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Difference Between North and South India

North vs South India

India is a vast country and the most populous democracy in the world. The country can be divided into five regions ‘β€œ Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central. India is a multilingual, multi-ethnic and pluralistic society, where one can come across a big difference between each region.

Vijayalaya Choleswaram, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu. South India Built c. 850 C.E.

Here, let us discuss some of the differences between North and South India. Both the regions have geographical, cultural, racial and political differences.

North India lies in the Indo-Gangetic plain. Towards the North is the Himalayas, which separates the country from Central Asia. The Vindhya ranges separates the North from the South. South India is situated in the Peninsular Deccan Plateau. This region has the Arabian Sea in the west, Bay of Bengal in the east and Indian Ocean in the south.

When talking about the racial differences, the North Indians are termed as Aryans and the South Indians as Dravidians. In physique as well, there are many differences between the people of the South and North. The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.

A big difference can be seen in their dressing styles. Salwar Kamiz is the widely used dress by North Indian women. On the other hand, women in the South wear saris. While men in the North wear Salwar, the men in South prefer dhotis.

Another difference that can be seen between North and South India is their food. When compared to the North Indian food, the South Indian food is spicier. The South Indians use more tamarind and coconut when compared to North Indians. The North Indians use more milk products when compared to the people of South India.

Ancient shiva’s temple, located at himachal pradesh, North India

When talking about the culture, there is a vast difference between North and South India. One can come across differences in their music (Northern Hindustani and Southern Carnatic), dance forms and folks.


India literacy distribution map by states

A guide to South India

A guide to North India

Dosa – A typical South Indian Breakfast


1. North India lies in the Indo-Gangetic plain. South India is situated in the Peninsular Deccan Plateau.

2. North Indians are termed as Aryans and the South Indians as Dravidians.

3. The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.

4. When compared to the North Indian food, the South Indian food is spicier.

5. The South Indians use more tamarind and coconut when compared to North Indians.

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  1. north indians dont know how to respect other people and their culture….thats the main problem…,there is only 1 solution…better they dont come to south…every1 should live in their own place by preserving their culture..bcoz,no one will allow you to go and make fun of their culture…better be happy in your place..dont o and comment on others…

    • I think your thinking is very narrow about north indians buddy.It is not that all north indians are alike make fun of south indians.I hve seen many situations where south indians don’t behave properly with north indians (especially hindi speakers).And also if every indian goes by your thinking then it is very difficult for india to stay united & survive in future.Anyway i hope god give you good brain.Hope nobody takes my blog as an offence.jai hind

      • alovely and indian are correct in their own perpectives.

        I totally agree with indian comments that we should not be hating each other.

        I very much agree with alovely comments as i have seen lot of N Indians dealing S indians are if they are africans and N indians dont have any respect and feel responsible for fellow indians. They are very selfish people.

        In this respect one state in S India is also very narrow minded and unfortunatey if any one talks about N they by default refer to that particular state and because they are very much confined to their state or languge and passionate about their state, It leaves a bad impression on all S indians.

        At the end what i say that entire N indians and especially that one state need to learn to respect fellow indians.

        Beauty of Indians is inspite of these small differences, we are best people on earth with lot of tolerence and love and respect towards our nation.

        Dont get wrong but try to knock out these small differences and start love each other.

        Jai hind,

        • Vishaal, what do you mean “as if they are Africans” can you elaborate on this.

        • thanks for the information…………………………….

        • I know that one south indian state. it is Tamil Nadu. They are very narrow minded people, Andra is also like the same if not worst. But saying this, I must admit the states Kerala and Karnataka are very good. They are well educated and well behaved people. As a north indian I have been welcomed very warmly in both these states (Banglore and Cochin) I think the attitude of Tamil nadu people is the cause North Indians hate South Indians. I have a lot of mallu and banglore frnds who are very nice and my close buddies…

          • recently have searching at google and find , france @ worst country to travel . the reason given was , people are not at all friendly ,even country is economically advance and infrastructure are all good . still it listed in worst country to travel . and the most funny reply and find reliable was , those tourist who visit from USA , UK . they generally speak english and never ever try other language . so when they visit france ,none used to talk to them . same is the case in north and south india . how many north indians who visit south and stay for 3-4 yr either for job or studies . do they learn the regional language .answer is NO, they feel they are king /queens of india . they only stick to there own regional language even they are out of regional location. so , how come people will be inviting u if u dont give a shit minimum respect to learn or try to speak the local language . so illiterate indians first try to understand the norms of the location where u are going to stay . dont show ur superiority complex here by giving a shit examples .

          • Hello Neha !!

            Tamil Nadu is growing at rapid space, they have gread education system and institutes that you cannot find even one in North India

            1) IIT-Madras
            2) SRM
            3) Anna University (launch first private satellite with ISRO, first in the countyr way back in 1990’s)
            4) VIT (Vellore institute of technology) (world class university)
            5) SASTRA

            IT- Automobile

            1) Chennai is No.2 IT city after Bangalore.
            Majority of IT guys are Tamils, even in Bangalore and Hyderbad and San Jose
            2) Major Global Automobiles are based in Chennai, its called Detroit of Asia!

            All the cities are linked with good rail-air -road network.

            People are united under the banner TAMIL.


          • Hi Neha,

            Tamilians are very warm, nice and hospitable. The reason north indians might perceive them as hostile is because tamilians generally prefer to speak english to North Indians while north indians request us to speak to them in hindi. That would be akin to tamilians requesting people in new delhi to speak to them in Tamil ! Secondly, it is pretty common to find north indians cracking racist comments about “dark & ugly” madrasis. Well read tamilians take offence to this and may take it out on travelling tourists who appear north indian.

          • NEHA…….tHIS is only for you…..wht you know about Andhra……? what is ur state….? iknow ur frm North ….South is well developed than north ok…!

          • Neha,who ever u r the rem”mallu” is really offensive.kindly avoid such an offensive word

        • there is one comment saying that s. indians are treated as africans by n.indians..Move on guys
          stop discriminating on the basis of looks..

          • Tamils are NOT generally warm people no matter how much they claim to be. They treat all other Indians with contempt and have a Nazi mentality, in particular, Tamil Brahmins. I am a South Indian from a different state and I was treated terribly and discriminated against because of my background in my 4 years of education at NIT-T. As far as I know, no one apart from Tamils ever want to go back to see that university. Also, there is an undying feeling of Tamil unity and Tamil pride and not one of National unity/pride. I hope time opens up minds to accepting everyone else and seeing India as one country.

    • facts are clear bud

      North Indians: Taller and more well built than south indians

      Come my south indian friend, pick a fight with punjab

      • r u mad .we r indian first then oly Nindian and S indian .
        keep in mind. if N india and S india fight no need for others to destroy our country.

      • what the heck do u mean if u don’t mind me asking?? ur basically saying what is told over here!

      • Bud, did you forget the whipping your Punjab, Sikh, Sikh Light Infantry regiments received at the hands of 13 yrs old Tamil boys and Girls (who fought wearing rubber chappals) in Sri Lanka?

      • Haha so whiter people are stronger? My boyfriend is Swedish, 6 foot 4 inches. Come here and pick a fight with him you Punjabi ass.

      • hehe Dude i belong from a martial tribe meaning Khsatriya from south India !! i personally have a lot of respect for Punjabis and haryanvis !! but dont forget that you guys got butt raped at the hands of ltte !! and dont forget our emperor chola bitched your rajput king and made him to pull a granite stone from himalayas for his defeat and now the granite stone sits atop of tanjore bragadeeshwar temple !! πŸ˜› so now dude i challenge you to come to Andhra and tamil nadu whith the kshatirya community people over there !! they are also taller stronger and more darker we will bitch rape you and make you regret hehehe !!

      • hehe Dude i belong from a martial tribe meaning Khsatriya from south India !! i personally have a lot of respect for Punjabis and haryanvis !! but dont forget that you guys got butt raped at the hands of ltte !! and dont forget our emperor chola bitched your rajput king and made him to pull a granite stone from himalayas for his defeat and now the granite stone sits atop of tanjore bragadeeshwar temple !! so now dude i challenge you to come to Andhra and tamil nadu whith the kshatirya community people over there !! they are also taller stronger and more darker we will bitch rape you and make you regret hehehe !!

        • GOOD joke in past u have no kings and palaces u just have temples that can serve u a little bit of rice and rassam where u eat it them like poor people u know that we make fun and laugh on your eating style HA HA HA HA silly people

          • your knowledge in history sucks

          • Hi Booster,

            It is indeed unfortunate that you have such a poor knowledge of indian history. Under the south Indian pallava king Rajendra Chola, the whole of south east asia was conquered and subdued and he spread hinduism there which lead to the rise of majestic kingdoms such as the Champa and later Khmer kingdoms in Cambodia, the Srivijaya empire in Malaya, the Majapahit kingdom in Indonesia and the Ayutthaya kingdom in Thailand. The Chola empire was also India’s first and only thalassocracy which controlled trade between India and South East Asia. They controlled the spice trade between South East Asia and Europe and grew greatly wealthy because of it ! All scripts of south east asia(Mon & Khmer for example) are derived from the brahmi script which was used to write tamil at the time ! Tamil grammar was codified somewhere between 100BC and 300 AD and Tamil remains the oldest continuously spoken language today ! Of all archeological remains found till date 55% of them are in tamil. It is unfortunate that you mock a culture and civilization that you know so little about ! I encourage you to read more before you embarass yourself like this ! Tamil Vaazhga ! Jai Hind !


