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Difference between Chip and Pitch

Golf is a game enjoyed all over the world, by both the players as well as the fans. Many people consider this game as easy to learn and to play. However, it requires concentration and precision. It is played on a course, with a typical course consisting of 18 holes. Each player aims at learning to execute in both the short and basic shots. Chipping and pitching are greatly used in the short game, as better scores are achieved when these two shots are properly executed. 


What is Chip?

The chip is a short and low grounded shot that does not travel far in the air. A player aims for a certain short, and then allows the ball to roll the rest of the way. The player aims for a spot depending on where the hole is located, how far the ball will travel and the angle of the green along the ball’s path. 

The technique for using this shot involves a player’s knee slightly flexed, with most of the weight on the front foot. Depending on how the player wants to hit the ball, with the use of a club head, he swings the arms back with the shoulders, slightly cocking the wrists. The player then swings the club swiftly, hitting the ball at a descending angle.  


What is Pitch?

This is a high and short grounded shot that is employed from 100 yards from the green. 

A player, in this case, begins with an open stance, aiming the feet to the left of the target. The clubface is angled slightly to the right, and the ball played forward of Centre, about even with the front foot. The player then cocks the wrists to form a 90-degree angle, with the hands back about hip-high, and swings through the ball with a normal amount of effort.  

It is commonly played in instances when;

  • When the ball is too far away to chip
  • The player is prevented from pitching the ball by an obstruction in front of the green
  • When a player needs to hit a softer and higher shot


Similarities between chip and pitch

Both shots players become more competent in golfing


Differences between chip and pitch

  1. Technique used in chip vs. pitch

A chip is a short and low grounded shot that does not travel far in the air whereby a player aims for a certain short, and then allows the ball to roll the rest of the way. On the other hand, a pitch is a high and short grounded shot that is employed from 100 yards from the green. 

  1. Distance from the ground

While chips are on the ground more than they are in the air, pitches are in the air more than they are on the ground. 

  1. Ideal play point for chip and pitch

Chip shots are played much closer into the green while pitch shots are played from farther off the green. 

  1. Weight shift

In a pitch, no weight shift is required as the player puts the weight on the front foot and keeps it there throughout the swing. On the other hand, in a pitch, the player needs to shift the weight to his right side. 

  1. Type of swing involved in chip and pitch

In chipping, the short type of swing is used because the shaft does not parallel to the ground. However, in pitching, a bigger swing is used. 

  1. Clubs used for chip and pitch

Any club can be used in chips. On the other hand, in pitching, the lofted clubs are used to hit the shot. 

  1. Getting over something

A chip shot cannot be used to get over bunker or water. A pitch shot, on the other hand, can be used to get over hindrances such as water. 

  1. Impact points

While in a chip shot the ball is struck first, in a pitch shot the ball and the ground are struck at the same time. 

Chip vs. Pitch: Comparison Table


Summary of Chip vs. Pitch

Both chip and pitch shots help players become more competent in golfing. It should, however,a be noted that both shots require significant arm movement, with hardly any weight transfer, especially in instances where one shot is high and the other is low. 


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