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The American Kennel Club or AKC and the Continental Kennel Club or CKC are known throughout the world. They both deal with the registration of dog breeds but have a few differences.

The AKC is well established and the older of the two, beginning in the 1880s, but CKC has been established for almost 20 years, since they first registered dogs in 1991. They offered a new choice to dog owners and breeders, and helped the dog registration market become more competitive.

When comparing the standards of the two kennel clubs, both have high standards, yet each are uniquely different. The AKC requires that all dogs must have their parents previously registered. In general, the original group of purebred dogs constituting a breed was accepted by AKC at the start of the breed and that breed was then closed to additional stock. CKC decided not to have a closed registry, because its founders felt that closing off the gene pool contributed to genetic disorders within the breeds of purebred dogs. CKC will allow new dogs into the registry based on two witnesses verifying validity of the breed, and as long as three pictures are submitted to look at the breed type of the dog. If CKC determines that any dog submitted is not of proper breed type it will not register the dog.

AKC recognizes approximately 150 breeds, while Continental Kennel Club (CKC) recognizes 450 breeds.

Both clubs perform inspections of their breeders. The AKC will perform DNA inspections and check kennel conditions without any prior notification. If the kennel cleanliness, DNA, health of the breed and paper works are not to the standard, the registration may be suspended in AKC. CKC uses DNA testing when necessary to check the validity of questionable parents and will also revoke and suspend breeders priviledges who have not followed its registration guidelines, procedures, and rules. CKC also promotes a program for exceptional breeders called the Preferred Breeders Program whereby breeders adhere to the best practices in the industry for breeding and producing offspring. To be a part of this prestigious program breeders must pass inspections, an strive to improve the quality of their breed.

Both American Kennel Club (AKC) and Continental Kennel Club (CKC) have different pricing plans. AKC charges for the registration of canines and the registration of litters, while CKC only charges for canine registration and does not charge litter registration fees.

CKC offers unique registration services such as Photo Registration, Photo ID Cards, and Picture Pedigrees. Owners can have the photo of their canine placed directily on the dog’s registration papers. AKC does not offer this service.

Like any company, both companies have had their fair share of negative reviews off an on for various reasons surrounding the registration of canines. People that have been hurt by bad breeders, or irresponsible dog owners, sometimes place the blame on the registration companies. However, registraton of canines simply keep track of registration information, pedigrees, and generally offer an array of website services and products.
Both the AKC an CKC strive to weed out irresponsible breeders and owners in order to lessen the damage which can be caused to registration records by malicious or fraudlent breeders.

1.AKC was formed 150 years ago. CKC is 20 years old.
2.Both companies register dogs.
3.AKC’s standards are different than CKC’s.
4.CKC requires 3 photos and signatures for proof of breed if it is a new dog.
5.CKC offers new competition to the dog registration market and unique services.

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  1. We are interested in breeding with the use of broad genetics to create healthier bulldogs. AKC dogs are prone to too many diseases as the result of their elite bloodline policy. I am in the thought process of boycotting AKC and registering my female Boxer CKC. We strive to produce problem free dogs for many years of love to our customers.

    • Hi Keith,
      I have read your concern and support completely your decision.
      I am about boycotting AKC myself, after I obtain full reimbursement of the fees incurred. It is not going to be easy. I do also have CKC registration; and I am very happy with their customer services.
      But I do not support a registry that’s promoting a questionable elite bloodline policy versus the health and breed standards of a dog.
      Additionally, when trying to contact their customer service senior management, they would hung up the phone on you because you announce true facts, such as reproduction between parents and puppies, in order to maintain a bloodline; the injection of hormones to generate more heat-periods for the females, as opposed to the fact that more pure-bred is a dog, less heat-periods will have the female. Other genetic defects; the sterility of the male.
      No wonder that after 2 years, a bitch would be worn out, and same breeders would get rid of her.
      How many stories of puppies from the so-honorable AKC breeders will die very shortly after you buy them.
      Good luck!