          • Without Kings how come the temples were built?


      • A ”fact” needs to be proven. Do you have statistics to match your claim that north indians (bear in mind that you have to define who a north indian is) are taller and more well built than south indians ? Do you have data from a reputable organization ? Or are we to repose faith in your omniscience ?


    • love your comment <3

    • South Indians rant too much about North Indians on Internet. Here’s a list of their complaints redressed by North Indian Delhi born and brought up guy. Consider this a general purview of answers from North Indians.

      Common Complaints by South Indians.
      (1) North Indians hate us, consider us inferior: First come to Delhi, and look at how your communities are flourishing here. A section of tamilians and keralites are forming backbone of Medical Technologists/Technicians group here. No one bothers them, they are living happily. All Delhites consider them a close knit, law abiding community. Unlike your politicians, no political party here has on agenda, plans to segregate or harass them, or otherwise consider that they are ‘threat’ to North Indian culture.
      (2) North Indians hate our food: Not a single restaurant here exists that doesn’t have Uttapam and Dosa/sambhar on it’s menu. No one here thinks that south indian food is ‘threat’ to our cuisine or that it is invading us.
      (3) North Indians think they are superior, consider us ugly: We don’t consider you ugly, infact some of the finest heroines of previous generations like Hema/Meenakshi etc were from South India. We don’t consider ourselves superior infact you are working in jobs here that require brain like Medicine, Construction and Education. No one here cares to think even for a second that you’re taking our jobs or are ‘threat’ to our existing jobs pool.
      (4) North Indians rule over south Indians bureaucratically: India is sovereign state, clear division of powers b/w states and center. First look at Armed forces, a decent number of officers are from south. Very less here are aware of fact that south thinks that north rules them.
      (5) North Indians don’t learn our language but want us to learn theirs: Your politicians made you think so, no one from Kashmir complains that Hindi is being taught there. So is with Punjab and Himachal. Periyar wanted to rule so he created Aryan Dravidan theory with Brahminical Supremacy added, though there is no scientific/genetic evidence of Aryan Dravidan divide. We want to learn your language infact many of us learn it watching your movies. While watching your movies no one thinks that your movies are ruling over our national network and they are ‘threat’.

      No one here thinks even for a second that too many south indians coming over to delhi can be ‘threat’. No political party is against them. No delhite considers it offensive it they communicate in their own language yet it laughable that a paranoia down south says north indians are coming, save us, save us. save our language, food, culture, we’ll be extinct. Grow up, this is 21st century, an era of cultural assimilation. No one cares if hindi speakers grow or fall short. Infact hindi is fast deriving words from other languages like Tamil, no one is bothered a bit about that. Break walls and let these unprecedented fears out of your mind. Let India Unite!

      • Recently, I moved to a new place and my neighbour was a north Indian. I was really shocked to find that he sees south Indian as inferior to north Indians(In fact, I started calling him north Indian only after I came to know about his view). He says North Indians are Aryans and they migrated somewhere from central Asia. He was trying to say they are more related to Europeans. I don’t have any problem with that, except that he is ranting about these things to assert desperately that they are better than south Indians. And he always says he’s from Jat community(as if he was trying to impress me, I don’t know why) and talk as if like he is the king of the world.

        Honestly, my views on north Indians have changed somewhat(not completely, I do have good north Indian friends who are much better than south Indians) due to these kind of perverted people.

        PS:- I have asked him to consult a psychiatrist just before he left for India.

        • First of all let me tell you he is a Jat and here in North there is a saying that a Jat’s brain lies in his knee cap rather inside his head. Tell him that the fairer skin that he has inherited is not that because he has migrated from Central Asia but just coz that there were more Britishers and Moghuls in North as compared to the south and it was they who took it as their past time and enjoyed with the girls around here and obviously that is the reason why he is having a fairer skin.

          • basically what u r trying to say remember dravidians we r aryans we have ruled your states and dont write bad words to jats community because they r very powerful if i write in hindi u dont understand because u r not completely indian u use english language instead of pure hindi otherwise the jaats will ”””””

      • guys , the main problem with entire Indian society is about fairness .so sick of it , i just want to massacre all noob indians . even in andhra pradhesh , most people talk about fairness rather than looking into humanity . lolz . so its no exception than there was much discrimination towards tamils who are more darker skin colour . indians are blind idiots – really speaking fuking cunts , who just lick the ass of donkey and pigs . most of the time u can figure out that , even in delhi , ask anyone one randomly , he will speak negatively about south india have anyone tried . ?? has anyone figured it ? its only on the basis of colour . if skin is lighter they feel like purity , but i say , delhi is one of the worst junk place in the world , even worst than african countries . ” like bahar sey sundar sada huwa andhar ” , my native is from bengal region . but i born in south india . so , i sawed 99% south india . well , i dont support even the karnataka or andhras , even they are sick with light skin . its a common err that why n.indians are welcomed in karnataka or hyd . they think they are matching with light skin , so they wants to avoid that they dont belongs to dravidians race . πŸ˜› well its truth .they welcome aliens britans / n.indians just coz they attracted with light skin , nothing else . if i am wrong just test urself . just hunger abt while *** . btw i had been to TN , i dont find any discrimination and everything is much developed than entire india . infrastructure etc . but still i find they are somewat lover of white boobs . well but the ratio is little less . so , noob indians , entire india is sick country , so get educate ur mind . one best example will be , how many would like to help a poor guy who has darker skin ,ans : none . where in case , poor guy with lighter skin , will get help . its just coz illiterate fking mean minded people , its not n.indians do discriminates , u can find entire s.india is under this , except kerela . so my rating would be the best states will be . 1. kerela , 2. rajasthan . 3 .tn 4 .orissa . 5. andhra 6. karnataka . rest are all junk states . not worth wasting time of writting something shit abt those .

      • @ siddharth exactly..

      • You hv a well written answer my friend…but few points r very much terrible nd disgusting…so i hope i can shed a light on ur ignorant mindset…i.e.
        1stly u r talking as if Delhi people being kind to south indians is a big deal uhhhhhh??? I mean really…??? Please learn the fact that Delhi is the capital of india…nd dat means Delhi belongs to no one linguistic group of this nation…neither it belongs to hindi speakers/ or to anyother ethnic group who lives around it…it BELONGS TO EVERYONE…IT BELONGS TO A TAMIL,A MALAYALI,AN ASSAMESE ,A GUJARATI,A KASHMIRI nd TO EVERY SINGLE INDIAN CITIZEN…so dont boast that some hindi speaker being kynd to non-hindi speakers is generosity…u must b kynd…bcz u hv no other choice and its the capital city….okay..
        2ndly about language imposition the world knows…that u ppl r imposing ur language on non-hindi speakers…u talk of kashmiris/punjabis accepting hindi but not south indians uhhhhhh???? Wat a terrible comparison…though even in north india ppl 4rm different states hv their unique culture…every1 knows their language is more r less similar to hindi…so they can speak it w/o hesitation…nd dat s nt d only reason..Der r so many reasons lyk bollywood wic s based on hindi that claims to represent north india but it s not based on kashmiri or ny other north indian language ryt…??? But in south india v hv our languages wic or highly irrelevant to hindi…nd v know english wic cud b a better took for communication…nd v can converse with this to evry1 who s educated….nd d same can happen with a north indian too….v r nt going to talk in english with an iliterate from north india ryt…???? If v r abt to live in north sure v ll learn their language ryt…??? But y u ppl dont even ready to communicate in english with educated ppl from south…??? Even to them u need to talk only in hindi uhhhhhh??? U r not ready to converse even in a second language with a south indian…but u expect him to learn a third language for ur convineance uhhhhhh??? How can this b a fair treatment…??? If v r to learn hindi thn u too hv to learn our language…only dat can b a fair treatment….if not stop imposing hindi on us…dis s 21st century so grow up ok…

    • Ur ryt.. north indians are shit faced bastards.. best is we have 2 septate countries.. Then u see how we progress how U sperm faced assholes do shit!!!

      • U BLACK’S ASS u only focusing in IT jobs but we create jobs we r not tamillians mallayams or kerelians or we dont love your culture we hate your food we r a community of punjabis gujaratis and marwaris who give jobs to u fool people and we r roaming outside countries for fun

        • BOOSTER, Don’t be a stray dog in the backyard.

        • hey booster,

          better u change ur name to idiot that suits u man.
          Reasons are as below,
          you are telling that tamils dont have any kingdom, if so could u show me some traces in the history which shows tamil nadu is ruled by mugals or guptas???
          Then who ruled tamilnadu on those days??
          Wat it a desert then? Could u show any book which is written in hindi and the same is older than 2000 years?
          Shall i list the books in tamil,
          1. Thirukural
          i know only thoose books, my friends will add if i left something.
          Booster- i know u are jobless, and you will have a hell lot of sparre time.
          Then in your spare time download the english version of thirukural and read only 10 kurals per day.
          Then you will understand how our taughts were before 2000 years ago.
          Your ancestors might be roaming around forest naked.
          Do you think, for getting rasam and sambar we had written global taughts.
          And one real time example, am working in a corporate company as a software developer in a team of 12.
          We 3 joined the project at the same time, all expect myself in my team are north indians, intially no one was ready to teach me the project.
          But i studied myself a lot and understood the business very well, on seeing my involvement in project and my domain and application knowledge my client taken me to work from uk.in a year am gonna be a assistant designer who gonna work from BT
          Those who joined with me not even know wat is happening in application.
          And my package 3 times higher than them.
          Am a example and lot many are there like me.
          Where this grasping power came from? From my mother tamil…so better dont waste time in writing comments here.
          Go and study well, or dig to find some history on u.


