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Difference Between Canon Vixia HV20 and HV30

canon_hdv40Canon Vixia HV20 vs. HV30

With every new model in a product line, either new features are added to the device, or refinements are made to enhance the usability of the device. The HV30 is more of the latter, as it doesn’t really have anything new to offer that isn’t available in the HV20. The only major enhancement to the HV30 is the addition of 30p shooting mode to the 24p and 60i of the HV20. There are a lot of arguments about which shooting mode is better and why it is better. The HV30 simply provides the user with the freedom to choose the best shooting mode for the project at hand.

Another change that was applied to the HV30 was the accommodation of the bigger BP-2L24H lithium-ion battery. This battery is rated at 2400mAH, which is twice the 1200mAH rating of the BP-2L13 battery that you have for the HV20. The bigger battery allows you to record longer videos without needing to recharge, or swap batteries. Canon also needed to move things around inside the HV30, to make room for the bigger battery, so that it would not protrude from the camera body.

Canon addressed some of the issues that users had with the HV20. The thin strip of plastic above the HV20 was replaced with a real zoom toggle that makes it easier for the user to manipulate the control. The hot shoe cover of the HV30 has been improved to prevent it from coming loose, and getting lost, as often happened with the HV20. These changes are not really major, but a lot of users like it that their complaints are addressed by the company.

Lastly, the HV30 has been painted with a glossy black coat. The HV20 has a faux metallic finish that some users did not like. Although the color isn’t a big factor for choosing such a techie device, it’s nicer to have something that looks stylish, over something plastic that’s made to look like fake metal. Aesthetics are beginning to play a role in most devices, and manufacturers are beginning to take notice.


1. The HV30 introduces the 30p shooting mode that is absent on the HV20.

2. The HV30 has a much bigger battery compared to that of the HV20.

3. The HV30 has some minor improvements compared the HV20’s interface.

4. The HV30 is colored black, while the HV20 has a metallic finish.

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  1. nice comparison between these 2 camcorders of the vixia and hv30.. another good comparison of the vixia is here: http://besthdcamcorderreview.com/canon-vixia-hv40-vs-sony-hdr-%e2%80%93-cx500v-hd-camcorder/

    I too agree the battery life needs more work.

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