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Firstly, civilization in theory is bigger than culture in which an entire civilization can encompass one single unit of culture. Civilization is a bigger unit than culture because it is a complex aggregate of the society that dwells within a certain area, along with its forms of government, norms, and even culture. Thus, culture is just a spec or a portion of an entire civilization. For example, the Egyptian civilization has an Egyptian culture in the same way as the Greek civilization has their Greek culture.

A culture ordinarily exists within a civilization. In this regard, each civilization can contain not only one but several cultures. Comparing culture and civilization is like showing the difference between language and the country to which it is being used.

Culture can exist in itself whereas civilization cannot be called a civilization if it does not possess a certain culture. It’s just like asking how a nation can exist on its own without the use of a medium of communication. Hence, a civilization will become empty if it does not have its culture, no matter how little it is.

Culture can be something that is tangible and it can also be something that isn’t. Culture can become a physical material if it is a product of the beliefs, customs and practices of a certain people with a definite culture. But a civilization is something that can be seen as a whole and it is more or less tangible although its basic components, like culture, can be immaterial.

Culture can be learned and in the same manner it can also be transmitted from one generation to the next. Using a medium of speech and communication, it is possible for a certain type of culture to evolve and even be inherited by another group of people. On the other hand, civilization cannot be transferred by mere language alone. Because of its complexity and magnitude, you need to transfer all of the raw aggregates of a civilization for it to be entirely passed on. It just grows, degrades and may eventually end if all its subunits will fail.
Summary :

1.Culture is by definition smaller than a civilization.
2.Culture can grow and exist without residing in a formal civilization whereas a civilization will never grow and exist without the element of culture.
3.Culture can be tangible or intangible whereas civilization is something that is more tangible because it is what you see as a whole
4.Culture can be transmitted through symbols in the form of language whereas an entire civilization cannot be transmitted by mere language alone.

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  1. this is a great deal of quality service. superb compilations. congratulations.


  2. Thanks dude it help me a lot
    Keep posting such informations

  3. there are difference between cultures and civilizations according to understanding the meaning and according to definition for every sociaty
    Indians understand culture and civilization in a different way also Shina and Islamic societies understand them in away differ of secular understanding
    I think believes is the only constituent of both culture and civilization according to Dr.mohammad hamad elgohary website http://elgohary.bravehost.com
    Dr. gohary said that there are no civilization without culture and both are the result of the religion
    and the common between religions

    • I believe civilizations besides culture is coexistence and cooperation between heterogenous elememts such as culture (political, social, material), races, ethinicities, language, in time even different empires etc. . So civilization is a socio-political formulation. It contains common elements of cultures, and terms of engagement and also mutual restraints. To be more clear, cultures are like different sets which by geographical proximity must have sufficient overlaps (trade, language etc.) and civilzation represents all such sets. If enough overlaps (if multicultural) do not exist, it becomes a different civilization.

  4. thank you for this very helpful article.
    Though i was looking for a vague answer, i found something better as the explanations are very thorough but not dragging.
    very good work. 😀

  5. I appreciate the contributors of this article and would want to say that it has really helped me a lot in carrying out my assessments and assignments.

  6. i think it is not possible to compare culture and civilization as and smaller. Simply, we mean that culture is ‘what we are’ and civilization is ‘what we have’.

  7. I learned that culture is a thing that some body was brought up with or doing there whole life. Cilvilization is a whole community’s or country’s culture.

  8. in very simple words i understood the difference between culture and civilization. thanks a lot

  9. Cultures are part of the civilization. Civilization takes place when many different cultures co-exist and respect one another otherwise it would be state of anarchism in that society and society can’t be called civilized.

  10. civilization is in all cultures culter like a pace of a puzzle togather makes co-exist

  11. To understand difference between culture and civilization we look how a certain culture begin followed by or accompanied by civilization
    At first certain religion or believes spread in a society in an aria
    This religion and the common between religions will form the culture of this society

  12. Good knowledge of Culture and Civilization….!

  13. Thank you very much for giving valuable insights on the diff between two overlapping phenomena.

  14. I wonder whether this understanding of the two concepts is appropriate or not. I rather suppose that both are what humans have built, but civilization is more likely materialized and culture is more non-materialistic though may be expressed through material stuffs.


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