          • Up yours anna !!
            Learn some english first nigger !!
            English is an indo-european language..an aryan language..
            No one is interested in learning your barbarian dravidian stupid languages.
            You get 3 times the money that they get..so you shud stop buying jeans that are 3 times cheaper than what they prefer to buy !!
            There is a life beyond kollywood and navel fetish..get real !!

        • 20 years back I went for a holiday with my parents to Goa. Busloads of North Indians were transported to Goa to check out the foreigners, this was sooooo sick! Nothing till date has changed. India has a big problem. First of all India is overpopulated, then girls are killed before there are born.. result is that you have less girls, too many desperate men. No difference how the people on either side of the border treat women, their sister and daughters. Same race and cultural backround, does not matter Hindu, Sikh, Muslim etc. All Indias achievements have no value, if you cannot walk safely on the road of your capital. Better avoid North India until the politicans and police, who are of the same mentality, finally realize, that what is going on in India destroys India from within. Game over ! India just spoiled his whole impression in the whole world, what a shame !

        • U racist….1st learn the lesson ur social science of class 5…u racist idiot….

    • The article is way off any credible facts. It could have been a blog, sure. But most definitely not an article. It is restricted to a person perception rather than research, statistics or survey and that is not at all how I want my country to be perceived.

      • Hey everyone,
        I am a north indian girl who is married to a south indian guy…
        Frankly guys, if u love someone then u dont think about his looks,language or state….
        Guys, my point is to tell u that we should respect each other’s culture…
        We are indians…when ever we got to olympics or something else…we represent as indians…we dont have 2 gropus called south indian and north indian who defeat against each other…
        the thing is that …we should always love each other…i know some of u guys are damn idiots…who will reply bad response after this comment…but pls try 2 understand..we r INDIANS…
        Respect each other!!!



  3. Punjabis always talk about their might and want to challenge the south Indian people on their terms and conditions. Maybe we should turn the tables and challenge the Punjabi’s in an intellectual debate. I don’t think the sum IQ of 100 punjabis would match the IQ of one South Indian!

    • Who gives a shit about a intellectual debate…all south Indians know in life is how to read a book…its north Indians that make money. North Indians know how to enjoy life and live it up…..

      • north indians are more caste based, less educated and less intellectual.
        Its south india who send more money from abroad and north ppl corrupt it,
        north ppl go abroad and never return, see pujabis, gujartis in UK, africa, canada…they never send money but want a gr8 NRI status…Its time south teach north a lesson..
        south indians respect all religion and are more frndly.

        • come to gujarat and feel the difference

        • to everyone i am an army officer’s daughter and have travelled and lived all over India and i am a north indian and just want to get some facts right firstly my dad commanded a thambi unit so let me add i know some wonderful south indians but let me also add that south indians are too competitive not that there is anything wrong with that but we north indians have our own way of doing things we all agree on one thing we are all indians but we all agree on this that india being a vast country with end number of cultures it is sorta obvious that every person from a different part of the country will be DIFFERENT!!!
          Now secondly yes north indians do discriminate against south indians and the reasons are that south indians have a big superiority compex about their english…..GET OVER IT!!! I study in the USA and people here have a lot of respect for north indians especially sikhs…reason we are hard working people who can stand on our own feet yes w emight not have IIT diplomas but we work our asses off to achieve the best.
          I respect South Indians for their intellectual curiousity and hard work but I respect north indians even more because they are hard working people.
          Let me make myself clear and lets not argue about many many more north inidans gave their life for our country during the fight for independence and whenever their had been an attack on India, NORTH INDIA has got the brunt of it.
          I hope that all of you will not forget that.

      • I dont understand, Y NI call themselves money making people than SI, If its true then NI Shold have richer, less BPL people,hi per capita and highly educated than south India……but its viceversa

      • Really? Then how is it that the UNDP report for world human development statistics for 2010 had this to say in its report: “Over 350 million people living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states of North India live in worse levels of poverty, backwardness and illiteracy than all the people living in sub saharan Africa”.

        Yes, read that again. Then print it on a board and hang it on your wall. Possibly wear it around your neck. So that the next time you have an urge to speak before thinking, you can check yourself and stop yourself from making a spectacle of your ignorance.

        You may also like to read the Indian Govermment’s report on standard of Living in the Indian states (which was released a month ago). It states that ‘over 75 percent homes in North India do NOT have toilets’. Now, read that again. And repeat it aloud. So that it enters into your thick skull and sinks into your brain. Possibly next time you will stop caricaturing your ignorance before the world. Gues which state was rated Number 1 in standard of living in India? Well the answer is NOT Haryana, Not Punjab, Not Maharashtra. It is KERALA!

        The South was ranked decisively higher than the North and all other regions of India.

        Read up. It will prevent you from appearing so ignorant. Stop relying on Hindi phillums (Pikchars) and Saas Bahu Television serials for your dose of general awareness, like most North Indians do. Learn to pick up a newspaper and read up.

      • if si are madarasies then NORTH INDIANS “ARE” ALL BIHARIES πŸ™‚
        if si are dark and brainy NORTH INDIANS ARE FAIR AND STUPID πŸ˜‰
        if si are winning all those coveted trophies and honours internationally NORTH INDIANS CREATE MMS WITH THEIR GIRL FRIENDS AND ALSO POST IT ON NET.
        with all those great perennial rivers and great temperate like climate all these north indians can do is lag far far behind in all those HDIndices and bring dishonour to this nations while SOUTH INDIANS WITH THEIR LESSES NATURAL RESOURCES SHINE FOREVER IN THE PAGES OF HISTORY. coming to history why the hell is north indian history smell more mughal and sultanate. north indians were all slaves south indians capture even SOUTH EAST.

        • u r treated as black slaves in north we north indians treat guests as god but u kalias cheat foregin customers in kerela in the name of aryuveda u chare 4000 to 10000 rs in name of their dollars

      • like ur comment

    • In modern times where Guns are available Brain is more important to Brawn.
      Hope all Punjabi’s realize this. Even in olden times when there were no guns
      skill brain , swiftness in using swords matter. Even when no instrument
      is involved at all agility and brains matter in fights.

      Hope all well built bragging Northie guys realize this

    • Hi,

      We all are Indian. Discrimination is a root in all places here we fight north,s south. In north we fight he is jaat,he is dalit,he is sardar,he is baniya.
      People we Indians are tangled in this type of in this type of web .Instead use u r mind in creative things.Y Facebook, Google, Microsoft founder are not from India. Show the world we Indians are Big Launchers.
      Chak de phatte.

  4. People are always finding differences everywhere, people in one country hate people in another country, one part another part(North south, south north), one state another state…maybe we should stop all this hate, we r all humans, instead of finding differences try finding similarities, you will be amazed to see how similar we all are.I wish we could all set our difference aside and live like a family.

    Peace and Love,

    PS:The only difference between us Indians, should be which IPL team we support, I’m from Kerala, I support Mumbai Indians, and only because Sachin is playing for them. But I’m happy we have a team representing our state this time.

  5. I think it should be divided………. because in coming days they both will fight one against the other…to avoid such a problem we should split…and one more thing, south India is too small and if lacks of north Indians come and reside here…where will the south Indian go??????

    • I think there is no need for the indian to split, we r all indian no matter what, south, east, west or north (or centrl xP) it just doesn’t matter, all tha matters is that we learn to live together as a big happy family. we r not in this world for a very long time, so we should make the most of it! πŸ™‚

    • all r indians….stop discriminating first….live with love and peace with unity…………just hv to do one thing stop saying and thinking bad things about each other…….appreciate each others good qualities and help each other in their respective weaknesses……dont try to compete on the bases of culture….compete on individual front to enhance and improve yourself and then shine for ur country……just stop using abusive words ….we r not animals….plz behave like humans……and spread only love and peace….give a lovely india for reside to ur upcoming generations……..and plz spread my message to all rigid minded people……….

  6. This is very bias and info is nearly 100% incorrect … plus there is not enough to info about south indians vs north indians in here for example … south indians are dark okay … what else are they are they weak , usless , and dumb too cuz u cant just say they r dark … 2ndly south india has the most development compared to north … int he last couple of years north india has been almost the same but in south everything has changed big time.

    • i don’t think they r trying to act bias, Devu121. all they r trying to do is give out a little bit of information to the wolrd out there. it may be incorrect (some of the things) but not everybody’s perfect my friend. i think u should try and have a go at writing a long report like that. don’t tell me to because i wouldn’t be bothered, but sometimes u just have to think about others and respect what they do, just praise people sometimes, it will lead u good in life πŸ˜€

  7. well…i repect every indian as my bro..and regarding south indians..they are awesome people and the way they have maintained the southern states i am proud to call them as my indian brothers .I have been to south india many times and found them more aware about their rights,honesty and development as compared to north:)

    regards : a punjabi

  8. who r u to decide where should go or not ,,india is a democratic country,,hope u know that asshole—

  9. My Mom’s side is from Bengal while my Dad’s side is from U.P. They were both from Fiji (yes, descendants of indentured servants). All, I mean ALL Indians look at us like creeps because we left India and resided in the Western world for centuries before most Indians. Is that why you don’t look at us when we say hi? Get a grip, you are entering a prosperous time in your history once again and you are acting like you can’t evolve. Tisk, tisk that indentured servants are so in touch with the greatest accomplishments of all of India and you guys only care about North or South. This is embarrassing. Very embarrassing seeing how we ALL created the languages, cultures, science and religions of which all the rest of the world bases most of theirs off of. Think about it children.