      • Dear Sir, I was reading closely your opinion, and i want to thank you for it, because I just got a young femail – buldog ( she is 7 months old, and she is not regirstered at all, but i got some paperwork , so i know the mother( AKC) and I made a reasurch for the father(CKC) and I am happy that my puppy is not completely AKC.:) Because of the problems you did mention.I am my puppy’s 3th owner, because of the fact she is not AKC!!! So , i feel good that i got her in the first place!Thanks!

      • To all thinking AKC is so bad you cant blame a registry for bad breeding. When purchasing a puppy it is the breeders responsibility for health not the registry.
        AKC started through foreign dog registries. CKC started with pictures. If your dog looked purebred they accepted it as such.
        If AKC does not acknowledge a registry there is a reason as CKC will just accept any and all.

    • reply to keith varner

      A BULL DOG and a BOXER are two different breeds…

      • his reference is that he wants to breed the bulls and he has a boxer please read.

        • I have to say, Thank You so much for stepping in and commenting. Not only for the comment, but for being respectful and acting like an adult! On the internet, I read many posts that are inaccurate or simply unclear. Then to see where adults leave comments that seems like a child wrote it to only end up being the one sounding like what they “thought” of the post in which they commented to begin with.
          I found it very refreshing to read your comment and see that I am not the only one that doesn’t feel the need to try and make someone “feel/look” dumb for the world to see…when in reality they are the ones who end up unintentionally doing it to themselves. Lastly, I love the “please read” you said. That’s the whole problem in the first place!

          I want to say to anyone reading this, that I was not speaking about anyone on here whatsoever!!! So if I offended anyone, I sincerely apologize! I was simply speaking about a widely known topic of any forum on the web, no matter the topic. I have no intentions of starting problems with anyone on here.

      • Actually they are. Boxers are bred from Old English Bulldogs and Bullenbeissers, which are now extinct.

        • I was watching Westminster and they said the Boxer was bred from the Berble, a dog which looked identical to a boxer only bigger. Perhaps the Berble was bred from the Bullenbeiser?

      • I was thinking the thing

    • My little yorkie girl is CKC shes one years old I found a Male to mate with her after she turns 2 yrs old the Male is AKC I’m only mating her one time so she can experience mother hood. I’m not sell her puppies I will be giving mines to a family member as a pet not to be bred. Will I have any trouble registering her litter with CKC if the Male is AKC

  2. In my particular case I have no other alternative but to stick with the Continental Kennel Club. Even though theoretically speaking she would qualify to be registered with the AKC. Turns out my female English bulldog carries AKC bloodline on all 5 generations with the exception of one on the father side. The reason why this bulldog is not registered with the AKC is because the male is registered with a foreign registry in Ecuador. This registry’s name is “La Asociación Ecuatoriana de Registros Caninos” which according to the AKC is an acceptable registry because it is a member of the “Fédération Cynologique Internationale”.

    Nonetheless the AKC turned down my application even though I showed proof that all 5 generations had either an AKC number or FCI number. Their response back was that in order for my bulldog to be eligible all generation that had an FCI number would have to be registered first with the AKC and then I could register mine. The problem though is those dogs aren’t mine and I’m not going to go through the trouble and expense of asking the breeder to register his just so that I can register mine. Because in the end I didn’t get her because of her pedigree and what not, I got her because I love English bulldogs and I wanted one.

    I just happened to luck out with the female because I got mine from a reputable breeder that has helped me very much along the way. So whether it’s AKC or CKC it really doesn’t matter they both have pros and cons, in my opinion it’s more on the breeder. On the other hand, my male AKC bulldog is set to limited so if I wanted to breed him in the future I wouldn’t be able to. So thinking ahead and wanting to breed my male and female in the future, I went ahead and called the breeder (male-bulldog) asking him if he could revoked my bulldog’s limited status and set it to full. In return this bozo asked for $1,500. The guys must be out of his mind is he thinks I will pay him that kind of money. So answer me this which breeder is really doing it for money?

