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Difference Between Angloceltic And Anglo Saxon

celticAngloceltic vs Anglo Saxon

Angloceltic is a term used to broadly describe the various cultures native to Britain & Ireland. The term also includes the diaspora located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Anglo Saxon is a term used to describe the invading German tribes during the fifth century. The three main tribes included in the Anglo Saxon were Angles who could have come from Angeln, Saxons from Lower Saxony and Jutes from Jutland peninsula.

The term Angloceltic includes the Anglo Saxons and also Celtic which is a term used to describe the people from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall. Angloceltic, however, does not include the celtic people settled in the mainland continent. The term is very common in Australia where it refers to people from British or Irish descent. These people form the 80% of the population in Australia and it is common to find an angloceltic Australian with a British or an Irish ancestor. The term however is not that common in United States or Canada. The term Anglo Saxons is not very commonly used now a days as it specifically refers to just a few tribes that invaded and settled in Britain. The term has also been used in the past to justify racism and imply that invading german tribes that settled in Britain were in fact superior to the colonized people.

The anglo saxon rule that started in the fifth century finally ended in 1066 with the battle of hastings. This marked the beginning of the Norman Rule. However, the six centuries of Anglo Saxon era left a very lasting influence on Britain, the law, the language and the culture.

1.Anglo celtic refers to various cultures native to Britain and the Ireland whereas the term Anglo Saxon is used to describe the invading German tribes in the fifth century.
2.Anglo Celtic includes anglo Saxons and celtic people and also includes the entire diaspora settled in various countries like United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

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  1. This is a good description of Anglo Saxons. Thank you. These days people are either uneducated or deliberately trying to feed disinformation about Anglo Saxons and Anglo Norman culture for some odd reason.

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