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Knowing the difference of ducks and geese is like learning the alphabets all over again. Not that the knowledge is elementary but because it’s fun. Ducks and geese are related to each other did you know that? Not only because they have almost similar looks, similar shelter (ponds and lakes) and almost similar characteristics but because they are truly related belonging to the same family Anatidae. Although they are related in so many similar ways, these creatures are not twins and definitely bound to have many different characteristics that set them apart from each other.

Here are the different characteristics of a duck and a goose.

Duck, to begin with, is a common name for every other bird that belongs to the Anatidae family. Other members are swans and of course the geese, but other than that, they are called ducks. A male duck is called the drake and a baby duck is called a duckling. See? It’s A, B, and C all over again! Ducks live in aquatic environments (but they can also walk on land), may it be fresh waters or salty waters, or if you want to pet them they can swim on the water waves of your bathtub. Some ducks are great underwater foragers that dive to search for mollusks, aquatic plants, and small fish. They also feed on insects, grasses, small amphibians, and other food that can be exploited. Ducks are generally stout birds with colorful feathers ranging from orange to green, to black, and to yellow. They have good quality white meat, which may be why they are hunted down for sports in some of the states in the U.S. Ducks are also domesticated for their eggs, their down ( layer of fine feathers used as insulators for clothing), and their other larger feathers. Ducks were also made popular in some kids cartoons: Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, ducks from Darkwing Duck, and many others. One more quick fact about ducks is that only the female bunch makes the ‘quacking’ noise. The drakes do not.



Geese, on the other hand, quite have elongated necks compared to the ducks, which are stouter. Like the ducks, they also prefer aquatic environments. The Male geese are called ‘ganders’ and a baby goose is called ‘goslings’. Although geese live on aquatic surroundings, they prefer a green leafy veggie diet. It is also said that geese downs have less odor compared to that of the duck down. Not only has that, geese also had more webbings on the feet compared to ducks. Geese only have a 3 color wheel chart. Their feathers are gray, black, white, or spotted gray, black or white. Geese often star on mythological and bedtime stories compared to ducks that often star on televisions. One story concerning a goose is that when Aphrodite, the Roman goddess of love, first came ashore she was welcomed by Charites with a chariot pulled and drawn by a goose. There’s also a story about the goose that lays golden eggs. Geese honk loudly as a form of communication. One more quick fact about geese is that they have strong urges to return to where they hatched and even as they grow up, they always tend to go back top where they came from.


Ducks and Geese belong to one family: Anatidae.

Ducks are stouter and Geese are longer.

Ducks were made popular in cartoons while geese appeared in some mythological and bedtime stories.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your info on the differences of ducks & geese, I was watching a Disney channel show with my kids and they wanted to know, so thank you. Your article has help me explain the differences with ease.

  2. You have a typo “Their weathers are grey, black, white, or spotted grey, black or white.” Supposed to be feathers right? Other than that very informative article thanks!

  3. Thanks for the info. Article could do with some proof reading though.

  4. Thank you for this great article, with so many necessary information about these great animals. I printed it and put it in my bathroom so i rembember it. It is another proof that if geese where many more, they would control the world.

  5. I had what I thought was a sweater with a goose on it. Iā€™m now learning that may actually be a Duck. Wow. Thank you

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  8. I loved reading your. Story. I have been feeding the 2 geese here at century city and the come to me 3 times a day. They are so precious. The male even even rd out of y hands now and let’s me touch him. I think they have layed eggs on the Vodacom building roof and just stay up there the she time. They keep an eye on me every day. And I miss them. I wonder how
    Long they will stay up there as brother one of them come down to eat as the crows are all around them.

  9. To the author, have you ever eaten either a duck or a goose? White meat?

  10. Aphrodite is the GREEK not roman goddess of love. I think you mean Venus the roman version.

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