    • First, I agree 100% with you. Although I do not own an English Bulldog (my dad has 3!). I think they are a wonderful breed and gorgeous as well. Pure bred or not isn’t what matters to me. I have always owned dogs bc I can’t live without them. I have always called them my children. The last dog I had the enormous privilege to spend 12 years with, was a White Boxer & Pitt Bull mix. He was bright solid white except for the tiny tan spots on 1 ear. His name was Sysko and he was my son in every sense of the word. I lived in Florida and was given him as a gift from my brother. Of course being white he had sensitive pink skin. Right above his nose was so cute bc less fur area, but I loved putting on his sunscreen everyday before we left for work (and everyday). I was so lucky bc I am a Vet Tech I was able to bring him with me to work! We stopped and got a Push-Up for him everyday when I got off. The ppl at the store loved Sysko & would have it ready for him. Then we went to St Augustine beach everyday to play. I miss him so much. I really don’t think he knew he was a dog lol. He slept Ina bed like a human and every year I threw him a birthday party with a cake from his fav Dog Bakery! My family and every friend was just as in love with him as I was!! I am a mother of 2 girls now and can truly say I loved him as a son! I miss him everyday.
      SORRY!! I could talk forever about him.
      So, I have always been partial to a bigger dog to own myself. Growing up through I had a Pomeranian and a Lhaso Alpso and ever since I can remember, I have always wanted a Yorkie or Teacup Yorkie. I never thought I would have 1 bc I am from WV and there aren’t a ton of them here and most here charge the max. My Grandpa always knew I wanted 1. Sadly on July 17th 2017 he passed away from Mesothelioma. Things just happen to work out that my childhood best friend and I became super close again since I moved back to WV from FL. She has 3 Teacup Yorkies. She had finally a female a short while ago. Since I am a Vet Tech she wanted my help with breeding when it came time. So, long story short. She was NOT pregnant, even took her to the Vet!! I stopped there everyday after leaving my Grandparents. As I said he passed on the July 17th and 3 days later SHE HAD 5 TEACUP PUPPIES!!!
      Remind you, I am a Nurse for animals, educated and she was seen by my Vet as well as her regular more than 5 times. She was not pregnant!! My BF called me to run to her house fast. I came in shocked just as she was. Both of us crying, she looked at me and said, “Your Grandpa sent these to you!”. I couldn’t figure it out…and 5 puppies from a 2.5 lb Yorkie! She told me that I had first pick and could have 3 if I wanted! I told her I couldn’t pay that right now bc my girls bdays. She laughed then said no money, they are your Grandpa’s last gift to you
      I now have my youngest daughter (Teacup Yorkie)! Oh, and of course I chose the runt lol. She has brought so much joy to my 2 YOUNG daughters and I since we lost our favorite person. She helped with my 8 yr olds grieving and depression and mine. So, she is now officially a Therapy dog and bringing joy to children with cancer in hospitals and elders that are shut-ins. She’s bringing joy to so many ppl and that’s 1 reason I know without doubt that my Grandpa really did send her to me. Even as impossible it does seem.
      My BF only got her dogs from CKC breeders and I’m so thankful. I love CKC and think that within time the AKC will be over. Vet industry professionals think this as well. They are causing unnecessary diseases, disorders, deaths and more.



      • Hello, I have read your story about your experiences with puppies and sorry breeders. I am taking a chance that I can talk to you about a precious Yorkie. I cannot seem to get anywhere for one thing, I truly don’t know where to find someone that loves dogs as much as me.Please.

      • Your post brought a tear to my eye. I am so happy to know but you got what you wanted in a puppy. I hope you have a wonderful life with your new dog/dogs. Just knowing that there are people out there who love their dogs unconditionally makes me a very happy woman. There needs to be more people like you out there. I have a white Bull Terrier that we expect is about 5 years old. Originally we thought he was a fighter and kept him from dogs but it turns out he’s not the only fights because he’s been forced into it he actually loves dogs he just learning to play right now. In the last year-and-a-half we watch them grow into a very loving cuddly bull terrier that likes to play with other dogs. Thank you for listening and thank you for being you.