    Let it be that the most discriminated Indians (us) are schoolin’ ya’all!!We are on the verge of evolving with out science and money – via love.

    • hey bro, not all Indians went as indentures. My family also from Fiji went as free migrant south parts of Fiji , namely Suva has lots of families who migrated after indenture. please know your history

      • Yes many did come after the indentured. Mine did not. History states mine did not. History (as a history teacher) is my specialty. Thanks for your in depth statement, but it does not pertain to what I was stating. You can’t start to bring drama into Fijian history for pleasures sake. People still move to Fiji at free will, My Family didn’t.(period). Can’t change history as I studied Indian and Indian American history in Berkeley. This was not focused to you unless you TRULY believe that Indians should fight over superiority. Learn to listen and respect others…

      • Singh,

        I am sorry for the last statement. I was a little rash. Indians are Indians and just respect it. Don’t use anger to speak or you will just fight the inevitable. Indians have again their day in the light and provoking nonsense is just irrevocable. If you truly want to state that you came later to Fiji, then fine. Then I am not even speaking about you. I am speaking about something far more relevant and circumstantial so get with it. Singh, you are my brother too. Why do you get angry when I try to bring sense to senselessness. Unless you care to provoke anger, then check yourself. Write to those who challenge you, not to those who try to teach and help.

  10. “india is my country all indians aremy brothers and sisters”” every one repeting all days. ok ok this the question tat whats the meaning of these words?? If any one have idea about this meaning they wont think such as lower Conflicts between south and north indias..WE ARE ONE. REMEMBER OUR FORMER FREEDOM FIGHTERS,,THEY ARE FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY,,,SALUTE THEM,,PLEASE MY FRIENDS………………….BHARATH MATHA KI JAI……………………………..

  11. North Indians in south are more open minded. They have moved on beyond castes, religion and unproductive good for nothing culture.. They choose to ignore all the superstition, regionalism thats prevalent in the south..Also they are more street smart. They are more westernised and have a broad view of things.. Unlike southies who huddle together in groups and indulge in banter only in south indian languages, NI guys and gals are more independent and treat everyone equally. They speak in english and are mindful of not imposing hindi on non-hindi speakers. Typical south guys like to be in their little comfort zone and find it difficult to include northies in their world. These groups are mostly from one state and caste. Also south people are little bit harsh towards outsiders, may be its a informal way of communication, but it really pisses me off when people dont follow common social norms like thanking someone for a favour.

    I am yet to meet a south guy/gal working in the North side. So dont know if this situation is exactly opposite in the North. I would like to know.

    Source: Living in Bangalore/Hyderabad for last 6 years

    • ‘North has moved beyond caste and superstition’. Are you joking? Just switch on any Hindi news channel and watch people in the north killing one another in the name of ‘honor’ because their girl or boy is in love with a person of another caste! Just watch the way police brutally hammer men and women with sticks (including handicapped persons. The other day they showed a mentally retarded person tied and beaten for over an hour on a railway platform in UP and not one person intervened. What do you think would happen if this were to occur in Kerala? The entire state would be up in arms and the CM would possibly have a very difficult time, such would be the media backlash. But not in the North).

      I have lived both in the North and the South. the north of india is just not the most backward part of India, it has the distinction of being the most backward part of the world. Please read up the UNDP report on human development indices for 2011: ‘Over 350 million people living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states of North India live in worse levels of poverty, backwardness, and illiteracy than the poorest people of Africa’.

      REad up the latest report by the Govt Of India (HrD Ministry) release last month about Human Development statistics for various states: ‘Over 75 percent of homes in North India do NOT have toilets’. The report will tell you the huge difference between development in the South and utter hopless backwardness in the North.

      • Pls see.. i have said northies LIVING IN THE SOUTH.. North india per se is pretty much f*kd up.. no doubts about that..

      • Shut up you uneducated peices of shit. All you south peices of shit think that your english is so good. Well listen up uneducated peices of shit. Yor english and grammer sucks almost as much as your uneducatedstupid children. Obviously you bastards dont know (obviously beacuse you are stupid) that hinduism developed from the aryan race.
        Proud North Indian(not south because they are stupid)

        wanna hear a joke,how many south indians does it take to do one math problem…


    • Hey all, Well I am a south indian but born and bought up in north. I am not that good in my mother tough but very good in hindi. See its about how u r bought up and not what is your race or language. My friends from north call me madrasi and earlier i use to feel bad but when i went to mumbai i saw people there pointing delhi and delhites(since i am also from delhi) i started defending them.Now i am getting married to a delhite girl. So its about where u r born and bought up. I have seen many north indians living in south and now they have become like south indians. I have seen many north indian people settled in south not preffering guys/girls from north for there children’s marrieage proposals and many south indians settled in north not preffering proposals from south.
      So it all about perception.

  12. This is totally wrong…North Indians are not strong or fair,just stereotypes…I’m a Keralite and I haven’t seen a fair guy who is from North,I saw many fairer guys from Pondichery though,well its cause they are mixed and someone said about Punjabi guys,C’mon they are cowards…I know that as here we have NCC camp and if a guy sneeze those guys will pee…North Indians don’t have literacy and that’s why we call them illiterate slum dwellers πŸ˜€

    • u fool come to punjab himachal and rajasthan and other north indian states where u will find fair and strong girls and boys because in south hardly per 1000 person is fair u actually your accestors wehere belonging from africas and kenya ha ha ha

      • booster,
        im sorry that you’re even part of the human race. your mother probably dumped you in the garbage and left you to be raised by rats. you are probably a dark north indian claiming to be white. just go jump in a hole, no one will miss you.

        • actually if you have a brain, you should know that the first humans emigrated from africa. however, you north indian fool wouldn’t know that. im not making fun of every north indian, just you. you ignorant dumbass!!!!!

  13. Am a keralite and had some close friendly relationship with some guys from Rajasthan and Gujrath. I think they are too enterprisingly professional like keralites and kannadigas. Most of them have a strong Indian feeling than that typical stereotypical emotions. My friend Jithin here made some surprising comments about all North Indians. May be he has some bitter experience with some guys. But all are not like that at all. In my opinion North Indians are Cultured, Well Behavioured, Good Looking, Smart infact superb in all sense. An advice for Jithin: Try to look around you and enjoy every culture with an illuminated mind, never ever spread hatreds and one sided coin stuffs. Its really annoying and bad thing to do. I feel pity about your comments

    • the best comment i have read hear Sandy… Thanks!!

      Every individual is different. please dont generalise/stereotype people on the basis of race, caste, religion etc.. we complain when Indians face racism in other countries.. u know what, our country is the biggest racist country. some people in our country consider being fair/white is a privilege. go figure out guys.. India is the largest consumers of fairness creams.

    • love u yaar…….i m also from rajasthan …and i can fall for ur gud heart……atleast some one is also a true indian lyk me

  14. Some of the peoples(20%) settled over North India are carrying Afgan or Persian Triat(punjabis) in their blood(fully).And they boast of their color too.But am telling this to you “an indian is BROWN and am brown and from south. Am proud to be Brown and originated in India.And the settlers too call them Indians.That feels funny enough to laugh.So damn persians You never be Indians, never ever.You all are foreigners here.So you can boast about your color, your smell, your slang, your language, how you manage others etc etc.But never you be “true indians”. A true Indian is one who originated East of Indus. All who crossed Indus from West are Foreigners.That is why a northie can afford a paki or a persian but not a “true Indian”.Howcome you slum dwellers call you party guys anyway?So you can call yourself punjabis or Gujrathis or anything.But you all are foreigners.Now this is the answer for all bitches here from north. Shut the fuck up and go to sleep.

    • made my day πŸ™‚

    • Hello guys! Iam a northie and its really sad to see the comments.let me point out few nice things which can quench this fight.height depends on food and nourishment done from generations,it increases gradually.eg average height of Japan has increased,average height of holland was 5’8 200 years back,its approx 6ft now.also pakis and afghans are not foreigners.they have a long history with bharat.now, not all north is slum neither punjab is celebrated everywhere because of their body built,haryanis are taller,stronger and of course gujrat is ahead than any south indian state,not because of gujratis but becoz of good leadership and policies.

      • Typical Northy comment…just come and post whatever comes to your mind without any supporting facts!

        Even among north Indian states Gujarat is NOT number 1 in development, so forget about Gujarat being number 1 state in development in India.

        Dont rack your brain…Govt of India has made it easy for you. HRD ministry releases the ranking of states based on Development statistics, every year.

        The latest ranking of states was released 4 months ago. So who do you think are the top 3 states….Surprise…Surprise….Okay before I list them I will give you some hints about common characteristics that the 3 states share. These states are very beautiful, the citizens are CIVILIZED…and the citizens of these states are not into giving empty illiterate boasts!

        These 3 states are:

        1. Kerala

        2. Himachal Pradesh

        3. Goa

        Do yourself a favor and read up before posting gibbberish. Read…I mean dont limit it to stuff regarding Phillums, and Saas Bahu Thee Bhee Sheerials…and ofcourse Kirkit meechis.

        There is a real world beyond these favorite obsession of yours. You people are like that koop mandook who thinks he is the smartest, handsomest, greatest thing in the world!

