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Music lovers alike often hear of the terms emo and punk, yet only a few really know about the true meaning of each musical genre. Although both terms are considered to be subgenres of the more broad rock music, many have attached additional meanings to the two terms that make them even more confusing. Some connote emo to general moods, while others identify both with a certain type of fashion sense.

However, as a music genre, emo is the shortcut for ’emotional’. It’s not that all songs that are sad and gloomy are emo, it’s more about songs that are discussing pressing personal problems and relationship issues. Emo is emotionally charged punk music. With this genre, you’ll see individuals who are depressed and upset due to some personal problems other than those social in nature. You can also see emo songs depicting people who are not content with life.

Punk, on the contrary, is leaning more about social issues, and even political themes. No wonder you often hear the concepts of peace or unity being tackled in punk music. Bands playing punk are seen as anarchists who believe that no religion is above any other. They also like to impart the concept of equality to the point of almost always disagreeing with what the government has to say.

Some popular bands that are playing emo songs are the following: Fall Out Boy, Brand New, The Used, and many others. For punk, the bands include: The Sex Pistols, Discharge, The Offspring, and Minor Threat, among others.

In terms of musical quality, emo sounds more expressive and melodic. Its roots can be traced back as far as the middle portion of the 1980’s, wherein it started from hardcore punk and later blended with indie rock and pop punk. Some of the most common instruments used by emo bands are the guitar, drum set, and bass guitar.

Lastly, punk rock history is more profound. It sprouted earlier, in 1974. Its stylistic origins include protopunk and garage rock, among others. This music genre is faster in pace, and is harder, or edgy in nature. With its recent blending with some other related musical genres, like hardcore, punk sounds more aggressive.

Overall, even if emo and punk have been applied to fashion and characterization of human behavior, the differences between the two as separate music subgenres are the following:

1. Emo is more emotional in nature, and dwells more on personal and relationship matters; whereas punk concentrates more on social and political issues.

2. Punk was developed earlier compared to emo.

3. Emo is more melodic and expressive compared to the faster and more aggressive nature of punk rock music.

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  1. Great! I’m a music lover but I don’t know if I’m a emo and punks. Do you know such thing called emo punk? It is a combination of this two.

    Emo hates punk and punk hate emo. Why they are bothered they differences? They should realize that music is music and music is created by the emotions.

    • Emos are just really gay, posers. The style is hideous and really ridiculous. Their music is crap, punk on the other hand is amazing. That’s real music. Emos are just a lame excuse for goth.

      • Whatever Jean Punks suck! Were not even reladed to goth only a little bit were not all black/makeup/evil. Were not even mad or angry were happy you just can’t see it!

      • We arnt just like Goth we don’t neccisarily wear black for one and we aren’t really sad we just think into what’s happening in life you could say with the right people we are very carefree trust me

      • I personly have loved metal and anything that’s ”hard rock”ever cents I was a featis but we must remeber that its art and some like it hard some like it harder,edger,louder,faster and yes with more distorshion than others but let’s all be honest its about the messege not the name of the style -…peace my dear art lovers

      • As an actual punk I regret to inform you that is not what we teach. You see us punks dont berate others, infact we fight those who berate others. Emos arent fake posers they have there own style and tastes they’re way different then punks and dont like to be as social or aggressive as us and that’s okay! I think they’re style is pretty cool I just prefer to be more outlandish with my style

  2. Listen, emo and goth both evolved from hardcore punk. Emo has more indie influence than goth. Goth has more electronica influence than emo. They both came from punk in the late eighties and, while similar in many respects, they are two distinct music genres and refer to two distinct groups of people. Many Goths, punks and emos do partake in pagan rituals, but no more so than anybody else from any other group. They are grouped together too often and even when a distinction is recognized are viewed as the trash of societies. The truth is that they aren’t really any different from other people aside from their styles. They shouldn’t be grouped together because, truth be told, most emos, Goths, and punks that I know seem to hate each other and all claim that they’re ripping off each other’s style.

  3. Punk rocks bitches Punk lover for life Yo get what I’m sayin ✌️

  4. God damn the autism is strong with this one. Gotta say I’m musically more in to Emo but love punk and goth metal so I’mma be just chilling. I prefer the punk look but in the end I would be just called poser because of what I listen to (heavy, metalcore, rock, hard rock, goth metal (A.K.A Soprano metal), Nu Metal and power metal.

    • To genre mashup – This conversation is such a waste of time. Do these labels really matter. I`m just feeling sorry for you that someone spells a couple of words wrong and your comment is “look at the autism here.” That is quite ignorant to have that assumption about autistic kids. My autistic daughter is a junior in high school and has held a 4.0 GPA through middle school and still has a 4.0 along with college credits. Educate yourself before you speak. It only makes you look dumb and insecure.

  5. Idk what’s with all the hostility. Punk, Emo, and Goth are all different branches of Alt. Rock music. I personally like all of the above. There’s no point in being so agressive about music when you could just listen to it instead. Let’s name some bands. Black veil brides, asking Alexandria, my chemical romance, green day, Linkin Park, imagine dragons, fallout boy, Evanescence, Pierce the veil, 50 seconds to Mars, ghost town, porcelain and the tramps, the pretty reckless, moonspell, bring me the horizon, five finger death punch, avenged sevenfold, system of a down. How about some older ones? Like Guns n roses, and acdc? It’s all good, man. Most people describe me as emo or punk by my everyday fashion, but when I dress up a little more it’s goth. It’s all really similar, but the differences make it interesting. Good stuff all around. I love Alt culture.

  6. Fall out boy identify their band as pop punk, and I myself agree that they’re music definitely classifies as emo. Especially their post-hiatus music.

  7. I personally am a mix between emo and punk. it doesnt matter this much, but here we go: Punk is more about individuality. Fighting for what you personally believe. a lot of rebellion and choosing your own decisions. like bruh. just listen to Green Day or Sex pistols to get that hammered in your heads. the fashion can be whatever though. Edgy, but also reflecting yourself and going against usual styles. Emo: I have to say a lot of people dont even know what this is. emo is short for emotional. and the music is called emo, [emotional] because its a way of self expression and your own guide through lifes shit it always throws at you. Its a way to keep your head above the pain, and the style reflect the same thing. gotta keep yourself sane enough to not rip youre head off your goddam shoulders. so in short, it’s literally self expression, just like most things are now

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