  3. I have a question. I have an AKC registered female Yorkie (41/2lbs) and can only find a CKC male small enough to breed her with. Can the litter be registered with CKC or do I have to register the female with CKC first? She is about to come into heat this month or April.

    Thank You in Advance,
    Mitzi Frost

  4. There is a big difference in the CKC’s, The Contental Kennel Club is far different from the Canadian Kennel Club. The initials are the same and confuses many people. CKC restrictions are much stiffer than the Continental Kennel Club. The Canadian Kennel club will not register non pure breds, where as the continental kennel club will.
    Unfortunately, this puts customers at a diadvantage as I have seen several dogs with a CKC (continental kennel club) registration that were cross breeds. the owners thinks they have a purebred schnoodle and paid, in some cases, more than a purebred would have cost. But the breeders are duping the public by selling ‘purebred, registered labradoodles’.
    Groomers see it all the time

  5. I have seen CKC papers for designer dogs. To the best of my recollection, CKC papers for mixed parantage clearly state Non-purebred. If someone wants a non-purebred such as a Labradoodle, goldendoodle or cockapoo… this works. At least they know it isn’t a mix of another breed. If they assume that papers that clearly state Non-purebred are in fact purebred… then the adage applies: “You can’t fix stupid… even with duct tape.”
    I also appalaud CKC for setting breeding standards to slow down the puppy mill trade. No litter born to a bitch who is not at least 2 years of age can be registered. Only one litter per year from the same bitch can be registered. Go to any pet store that sells “purebred puppies” and look at the papers….AKC doesn’t mean reputable breeder by virtue of registery. You still have to do your research. Never buy from a pet store.

  6. im with ckc continental kennel club , i have a 4 gen pedigree on barry’s little chelsey
    a maltse i got from my brother , one of the dogs tha she came from was funny farms power puff , my question is how do i find out what this dog looked like and her info.im lost

  7. I have read some of the questions and responses on your site.

    Please discourage the person who wants to breed the Yorkshire Terrier on her first season. The bitch is to young and the owner did not mention, is her body structure (pelivic area), the correct size to deliver the puppies naturally. I see a c-section in the future. Is she willing to have vet bills due to ultrasounds and numerous vet visits, plus c-section etc? Is she equipped at home once she gets the puppies there to ensure they are kept warm and nursing, as some bitches find it very difficult to nurse when they did not actively deliver their litter and stimulated the puppies and did not digest some of the puppies placentas? Many puppies die because they are not kept warm enough and they are not nursing properly because they are cold and they loose energy and cannot get to the mother. The owner must set an alarm clock to get up throughout the night to ensure the pupies are warm and nursing. Does the owner have a family of her/his own and does she/he have little children to take care of that must come before the dogs? Also, no matter if the male is bigger, smaller or the same size as the bitch, there is never a guarantee that all the puppies will be small. Yorkshire Terriers at one time were much larger in size and weight. Like all breeds of dogs they came into exsistance by incorporating many breeds to get the desired type and characteristics that the original breeder was breeding for. Some puppies may not even look like the mother or father in certain breed characteristics. Food for thought.