        Please come back and challenge me…and I will post links by international travellers in international travel forums and Media folks in their TV Program/blogs about how most/all of India is a pathetic garbage bin…no traffic laws, no public sanitation, no nothing….EXCEPT one STATE. Some of them even state that this Indian state has clean roads, well laid out neat attractive building, cultured people…one person writes extensively about his experiences along with pics and states that ‘this state and its cleanliness and buildings can easily be mistaken for a European city’ (That was difficult even for me to believe, but I reasoned that having travelled through hell in the rest of india full of pan staind bus stands, roads being used as public lavatories by people of either gender openly…absolute lawlessness and hopelessness…he must have felt stepping into this oasis of a state as a step into a different world). Come on, go right ahead and challenge me…to post those links. And btw that state is not Gujarat. And btw I have been to Gujarat, and I can BET that you have NOT. The reason I say that is the real Gujarat, the villages…especially in Saurashtra, Bhuj and other northern parts are HELL. LEt me repeat ABSOLUTE HELL on earth. I have been there. Lived in Bhuj conducting a project, went from village to village, town to town, onward onto Rajasthan.

        I need to tell you please wake up drink soem freshly brewed coffee. Take a visit to the vast stretched of absolute hoplessness in the villages and towns of Gujarat. (And btw I am proud about what the present CM is doing for the development of his state…no doubt about it…but just dont rush to foolish judement right away).

        Village after village after village in Gujarat…with NO school. No water connection! The womenfolk in this day and age carry pots on their head and one in each hands and walk for miles to a large SUPER HUGE well…communal well. Something like 100 meter wide and possibly as deep..or more. At the very bottom in a few crevices you would spot big puddles of water within the cracks of rocks…and the women crowding around these wells…lower their buckets in and deftly retrieve as much of the brackish water and then retrace their journey home.

        I went and asked the village head why he isnt doing somethign about getting water connection to the village. Atleast get govt to arrange water trucks….Guy was least interested. I asked him about no schools..and why he is condeming the kids to a pathetic life (they would all run around the desert landscape around teh only vegetation there is…a kind of pathetic thorhy shrub…all day long…play hide and seek). The village head told me that htere is school commonly shared by three villages…I went there. There is one person who comes there…he is the principal, teacher, laborer, peon, cleaner everything. The school is a ramshackle shack. I only saw him visit 2 times in about 7 weeks. ‘I am busy with my farm activities’ was his reply. When kids would get a hint that the teacher has arrived today, they would run out of their homes as word spread among houses, and from one village to another. not one child had a book or anything.

        So dont just blabber nonsense…read my friend. So you dont embarass yourself. Thsi si the world of the internet…information age…your empty boasts can be easily fact checked in seconds. Good tool to save yourself egg on your face.

      • good going we r aryans we will consider davidian as ass balck hole slaves

    • FCUCK OFF U south indian we r ARYANS your emperors we have fair skin and we have come here to rule because u r all blacks eating only rice like beggars in bannna leaf dont make any silly comments las u said that we are forenigers we r true indians our we dosent care your cultue or we doesnt consider u as an indian instead u r using english as your mother tongue we have a very rich culture dress places cusine we dont wear a lungi (a piece of cloth ) we consider it as poor mans dress in our north we dont rice and dal we wear a rich kurtas and pyajamas and eat rich food

      • maa chuda ley . u belongs to topi wala singh ..those guys brains never works , like manmohan ..they are elephants in indian land ..army kai naam par dabba ..all bhai log . do u know guys ,more indian life lost during wars . coz they are elephants , who knows how to eat and sleep . during war also they need only food . not motivation at all . kargil mein sirf militants ko marr gira nahi paye . on behalf paki shot the air force of indian . i am sure , the gurkha force entered and won the war . punjabis dont know anything more than foeticide and infanticide of girl child .they are the biggest racist in india . i wonder what they think abt themselves . they are nothing but junk of idiots . even parents dont teach them manners . kids behaviour is so rude , i wont mind throwing those Punjabi kids in the sewage or drainage . they are not at all worth to live . well , i am not blaming everyone , i had seen many punjabis who are very quite , cool and friendly and the best . but many young youths or kids are so rude , so i have to blame parents for there behaviour .for not controlling and learning minimum manners to them . for sake of one such idiots , hope there wont be any violence in future . tolerance had a limit , but this pujabis dont have minimum commonsense ; i dont know wat make them feel like kings . where they deserve the slave position . chutiyo ko kitna bhi samjavo ,samajnai mein soo sal lag jayengai . i just want to kick punjabi kids , so indiscipline , may be many people are holding there tolerance ,so grow up idiots . dont exceed ur limits and learn some manners .before it explodes . and dont blame wat happened in 1990 s, well , humans are not hunger of blood . may be something happened for prolonged period of time which had controlled them ; not to show anger . but when they got chance , unable to do stop crime and will for me crime is crime. many involved in violent crimes. even i used to feel bad , why people are killing each other for foolish reason . but i was wrong . it was just a chance to show anger . same happened with hindu and muslims . its not the partition the which created a violent behavior ,its was a grudge had been holding for long ,period like mughals occupied india , so kings destroyed temples blah blah .muslims are non–veg , hindus are veg ..etc etc ..even they are in the same land many hated there behaviours or styles . so on both sides waited for chance , so they got the chance at during partition and many innocent people lost there life , who even not hated anyone . same is the case with sikhs , they dont know that they are behaving like pigs , animals …and feeling like kings . they dont know that how fools they are . so , guys take respect and be respectful .. for proof , just listen to group of punjabis what they are talking , they talk like they are superior and other are inferior . and at he age of young , they raise there voice like 25yr . so kids .be like a kids .its a resposiblity of parents , who are biggest idiots . btw sorry for crappy para . but the many facts which are not convincing for many one . πŸ™‚ but its true .well NI or SI . all are same . both are mentally retarded and greedy . i travelled lot , and travelled entire india almost . i know rich and poverty , what it means .i sawed pitfall in every society . dude . who says , SI is much literate it just coz of less population and which leads to better control and many got good opportunities . we cant say that kerala is communist and its the best state with literal . does it mean shall india should be communist country . btw from my exp , i find lot of things , there is no much or less IQ .which people are talking abt . in SI . the education is much better coz govt spend money which reaches at he end pt of users . and even infrastructure is quite easy to build if pop is less . and many factors that SI leads NI . in education SI schools teaches lot of teaching hours . like morning 8-4pm or even more . there are lot of private schools etc . so coming to NI . coz of huge pop .the money spended ,will never reach to end user people . and bloody politicians ..and many factors . my conclusion is neither are great , its just like a opportunity . do indians are idiots just coz they are lagging far behind EU or USA ?? can u judge like this way . its all abt opportunity .so fk u all and stop commenting useless comments which dont make any sense at all and learn to take and give respect else , kabhi na kabhi pito gai .:) jarur . pn : lot of fking english cuts . hf gl .

      • omg you are a fucking cunt. You really don’t know English do you?? wow you are just sad. generally speaking, south indians are the true indians. please show your ugly ass face, so that people will really know the motherfucker that you are. i bet you live in a dump. you are a sorry piece of shit.

    • u s hut fcuch the people of sindh r eal hindus u r originated from sri lanka and other african states
      dont give silly comments to north indians we r hindi lovers we r writing english language because u dont even understand HNDI language we respect our language and we proud be be n aryan wih a rich culture u r shit man only undrstand english language and “aiyyo aiiyoo” come to punjab and rajasthan and see their rih culture how they live how they eat and we dont understand your telegu mallayam or tamil your films r also rubbish only action and action your heros r also very fatty and ugly watch salman khan hrithik roshan in bollywood u fools u will forget your films we u think that north indians have no money they r very poor attend the marriage of our north indian u will find that we wear expensive dresses on mariage occassion we wear rich sherwanis suits wehere u wear only 100 rs lungis or dhotis and simply eat rice and rassam eat our food u even hav not seen yet ha ha ha

      • abey oye ..bc . booster . πŸ˜›

        rich culture in punjab ??? wat an joke ??

        killing the girls is the rich culture of sikhs ,, need some awards for there great work πŸ˜› .btw which award do u need , u bloody idiots .

        NI are strong and SI are fatty . ??? lolz ..another joke of the ear , this kind of PJ can only heared by punjabis only πŸ˜›

        have u seen a sikh with pagdi ..what will be the wt of those men . i bet 3 times than normal human being , avg will be crossing easily 110 kg . so , with a 110 kg fat belly , how is he going to fight in wars ? lol , i am imagining the PANDA ; kun fu panda . πŸ˜› anyway they lack in fighting coz they dont know kunfu …:P

        NI are fair ? lolz i mean punjabis right , this guys only cry for there fairness .

        guys , lets collect one rupee each and give them a fairness award . so that they can show there certificate and get the jobs in west for slave jobs .

        panjabi dance are rich ??

        where ever i saw those dance , i felt those are like monkey jumping .ahahhahahhhahhahhahah ..really ..no offence .

        panjabis are brave ???

        they show there braveness , while there form A GAY group ..this is 100k % true . if not test it . i bet i will win the bet . they are the biggest coward in the earth .:P. check the video in the youtube …lolz ..

        • hahaha i think u r jealous of us bcoz u just only have brain that leep u active

          • Punjabi’s are cowards ..??!!! .. chk ur history “tyr”. I am not a punjabi. i am from gangtok. I do not like punjabi’s at all. But i will always say they are extremely brave people.

