA mixed up there has been several disasters with the AKC and it’s not acceptable so before just coming on here and leaving replys I encourage you to do research.

        • The person you replied to literally said the AKC does have faults, but nothing else she stated about the ACA is false.

          • No actually that person said much I just got a website that I was under the impression it was all and not I’m researching cuz turns out it’s she is ACA and got me nervous about my purchase

          • Much more and that is west highland

      • Kim,

        95% of ACA’s registered dogs link back to AKC. AKC has a strong campaign right now asking breeders to switch back to AKC. AKC accepts ACA dogs with pedigrees linking back to AKC.

        ACA does not register any dog from a different registry without a copy of the original registration certificate and a certified pedigree. You may call them directly at 1-800-651-8332 to verify this.

        ACA’s Star Breeder Program is miles above AKC’ Breeder of Merit Program. To see the requirements for ACA’s Star Breeder Program, please go to https://www.starbreeder.org.

        ACA’s free breeder support program give breeders unprecedented support and tools to help the breeder continually improve and become more efficient. You may find more information on this breeder support program at https://www.mykennel.org.

        ACA does not register any mix breeds. However, AKC does and you can read more about this fact right from their website http://www.akc.org/expert-advice/lifestyle/did-you-know/does-the-akc-like-mixed-breeds/

        ACA has acquired MARRS Microchip Corporation (https://www.marrsmicrochip.com.) ACA includes FREE lifetime microchip registration to all ACA registered dogs. AKC charges an additional $15 for this service.

        ACA includes Lost & Found tags with every dog registration at no charge. AKC charges for this service. ACA’s has live operators who provide lost & found services 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

        ACA’s fees are far less than AKC’s and without the punitive penalties at every turn… each intentionally designed to increase their financial bottom line.

  2. My puppy is registered with the ACA., doesn’t that entitle him to AKC registration? If so, please send an application.

    • We were told we cannot get our dog registered through the AKC just because it is a ACA register. Hey Casey does have a program called PAL Which stands for purebred alternative listing. Our puppy is taking obedience training through an individual that deals mostly with the AKC organization so even though the public and get training it can’t get a certificate through the AKC unless we go through the PAL program. It’s a shame that you can’t give the AKC your P AL registration information and get a dual registration .It would have been nice to know the difference before we purchase this dog.Having said all of that we love our puppy he’s eight months old and obviously a purebred beagle and we love them to pieces and we could care less of his registration now. We never plan to breed him in fact he is neutered and we don’t plan to go to dog shows so really none of it matters.

    • no….u have to have AKC heritage (bloodlines) to get ALL registry. Having ACA is not going allow u to get AKC if u don’t have AKC pedigree (bloodlines)

  3. If my dog is ACA registered and we breed her with an AKC registered male, her puppies will not be able to register with AKC? And viceversa? Can we register her puppies with ACA?

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