    The person with the bulldog etc. I am sure when you purchased the bulldog, you were aware of the limited registration. The breeder will change the status so you can breed if you pay extra monies. This would set off an alarm to me because if this person was a professional who breeds dogs for the betterment of the breed and not profit would never change the status. The breeder either had the non-breeding box checked because the dog is not of the best quality to breed or he/she does not want competition for sales if you are in their local area. Have you spoken with folks who have breed, shown and owned bulldogs for many years? Please do because the health isssues can be many and breeding is almost an art form as most do not breed naturally. Many never delivery vaginally!! Again as I mentioned before, do you have the time and monetary resources to put a vets kid through college. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst in breeding this breed…

    The term professional has various meanings and I hear it all the time from dog folks. I have always used a simple term to describe my 40+ years in dogs, I am a student of the breed. A person who has spent a considerable amount of years, 20+ and enough money to send 10 kids to college, they are breeding to better their particular breed. Students of the breed also attend seminars on canines for breed health issues, new diseases, canine reproduction, canine structure etc. They consider themselves students of the breed for the rest of their lives or until they no longer are involved in dogs. Breeding dogs should never be taken lightly as so many good intentioned people get into dogs for various reasons and find out that it is extremely expensive, time consuming and very frustrating at times.

    The AKC is not the villan. They do not register non-purebred dogs. They also gave the person the right information when it comes to FCI breed dogs. The comment “to expect me to spend more money to do the right thing per AKC”, speaks volumes about why this person wants to get into dogs. AKC did not start health problems in dogs, it comes with the territory. AKC does not guarantee that healthy dogs are being breed or sold, that is not their function. If you are planning on breeding then you will need to learn as much as possible about breed related health issues and so much more. I encourage all dog folks/future dogs folks to attend dog shows, dog club meetings in your local area, (this does not mean you have to join them or AKC). You will be glad you did because you will learn more than you ever dreamed possible. We are all adults and no matter what club you choose to be affiliated with you will find out that no club is perfect and they never will be. It is up to the individual to ensure they are doing the right things with their dogs and be responsible when you have health issues and don’t blame a line of dogs or people because all did not turn out as you anticipated. You decided to get into the dog game. You will have buyers wanting to bring puppies back for a many reasons and are you “professional” enough to take the dog back for any reason because you are the breeder and you chose to bring this life into exsistance? Or are you just out to make a buck. Good intentions are as abundant as politicians, can you walk the talk?


    • Joe, You are completely right about investgating before you bring a new puppy home….I did not. I made some assumptions that were incorrect. Shame on me. Now that I have the puppy it doesn’t matter….but I would NEVER had paid the price I paid had I known about the differences in registration and AKC vs CKC. I do not plan to breed or show my puppy so luckily the point is moot. But for others out there…..be sure to find out all the information before you hand over the check. And don’t assume anything. I have copied of my puppy’s mother’s registration with CKC but no information on the father other than he is a purebred and weighed a certain amt. I am finding that difficult to digest as this puppy already weighs more than my full grown AKC dog did as an adult. The puppy is 15 weeks. Buyer Beware and Be Informed!

    • Joe:
      Thanks for the education that you provided.
      My family just lost our two adorable, lovable and fun loving Akitas and we are devasted. I know that they were not going to live forever but I never envisioned parting with them. They were our first pets and we were inseparable. My husband who does not allow himself to become emotional was bawling his head out when we lost his “son;” the last of the two.
      We really had to educate ourseleves before the purchase but we were not as knowlegable about what to look for or the appropriate questions to ask the breeders.
      We are in the process of puppy shopping for rplacement Akitas because we love the breed so much. We would be extremely grateful if you would provide some basic questions and things we should look for/at before our next purchase. Thus far, we ahve avoided what appeared to be puppy mills when breeders were willing to part with the pumps prior to eight weeks or were selling them cheaply or they did not care what homes their pups were going to raised in.
      Please provide some much mneeded guidance.
      I wish I knew someone who could call and ask the appropriate questions on her behalf.