    • how u an say that only brown people r true indians? give us detailed explanation actually u south indians r being very jealous bcoz we good physics good atmosphere good culture good food etc
      remember. when india was under british rule who have fought against them? gandhiji bhagat singh chandrashekhar azad maulana abdul kalam azad sanjay gandhi etc all these personalities r form north and make india free ? but how many r from south ? as actually u r foreginners bcoz u doesnt accept hindi as your mother tongue u r black just like people from african countries which thaey have been settled before many years so they r your ancestors we r people come from sindhu river so ultimately we r puuuure hindus in ancient times u r treated as salves in our country as we r richer than rich then u in all the terms u r cowards doesnt care for nations security
      also focusing on it jobs bloody shit u dont have respect of india

      • if u dont know history , i can explain u ..u faggot .

        sikhs army joined the british . coz they are only fools in the entire planet . who dont know , who are ally and enemy . and started killing there own country people .. lolz …i never heared such kind of acts in any historical wars . supporting the imperialist . british ruled so many yr , just coz of sikhs only , they worked like a dogs and licked the british dick ,,u better read the books …

    • a true indian can be anyone even from america whose heart is passionate for india….but truely not a narrow minded person like u…..u think dat u r a pure indian just because u have dat pure blood in ur veins………..u r disgusting my friend …..if u can feel india in ur heart rather than discriminating over the blood…den u can be an true indian……dont forget “india is- unity in differentiality”……plz for god sake ppl open up ur mind for atleast ur MOTHER INDIA…

  15. Skin color is subjective. There are plenty of darker people in the north as well and plenty of lighter skin people in the south as well. The media tries to portray the lighter/darker skin theory through the media (bollywood). In terms of physique, its too broad of a statement. There are so many people who in the south who defy the stereotypes placed against them and same goes for the north.

    All in all the biggest thing I believe that unites both regions is relgion and language to an extent. I dont live in India right now but I believe that everyone should learn to speak the national language.

    • But when a country does not have a National language what can one do. Let us make Tamil the national language and see what will be the outcome?????

    • ‘Every one should learn to speak the national langauge’.

      Maybe you should learn the fact that India does NOT have a national language. (Please read up Schedule VIII to the Constitution of India. Sorry to piss on your parade, but India does not have a National language. Infact teh constituion of INdia treates English the exact same as Assamese or Hindi or Malayalam or Tamil or …. any other regional language).

      Next time you feel the urge to declare some language the national language, please write to your MP or PM, and ask them to pass a bill to declare the language you want to be the nataional language. Really, it is as simple as that. A bill must pass through both houses of the Parliament declaring that language the National language. Very simple, right. So why didnt they do it so far? You know why? Because the last time they tried it, there was hell to pay.

      Now let me educate you about another fact. The constitution of India (which is a huge book) not only does NOT declare ANY language the ‘National Language’…but the constitution of India does NOT even mention the phrase ‘National Language’ EVEN ONCE. Not one time. It very scruplously avoids mentioning the phrase ‘National Language’ any where. Interesting, right?

      So, please stop day dreaming about Indian citizens being forced to learn your ‘Mother tongue’. Not happening. Sorry, Bud. Am not interested in learning the language of ‘illiterates’ and backward people who believe in ‘honor killing’ and spitting paan and answering natures call in the open streets.

    • dude . the same question being asked by foolish nehru . and jinnah replied as a other guy . hindi ..dude . u cant force. there are many languages more than 25 . well this are just majority speakers and there are many minority languagues ,which excceds more than 600+ , still right now people are speaking around 100+ languages . so how can hindi should be national language . u better grow up . btw my language is not tamil ,telugu , marati , kannad ,malayi ///

  16. To the comment regarding North Indians are more built and stronger than south Indians:

    I am a south indian and i am 6 foot 1. I can kick the crap put of any north indian here in the US buddy. it might be that i live in the US and live in a better enviornment, but there is no rational argument that allows one to say that north indians are stronger than south indians. Rather, it should be stated that the physiques are equal.

    • Haha your comment is right to an extent but dont have to use violence. Like I said above both groups have plenty of people who defy the sterotypes placed against them.

  17. im south indian and im BLACK…..any southie would OWNN a north indian in a sprint or any runniin event …..plus we defy any shitty steriotype that the west put on india(unathletic,etc)-lets face it north indians aint athletic as the BLACK south>>>>

    frm a southe wid LOVE XD

    • Alright dude calm down now. We are all the same in the end and equal. It doesnt matter weather your from the north or the south. You can be from anywhere and be athletic.

  18. A lil history lesson shaaji

    When the persians invaded india it was the sikh Soldiers who fought them & got em out. Thank you!
    You, by yourself cannot decide who belongs there or not… This is the reason we have ‘democracy’, Should I mention my dear dravidian.. Don’t know which coast or which boat you all are on….???
    You don’t know what freedom is. Majority of don’t love your country, your families & your so called friends…
    I sometimes hate to see India the way it is today, Thanks to most of you out there… But I must say you are having a population crisis you are not aware of & are 50 years ahead at present only because of that.
    ps: Did anyone ever look up the meaning of the word ‘Indian’. That’s how you would like to describe yourselves ? You have forgotton to change the name given to you. Come on Wake up folks…

    • Dear Asia,

      A little history lesson to you, my ‘semi literate’ north Indian brother.

      1. When the Persians invaded Kingdoms that are now part of India (northern states), those Kingdoms were several hundred kingdoms away from the rich and prosperoous kingdoms of the south. So why would you expect the South Indian kings to fight for you? When China attacked Vietnam, did India go to fight for Vietnam? should it have? Who knows 1000 years from now India and Vietnam may become one country, and some ‘semi literate’ person may ask why india did not fight when Vietnam was attacked by China (using the same logic you used).

      2. Next, forget your day dream that ‘Sikhs pushed persians and arabs back’. The history of North India is a history of unending conquests, plunder and rape by any invader. End of Story. Yes, the Sikhs fought much more bravely than the Hindus of the NOrth. But that still didnt prevent the Muslim invaders who came on horse backs from capturing and enslaving the North.

      3. Please read up history, and remove your ignorance. The South faced invasions and conquests MUCH BEFORE the north did. Now you will be surprised, and your ‘ignorant semi literate’ north Indian head will scream, ‘No that never happend’. But before your ignorance gets the better of you, let me continue educating you. Not only did the South Indian Kings defend their territories from Navies and Armies of the Western world and Arab traders and mercenaries for centuries, and successfully, South Indian kings are the only kings from what is now India, to invade and rule over foreign territories.

      4. Let me repeat that…Cholas (Rajendra Chola, Rajaraja Chola, and Chera Kings) were the only Kings, Admirals and Generals from Ancient India who successfully conquered foreign lands and ruled those places efficiently. What are modern day Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and severla other South Eastern and Far Eastern nations were colonies ruled by South India. To this day the huge population and influence of Tamil/Malayali diaspora, culture and nomenclature is tribute and evidence that traces back to those days. Tamil still happens to be one of the official langauges of Singapore. Singapore has had more than one PM/ President of Tamil/Malayali descent.

      5. Even wondered why the Mughal Kingdom (yes the same Mughal kings, that North Indian books so proudly worship…yes those great Akbar, Jehangir, Aurangazeb, shah Jehan…etc), why didnt those guys capture the whole of South India, EVER? (Hint: It was NOT because they never tried. Infact there was a King from Assam as well, who defended his kingdom for more than 10 full blooded assaults by the Mughals. Yes those smart, strong Hindu baniyas and Sikhs helped the Mughals attacks Assam, but Assamese succeeded in throwing you guys out. Read up your history, after you stop worshippin your Mughal and British invaders. You will be surprised about the facts you come up with).

      6. Read up history again. You will be stunned about the Riches and history and culture of South Indian kings. This is what Wikipedia has to say, “the economy of the world was at one time dependent on its trade with what is now modern day Kerala” (go through Wikipedia and read up the links and research papers that support this). Ever wondered why Vasco da Gama came to Kerala? (He incidentally died in Kochi, Kerala). Ever wondered by Columbus set out to reach Kerala (but ended up in America by mistake)? Because of the stories of vast riches and efficient kingdoms they had heard about from other traders to South India.

      7. I will quickly explain to you about the Martial qualities of south India, if my previous points about invading and conquering South East Asia is not sufficient. Remember how well those 13 year old Tamil boys and girls wearing rubber chappals beat the hell out of trained soldiers and commandos of the Sikh, Punjab, Sikh Light Infantry, Jat, Kumaon, Rajput, Grenadiers, Bihar, and Mahar regiments of INdia, when the Indian Army went to Sri Lanka with Tanks, fighter aircraft and huge guns? We all know how well that ended for the warriors of the North, dont we.

      8. The greatness of North India is explained in the UNDP report on Global human development for 2010: ‘over 350 million north INdians living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states live in worse levels of poverty, backwardness and illiteracy than all the people living in sub saharan Africa’.

      9. Govt of India (HRD ministry) report on Human development released last month paints the same picture about the north: ‘More than 75 percent homes in the north do NOT have toilets’.

      End of story. Stop boasting. You mostly are a punjabi, or a Delhiite. Empty boasts come naturally to either. Especially if you are both. A Punjabi living in Delhi. Thats the worst combination.

      Friend, read up. Dont just relay on Hindi phillums and Saas Bahu serials for your does of general awareness. YOu guys make us south Indians embarassed with your ignorance. After all we have to bear the burden of being bracketed with semi literates like you.

      No wonder Bill Gates made that famous quote: ‘Chineses and SOUTH indians are the smartest people in the world’.

