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basketball_pdNBA 2k8 vs 2k9

Video games have a separate market, and it is the video games which are quickly catching up with many of the younger generation individuals. Gadgets and games are making their rounds in attracting and making the young glued to their video games. Many players in the market have tried various gaming methods to attract people. The never dying spirit of NBA has come to play a vital role again in reviving the video game market. The different versions of the real game are sure to be an eye catcher among the American people.

Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics took the gaming spirit to a new high. Following these two majors, the NBA 2k basketball video game won many gamer’s attention, with the realistic video gaming play since 1999. Sega Dreamcast, a sixth generation video gaming company, developed the NBA 2k video game after the success of Sega Saturn. This is the same company that came out with the Xbox and Nintendo Game cube. The year 2005 saw the NBA 2k series and the visual concepts being taken over by the Take Two interactive group from Sega. The 2k series is being published by Take Two.

NBA 2k featured Rod West and Bob Steele, who voiced the video game. These two voice specialist also did popular shows on radio, like Brooks and Fitz. The launch of NBA 2k3 had more revolutionary commentators, like Tom Tolbert, Bill Walton, Michelle Tofoya, Bob Fitzgerald and Kevin Frazier, voicing the video game. Kevin Harlan and Kenny Smith helped with play commentary and the color of the 2k8 series video game, while Craig Sager helped with sideline reporting, with Peter Barto doing the announcement. The 2k9 series video game had Cheryl Miller, Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan as the sideline reporters.

The 2k9 online is handy as it allows the payer to create and upload, and share the rosters and sliders. It also allows the player to have DNA features. The shot stick control features allow the player to change shots mid-way. While the adaptive feature allows us to read then react, it also enables adjustment of real time strategy. This way, the team mates can cut, pick and post on how to handle the ball. The opponent can also modify the way you fit the game pace.

Online NBA 2k9 features include five on five multiplayer mode, with the help of Total Team Control along with a ranking system that helps the player match well against their opponents. The facility to draft classes has been removed from the latest edition. This could also be a good gifting option for youngsters who want to make a style statement with video games.


1. Contest Slam dunk and three pt contests are featured in NBA 2k8. This is very similar to the NBA Live EA sports series. The NBA 2k8 also has Chris Paul featured on the cover.

2. NBA 2k9 has Kevin Garnett featured on the cover. 2k9 also has features like 2k insider roster updates for download, with authentication from steamworks.

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