      Warmest regards,
      Gee Gee

      • Last year, we purchased a pure bred UKC registered Purple Ribbon Grand Champion line American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy. He was our first dog, a lot of work, but he ended up being an amazing dog. Excelled in obedience by age 6 months, and was slated to go into service. He was so wonderful with everyone and passed a temperament test with such flying colors that he got a scholarship to go and be a therapy dog for autistic children. That was the type of animal we had.
        But by age 1 he was 93 pounds (with 3 miles of running everyday). Then he started to go lame and an x-ray revealed severely arthritic hip dysplasia with laxity.
        THen he started crying so we gave him tramadol, rimadyl and aspirin. Pretty soon he was either too stoned to move, or in too much pain to move. Pit bulls dont show pain but our dog was crying.
        We put him down 2 months ago.
        Point is, a 93 pound dog is not an APBT. NOt that we cared, we loved him anyway and had no intention of breeding. But here we were saddled with $10000 worth of vet bills for a hip replacement and the loss of a 1 year old dog. And no recourse.
        My advice: go to a good AKC breeder, Wait if you have to, Research the breed you are getting, and then DEMAND a health guarantee. Any responsible breeder must give you one. Don’t give your money to back yard breeders who have no idea what they are doing, or people who don’t understand that a breed is not just for looks, but for temperament, intelligence and health.
        Do your research, it’ll cost you, but its better than opening your heart to an animal that will live in pain, or fear, or aggression, or anxiety for the rest of its life because of silly people who think a picture is representative of a breed.

  8. I recently purchased a applehead Chihuahua. He is excellent w/ confirmation but because his grandparents were from Mexico. He is healthy &will be nurtured soon. 4 lbs & healthy @ 17months… He’s CKC BUT he will not be breeding.

  9. I’m just really confused about the differences between AKC vs CKC .. Looking to buy a toy poodle for my niece and everyone I’ve talked to tells me to make sure that the dog is registered with AKC which is a better breaded dog vs the CKC

    • There are a few main differences between AKC and CKC. AKC is a closed registry. This means that in order to register your dog with AKC, both of that dogs parents must be registered with AKC. This essentially means that all AKC dogs originated from the same AKC dogs from the 1800s. This can cause genetic problems in dogs. AKC is also very limiting because it only recognizes 177 breeds.

      CKC on the other hand is an open registry. This means that you can register a dog even if the parents aren’t registered with CKC. CKC does dual registration which means if you are already registered with an approved club (such as AKC) you can transfer the registration to CKC with no problem. They also have the picture and witness program. You take 5 very specific photos of the dog and send it in to CKC. There is a very strict evaluation process to determine from the photos if the dog is purebred. If the dog is not of proper breed type, it won’t be accepted.

      CKC also has better prices and is well-known for having exceptional customer service.

      • Do you know what views are requested from CKC? I just registered my doberman and am regretting not upgrading the package of p r protection so to speak.

  10. Help!!! I have a ckc (continental kennel club) Blenheim Cavalier King Charles female. She is now 2 1/2 and is still experiencing false pregnancies with her heats. I thought I would breed her just once and so did not get her fixed. Well—never thought it would be so hard to find a stud! Most of the AKC breeders are very reluctant to breed to CKC. We did manage to find one young inexperienced stud last season but he was unable to tie. Both were very willing an able but—–season ended with her very disappointed and him very happy. So—–how do I find a stud? I live in the Dallas, TX area and I can not believe it is this difficult. I’ve even looked as far as Oklahoma—

  11. I just got a chihuahua 8weeks both of her parents are CKC registered and the puppies where too! I was really thinking about not sending her papers in because of all the bad things i read on the internet about CKC. Like it wasn`t real and how it was a scam .I just wanted to say Thank You for clearing the air CKC is real.knowing that both AKC and CKC has had negative things said about like you who don`t.And the only differences are how long they been around and that one close their registry and the other didn`t.Also knowing that AKC they once started out like CKC start out , but having nothing to do with CKC becaues of it which to me is hypocritical . So I decided that i am going to seen her paper in . And feel good about it!!!!