      (I am sure what he didnt mention perhaps is that…North Indians are the most hopless folks famous for bride burning, honor killing, spitting paan, boasting empty boasts, and answering natures call in the open). Bill Gates should know. He visists the interiors of Bihar and UP often as a part of his philanthropic activities related to ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. He has also v isited South India several times, and must be struck by the difference between the south and the north.

      Keep on boasting.

      • F**** off bihari and up bhaiyassss…….i am jatt sikh and a proud punjabi……..tamilians are more respected than the poor biharis….who dont know anythingss except barking like a dog…..i am telling u biharis are today eating food bczzz of we punjabi.sss……we are feeding u like u r our childrenss…..we r giving protectn from centuries………i respect tamilian…south indians…..bczzz they r not depentnt on anybody……ltte is also have a godd relatns with punjabi sikh khalsa revolutionaries……..so south peoples are more honourable then bihariss

        • see this stupid fcuktard. this is the same arrogance which made aussies think indians are bad,coz these illiterate punjabiss do kabootarbaaji in austrailia for pursuing their dream of cake-making cookery,gardening etc. punjabis are the only reason pakistan is a failed state.these aholes think they are superior to anyone just like caucasians thought couple of hundred years back.morons.we have tamilians gujjus,manipuris etc etc etc. punjabis just love to show off.and thats why they are losing grounds to states like gujrat.

          now if some state of your country is not doing good,isn’t it the duty of all indians to contribute something for their motherland.this thread is just an example how easily we can lose our temper.

          really….grow up my fellow countrymen.

        • What about We North East Indians????

          Personally for me, i have found South Indians to be more calm, good, cultured than the arogant north Indians, mannerless, rapist, no respect for women etc etc ..especially the Haryanvis, UP walas.

  19. My unfriendly & unhappy south indian illiterate person… I will try to respond to your numerically assigned paragraphs of confusion in words by the most comprehensible ways for you as possible.
    1. Firstly & foremost; If india is being attacked by anyone it is your duty as an indian (north or south) to defend the country against all enemies foreign or domestic.. So you avert bein ‘raped & invaded’. Duh! Not find a rock on an island under which to go hide with an arguement ‘ if china was attacking vietnam ‘ .. Ofcourse… you would flee my fellow south indian/dravidian.
    2. For your second monologue.. Thanks for acknowledging that the sikhs ‘ fought much bravely than the hindus’ & ‘pushed the persians & arabs back’, because I did not see your presence anywhere there.. Therefore you also should realize that if people at that time (like yourself) did not flee & hide under a rock or flee the country on boats or even argue with self indulged & ignorant suggestions that the north is being invaded & we should stay in the south and not interfere, then we would have survived much better or even prevented many invasions already.
    3. your statement claiming that south indian kings are the only ones from what is now india and they invaded & ruled over foreign territories is an absurd self-obsessive lie. I want everyone to pay attention to this… We have wikipedia & google, so.. lets take it back to the first empire & specifically to the first genuine emperor ‘chandragupt maurya’. He was kshatriya (warrior) from the north & so was ashoka whos kindom streched from present day pak-afganistan to modern day bangladesh, kerala & assam. Warriors who gave upmost importance to the vedic principles, knowledge, literature & helped expand the indian sub-continent to the size and extent it is today. you cannot absurdly claim that it’s your kings in the south who built india & for them to be south indian kings when in-fact Great leaders stemmed out as warriors & kings from all reaches of india, substancially from the north. Go back to school, & get your facts straight or you will be a slave every day of your so called life.
    4. I hope you have it settled in your thick crust that we are talking about differences between north and south & you do not have to prove me which one of your forefathers have ventured out of your motherland and conquered little islands and formed their colonies.
    & I hope you do understand that the subject had deviated into you and me bickering and clashing over each other’s diversity in culture & cultural identity… but maybe that is what your type (not necessairily a south indian) like to do, just because we oppose inbreeding..
    5. Just fyi, All the wealth of the country was in the north & the south had already been colonized as slaves by the europeans who had formed trading pacts & alliances with much of the mughal empire in india, so what would the mughals have left to do in south india, really..? you cannot use an isolated incident in assam to claim that the ‘hindu’s & sikhs helped the mughals’ that’s plain chickenshack dumb. I think you’re just racist against your own & seems like whereever you were endoctrined, they gave a lot of significance to the mughals as you seem to be ‘worshipping’ them more for not directly invading you.. chuckles..
    6. You have basically no idea of what you’re talking about! No where on wiki does it mention that statement. & you cannot whitewash actual facts with your unresearched statement about kerala. Yes it might be mentioned somewhere along the lines, at one point in time kerala was a major trading post, and that’s because of it’s location, but you cannot say without economics in kerela india was not possible. There was an East india Company on the other coast. you just cannot base it with lies “the future of the emergence of this country was dependant on this port….” and so on.
    7. I’m sure you also go PRO with groups who are categorized a militia & terrorist group(s), 13 year old tamil LTTE boys & girls ‘who claim to beat the hell ‘ out of all the Indian soldiers… , retards working in terrorist cells and assisnating past leaders & even the prime minister of your o-so-loved country (or probably where you seek refuge) in not so distant past. OH Well well…!! now i get some clue to your origins…. I’m glad you put in so much effort in writing all that & still not even figuring me out a bit yet. You’re just an LTTE propaganda mule. Amateur..
    The answer to your number 8 & 9 monologue filled with abstract self-obsessed lies would just be ” yes it strongly & rigidly enforces my above statement under paragraph 7, that you have no love for that country while you point one finger at others you have three pointing back at you” Illiterate dravidians (just yourself).

  20. Setu Madhavan, you couldn’t have said it better. There is clearly no justification to say that North Indians are better than South Indians. It is clear that South Indians are better people. But we must realize that India is INDIA, not north or south. So unfortunately, we must deal with these fucks in the North and hope that they dont get themselves tied in their turbans.


    • Dear South Indian,

      Appreciate your comments, and agree with your views.

      More importantly, I admire your command over the English language, and the felicity with which you put your views across. A far and welcome cry from the convoluted unintelligible gibberish one semi literate has spewed in the comment that precedes yours.

      Under normal circumstances I would accord that person the courtesy of a response, but the sheer pain of making sense of the ill formatted and ill phrased rambling text, motivated me to just overlook that and move on to your eloquent response.

      Once again I appreciate your note. Thanks.

      • Setu, you seem to have a high intellect. why waste time on this bullshit. Please use your aptitude for research for bringing people closer. If somebody feels their skin color or size is important, you already know their IQ level. Why fight then?

    • Ok wait..wait..its not too hard to understand why yu madrasis r so envious of us. No matter how much yu rant about your so called stupid culture..you people will remain blacky sub-humans with stupid languages, music, food that tastes and looks like shit. Yu boast of your culture and the poro sites teem with the videos of dumb looking black dravidian men licking navels of equally ugly fat sweaty bitches. A south indian working in an MNC earning > 10 lac will still wear a rs 300 ‘designer’ shirt, 500 bucks worth trouser and will never spend more than rs 40 on his lunch. Cheap magicians like sathya sayi r ur godmen, your MLA’s watch porn in your legislative assemblies. Cheers to your amazing culture !! No surprizes..your bitches are always looking for some other men who do not have chubby-cum-navel fetishes. !

  21. Equation!!!!!!
    NIndians + EIndians+WIndians+SIndians = Indians

    To beginwith there is no such (NIndians + EIndians+WIndians+SIndians)

    I am not living in India from last 6 years and I know what I missed and what I gained.

    Trust me guys we need to develop a lot and grow a lot mentally economically and morally.

    I totally respect my morals beliefs which are the seeds am nurtured with from my born country.

    I dream of my country to be completely corruption free and knockout the differences so that only differnece between the regions of the country are food habits or to say mother toungue except for that i dont want to see any differneces .

    God Bless India and Indians,
    Peace for All.

  22. Now MRK, you are a role model for how indian’s should be.. and represent themselves on the every frontier.. I am very uplifted with your motivation towards your land… God Bless India. Jai Hind!

    • Ridiculous statement : north indian are taller than south indian

      I’m a tamil living in france (sorry for my english) and my sizes are 196cm for 87kg(french unity) which is unusual in france because the average is 180cm.
      My brother also is very tall for his age, for example at 14 he did 187cm!!!!
      I have already seen some punjabis in Paris and they are not especially tall and strong o O” compared to other ethnicity. In reality black african in average are very tall and strong naturally than the others races.
      Some indians make me laugh when they claims that they are tall, white, powerfull and aryan…
      Seriously aryan AHAH!!!!!! i bet i ‘m more light than the majority of north indian… Personnaly i don’t give a fuck of my skin it ‘s not a pride for me…My pride… i do brilliants studies in one the best university in france in fundamental physics. Only looser do with only pathetic things such as the colour of skin

      @true indain EhhH asshole do you knows that some punjabis are dark skin and can be easily assimilated to a dravidian (ex parminder nagra). IF YOU DON’t like India so go out from there vas te faire enculer sale fils de pute. We don”t need you and your racism

      +1 for Kashyap Vaidya and persons who share his point of view about the unity and the peace in india GOOD LUCK

  23. Hi, I just met a nice Indian gentleman here in the U.S. and I have met other very nice Indian people from all over India here in America . I just found out recently you all don’t get along quite well, which I did not know because I live here and don’t have time to pay attention to who gets along and who does not in the world. But, you all are great. You really need to set aside the past and your differences and see more what’s in common for the future of your country, your children and their children, and the future of the whole world in general. Maybe we all need estrogen patches to calm us down a bit and green tea. Let’s make love not war! We are all not on the earth long and we need to get along and set great examples for the children so when they become adults they can learn how to get along with eachother for a more prosperous world overrall. I think it’s quite interesting the history of all of India and the world for that matter. Let’s highlight that and move forward to bridge similarities and work together to help one another for a brighter future for everyone. : ) I wish you all well! : )

  24. Hi people, I just thought of leaving my comments in here.

    i am a tamil and this is what i feel in my experience. North indians hate tamils and not all the south indians. This might be because we are anti-hindi. But there are reasons why we are anti-hindi.

