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goth-nightclubGoth vs. Prep

When one is talking about American culture, it cannot be prevented that some terms such as goth and prep are often mentioned. These two terms are often being used to describe general themes, appearances and even the fashion sense of people. The reason for such is because both terms have become stereotypes for some people who fall under their respective descriptions.

Goth, not the music genre though, can be a person who displays the characteristics of being ‘gothic’. This means that he or she will almost always look spiky, use black as the predominating theme color, and appears pale overall. Goths are seen to have a scary appearance, wearing chains, studs and spiky accessories. They have a messed-up look that speaks of their being world haters. They love to listen to gothic music, and end up writing poetry about their so-called gothic life. They have lots of time anyway, because dating is not their number one priority.

Conversely, the Preps are very different from the Goths. They are considered to be above average. Because of such, they are often found to be conceited because of their exceptionally high regard for themselves. The prep nature can easily be recognized in key positions around campus, like the jocks and the flashy cheer leaders. In terms of clothing, these persons may want to spend thousands of dollars for a single piece of clothing. That’s why preps are usually stereotyped to have lots of money. In this regard, prep has transformed from being an ordinary sense of self esteem into a social status.

For Preps, dressing themselves is more about showing off to the public that they can afford this and that. In the case for Goths, they simply wear their stereotype outfits because they want the world to know that they have an identity that must be respected, and that they have a voice to be heard.

Lastly, Preps seem to be more in number. This is because a lot of people will admire or like those who look flashy, athletic and beautiful. Their place in society has become common ground compared to the Goths, who just become aloof in one corner of the room. No wonder they become hysterical if they don’t have a date for more than three days.

Because of these differences, that are worlds apart, Goths and Preps often find themselves in between a never ending cultural war, and conflict of ideas. Here’s a summary of the differences between Goths and Preps:

1. Goths have a more radical appearance that seems to deviate from the common norms to the point of being labeled ‘weird’ or ‘creepy.’ They appear violent to the general public. Preps look more appealing and attractive to the masses.

2. Clothing for Goths is a way to show their nature or identity, whereas it is a sense of fashion and social status when it comes to the Preps.

3. Preps behave like they are the best, and are above everyone else, whereas Goths act rebellious, depressed and sometimes emotional.

4. In terms of number, Preps normally outweigh the Goths.

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