    • Sorry hate this auto correct I just got a chihuahua 8weeks both of her parents are CKC registered and the puppies where too! I was really thinking about not sending her papers in because of all the bad things i read on the internet about CKC. Like it wasn`t real and how it was a scam .I just wanted to say Thank You for clearing the air CKC is real.knowing that both AKC and CKC has had negative things said about them like you said who don`t.And the only differences are how long they been around and that one close their registry and the other didn`t.Also knowing that AKC they once started out like CKC started out , but having nothing to do with CKC becaues of it which to me is hypocritical . So I decided that i am going to seen her paper in . And feel good about it!!!!

      • Go ahead and register your little darling. I’ve been reading all of these posts and now can’t remember if you said anything about breeding. However should you decide to do so in a couple years, it’s just better to have registered pets as parents. To me it shows that you the owner cared enough to complete things, put on the finishing touches. If you are going to get your pup fixed, it really wouldn’t matter, just a nice touch. CKC is very real. For a long time I had my doubts. I would only breed AKC registered dogs. I have totally turned around. My preference is now CKC. Also AKC pets can register for CKC, double register. Howbeit, not the other way around. The more puppies that do get registered with their CKC litter- puppy papers, the generations grow and the pedigree will show it. If people choose not to register the fork/limb of the family tree just stops with the parents, which is a unintentional untruth. Especially if you obtained your precious from a reputable breeder…..their hard work should be shown in pedigrees. Not that pedigrees show breeders really, 🙂 but they show offspring from their mummy and daddy dogs.
        Just some 3am thoughts…. incomplete as they are, but I mean well. Blessings & good nite, morning…..

      • PS…..

        Re-read your post. Thank you for your decision. Deffinately feel good about it. You should feel good. You have a little furluv that has good breeding behind it. Get its pedigree also with your pups picture…. (good identification bc you just never know future needs).
        Closed bloodlines such as AKC registered dogs….. do show more breed prone problems and AKC can list them in their standards of breed. (Or used to). The problems are more likely to show up in the tight breeding processes. Troubles show up in the offspring of closely related family that marry and procreate. Maybe a bad comparison but Ti’s a similar thing animals.
        CKC does register the designer breeds…..but the designer breeds have become desired pets. So they should be followed by registration and pedigree. Maybe even one day be a real breed instead of a desired mix of two breeds. That takes work and careful breeding. I mean shucks, look at all the breeds available to us, they all came from hard work, study, generations, and gobs of paperwork. I’m very grateful CKC keeps the records they do…. a huge backup to any breeder watching their bloodlines.
        Anyway, blessings to you and register that pup, be happy and proud of your wee puppy and it’s papers. It will sense your pride and happiness and reflect the same.
        Good-night again

  12. The CKC aka Continental Kennel Club is worthless and will register any type of dog including mixed breed mutts. Don’t ignore the CKC run like hell from it! It is a money hungry/grabbing worthless organization that has absolutely NO care for the pure bred dogs!

    • CKC registration is actually worth a lot. When registered with CKC you are able to create a permanent record of your dog’s identity. This provides security for your dog by acquiring access to vital information, official records, and verification of ownership, breed type, and registration status. Also, when you register a dog with CKC, you are automatically a member for life, thereby having access to the puppy registration package which helps new puppy owners adjust to life with a dog, a 25% discount on everydog Magazine, a wonderful resource for dog owners of all kinds, dog owner support and solutions, and a wide variety of educational resources.

      CKC does register mixed designer breeds which are highly sought after and not “worthless”. And CKC does not register ANY type of dog. Listed on the CKC website is a list of breeds that they recognize. Just because a dog is mixed doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have the security and benefits of registration like purebred dogs do.

      And actually, 98% of the dogs registered with CKC ARE purebred.

      source: http://www.continentalkennelclub.com/news/ckc-answers-critics.aspx

    • Do not run from CKC. Understand that they do appreciate pure bred and some mixed breeds. Some or most mixed breeds are to improve the degrading bloodline and accumulating health problems in closed registration breeding as AKC promotes. The Labradors in AKC’s closed breeding has created a multitude of Healtg issues. I myself started by owning a pair. I have researched and have IU introduced an English Labrador to American Field Labrador and the breed is sound and healthy. Also, American Golden Reteivers have thier share of problems. I have researched and introduced a English Cream Golden Retriever with 10 generations of champion lineage and no health problems in their breed history to the US to better a suffering breed. DNA on all. It is not with a light heart that I mention a new breed. In have recenty researched a “Designer Breed”. The Golden Doodle, which is (according to my research) a new, healthy great breed. So, when AKC was founded, these same practices were in play and then they switched to closed registration. There are considerably more health problems with pure breed dogs today than ever.

  13. So if you have a puppy or dog that is registered with one club and you would like it to be with another are you able to do so. Ex: You purchase a puppy that is registered with CKC but would like it to be registered with AKC is that possible to be done?

  14. Please note, the “CKC” is the Canadian Kennel Club, and the “ConKC” is the Continental Kennel Club. Please don’t propagate the CKC as the Continental Kennel Club. 🙂

    • Actually BOTH The Continental and Canadian Kennel club have trademarked the acronym “CKC”. The Continental Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club have agreed to terms of use regarding the acronym “CKC” which will allow consumers to easily identify which club is represented in advertisements, publications and online content. ConKC is not the official trademark of The Continental Kennel Club.

      source: http://www.continentalkennelclub.com/news/ckc-answers-critics.aspx

    • The initials are the same but, 2 different entities entirely.

      • Ok , with the topic of the kennel clubs , now that i have been thrown for a loop. Which is the better of the 2 Canadian kennel club or the continential kennel club. We are looking to purchase a Great Dane. Could you help me out here plz

  15. I purchased a female chocolate lab several years back tht was AKC reg. the breeders told us that our dog was a pure breed chocolate lab from as far back as they could trace. Well come to find out our chocolate lab wa not a pure breed and she ended up getting purple spots on her tung and really didn’t look like a lab when she was full grown. There are dishonest people everywhere trying to make money and no piece if paper weather from AKC or CKC is going to guarantee any thing. Most people who want to put down CKC are the Back yard breeders who want as few people breeding their particular breed so the can charge you a radicoulus amount of money for their dog. It’s a numbers game. AKC can’t guarantee anything if they are not doing DNA testing on every dog they register. Sorry if autocorrect got me.

  16. I have mom pomeranian who is registered with american canine association, and the dad is registered with continental kennel club, theyve had their first puppies , who should I register the puppies through or does it matter, thank you

  17. I have a female pug who is CKC that I want to breed with a male who is AKC but papers were lost and never sent in. Do I need to first register him with AKC and if so how do I do it without the papers? And then register him with CKC along with the liter. Thanks

  18. I was thinking about trying to register my Australian Cattle Dog who is registered with the CKC with AKC also.However she is fixed but I have thougtht about showing her in athletic events. But from reading posts it sounds as if it would be a hassle

  19. An attention-grabbing discussion is price comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo topic but usually individuals are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  20. Can your dog be registered under akc and ckc both of them?

  21. I have a pure bred collie puppy, neither parents were every registered but they are pure bred also. What would be my first step of getting the puppy registered in the CKC(contenintal KC)?

  22. I would like to put my 2 cents in. I purchased a dynamic little show girl and have been to a few shows with her and learning more each day. She was Registered with AKC, CKC and NAPR. Calling her a triple registered dog. none of this meant jack to me. I have dropped AKC due to pricing, customer service sucks and well I just didn’t care to keep all three going. I also dropped the NAPR which for those that don’t know is the North American Purebred Registry. I only stuck with CKC because they are very easy to deal with, my dog cant read and doesn’t know which club she is with and I don’t sale papers I sale the puppies. I believe its everyone preference. I find it amusing dealing with some people because half my owners gripe about CKC and will not even look at pup. Others gripe about AKC and will not look at pup and again that paper means nothing but extra crap to keep with. You don’t have to papers to win a show>>

  23. So helpful this regegnizies more breeds so my dog can be in the club soo good and I might not be in America for much more time


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