    I saw some punjab dude who wants to pick a fight with a south indian. Come on bud, grow up. You know that just talking is waste. You should know that people from different states and countries are commenting here. So its highly impractical to find your place and have a fight. But if you still need to fight, then put your address here, if ay gutsy south indian near your place wanna fight lets do it. I strongly believe killing eacg other and the last man standing will be the winner. But then dont forget it will be a loss on both the sides. Put your address. Lets start killing.

  25. We are INDIANS!!!

    please stop this debate, who is bigger. concentrate in developement of our country.
    We are backbone of our country.
    All my bro and sis, dnt forget that we are gifted with good brain. use it and think in which way we can bring our country forward. but we are spending our mind for this useless debute . so oly many foreigners are calling us a load mouthd people.

    bringing our country forward is very easy..
    India develops with the development of each citizen. so please think think and make your life bright.
    using u your society ll develop and so ll the nation.
    show all the nations in this world that our country is also capable for anything…

    simply living and dying is worst life in this world. Even a lemur,a dog and a monkey does the same.So develop urself, develop your family, develop the nation .. When you die , die with a pride tat u achieved something in this life.
    JAI HIND!!

  26. MRK,

    I saw in a movie “OutSourced” It was said that India stands for I Never Do It Again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was hurt with that statment and later i realized that yes we are indeed like that .
    This website comment fights shows that we are.
    I wish to see a redefined definition of India :- ” I newly Dicsovered It Again ” or lets say as a recursive form “I Newly Disconvered India Again ” .
    Wish We indians will stop fighting or yelling on each other and make our country look Great.

    God Bless India and Indians,
    Peace For All.

  27. North indian girls never like tamil boys lol , cuz we are black , its not our fault we have hot weather πŸ™ . Also i dont want north girls we too hv beautiful choco color tamil girls πŸ˜› why should i go after north girl hehe…btw u north indians are no 1 racist in world lol

  28. I am a north indian living in Goa, which is pretty close to south india, i take regular trips to Kerala and Karnataka for business. What you guys need to acknowledge is that none of us North Indians are superior in India in anyway, the country we take for granted and we represent is not exactly ours. They beat us in every way.

    1st. This is not our country orginally- Dravidians occupied this country way before we came and colonised, this is their country and we are called foreigners, whether it be firepower or whatever method of conquering india, south indians have welcomed our ancestors and have lived with us for millenias in harmony.

    2nd. The reason India is one of the strongest in terms of economy is mainly due to Southern Parts of india,there is an article if you want evidence it is here http://nitawriter.wordpress.com/2006/11/02/the-language-problem/, which states that the southern parts are far more developed than the north and progressing better.

    3rd. We North Indians have the lowest self esteem in the world. The rest of the world has moved on the whole skin color debate and now have settled, i dont know where you get your facts from but if you look around the most powerful and intelligent people in the world are Africans, or the Blacks. Barack Obama is the president of the united states, the first black president, most americans living in different states with slightly different cultures have no problem to live with others, because they have learned to see other people for who they are as a person not how they look. Most powerful and iconic celebrities in Hollywood are black. From Denzel washington to cuba gooding jr, to Halle Berry.

    My point is that the day that we accept every indian as our brothers and sisters is the day India will become the United States of India. Thats the day that every body will become equal, I dream of that day, but i am saddened fact that i might not see it in my life time nor during my childs. What Bollywood portrays as superior isn’t what the world sees it. Its time to wake up and realise that the world has moved from castes and skin color divisions, for india to be successful, this should happen. So for North Indians living with hate in south india, and south indians living in hate in the North, next time you guys see each other, you dont even have to go up and say hello, give them a smile as though they are family, because thats what india is a great big family. JAI HIND.

    • I completley agree with Kashyap, hes right, stop writing comments of hate and write something good about the others neither than yourselves. Even though this is a bible phrase, i think it is a wise saying.

      Do not try and take the bit of wood from your brothers eye without first taking the bits of wood in yours.

      in normal words, stop complaining about south indians when we ourselves are far from perfect.
      Its because of that people has wanted to run away and form their own countries, and yet we bully them.

      I will start, you south indians are smart and far more educated in terms of stats out there, and i respect that. Good work brothers.

    • Agreed. Completely. Not even Indian and I think what you’re saying makes sense.

  29. “Difference between net don’t even update their info or what”?

    Aryan and Dravidian!!!?FTW???The Aryan Dravidian theory was proved wrong a long ago.


    North Indians are stronger than South Indians?How come they know that North Indians are stronger than South Indians?Was there any fight between a North Indian and South Indian?If there is Punjabis at North India as wrestlers.There is Keralites at South India.If Punjabis are tall,there are Keralites who are taller than them too.May I correct something.North Indians are not fair compared to South Indians.Tamilians are a little dark in South India,Biharis and Rajasthanis are darker than them.South India is more developed than North India and South Indians lead a better lifestyle in comparison with North Indians.I didn’t understood what a guy meant by we North Indians live our life?I hope he might mentioned about rocking in the slum.LMAO!

  30. SOUTH INDIANS….. are black and ugly….. they did not do anything for india…. they are ugly and weak so they hate north indians…..
    south indians are backword in fation
    they wear funy clothes on their black body…
    not south indian but all maharastrian .orriya and gujratis are also bulky and ugly…
    these guys make our indian croud black……
    panjabis,himachali,kashmiri,uttarakhndi,haryanvi, peopleare fair and beutifull …..
    the we are real indains becaus we are not black like south and central india……
    and we fought for india’sfreedom……
    and tody maximum soldiers are from panjab,uttarakhand,up,himachal,and haryana.
    but how many from south aur maharastrian??????/
    and aur north indian goverment established industriessss in south so we go in south….
    and we face ugly people and bad climate…….
    south indian always missbehave with north indains
    so we wiil also take revense …….
    leav our country u black \……..

    • You can tell your argument is mostly because you are illiterate. It’s no excuse to be racist to your own countrymen. How embarrassing for India.

    • Dear stupid dirty northie,
      Learn language. You don’t even communicate properly. Get lost from my country. It is home of south indians. You dumbos came insearch of food. Brainless idiots.

    • Can you do yourself a favor. Please go do a crash course in basic English writing skills and come write on this forum. You north indians keep watching your Hindi phillums and saas bahu serials, and have zero general awareness, and disgrace yourselves everywhere.

      This is what the UNDP report on Global Human development has to say: ‘More than 350 million people living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states of north India live in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness than all the people living in sub saharan Africa’.

      This is what the Govt Of India reported a few months ago: ‘More than 75 percent homes in north India do NOT have toilets’.

      And then you want to comment about south India.

      Subhumans you are.

      • O, pardon my french. I thougt It was you guys that pronounced letter “a” as “ye”. And what about lettter “M” . Oh my mistake it is actually pronounced “yum”. You filthy “fugly” missing link of modern day Humans.

  31. how any one can compare panjabis with south indians………
    u ugly south people,maharastrins,gujratis,orriyas…….. U ALL ARE BLACK AND WORST CREATION OF GOD ON THE EARTH………
    we are true indains……..
    we have good culture………..
    and south indian citeis all gud luking people are from north india……….
    u guys are frusteted…………
    because we rule india ……….
    india is our nations and hindi is our language……….
    all people who cant respect our hindi nation languge leave our india…….
    becouse aof u ugly guys we indians recognised as black but we are not black……
    if u’ll leave our country india will be black free……..
    aiyyoo southindiannnaa u r nott indiana aiyooo aiyooo raama aiyo rama …..ha ha ha ha u guys talk like this na

    • Dude, you went to their country. If anything you need to leave since it doesn’t even belong to your ancestors. I am a white American, and my boyfriend is Swedish. I don’t understand your obsession with being whiter??
      Actually if anything, I prefer the looks of the South Indians. Aren’t Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone all south indian? They look a lot better than Karishma Kapoor dude.

      Also, thanks to this random discussion I saw, I now know way more about cricket and bollywood. I feel sorry for your country that you hate each other so much. It’s why USA kicks your asses. We are united, colour, race, religion. Bring it.

      • se karina kapoor katrina kair deepika padukone looks beautiful after doing 1 kg of makeup north actress doesnt want any makeup

        • Booster, enough of this. You illiterate piece of shit…why don’t you just shut the f*** k up and go to hell? I am a Bengali Indian and I respects South Indians than North Indians because in South India it is far more developed. What do us North Indians have? The oppression of girls, rape, injustice, shameless media, Aryan and Dravidian mentality and least of all thinking that white is better than black. Please! You know that there are fairer people and darker people everywhere, even in North India. Stop advocating this shit because despite you being told many times, you don’t give up. Like seriously man, get a life. I am a happy to speak Bengali, Tamil, and Hindi. And for your kind information, people like you prefer to speak English rather than your so-called “national language” Hindi!

    • I feel pity on all these comments.This is the only reason still India is considered as a developing country or 3rd world country. Oh god when will India unite together for development….

  32. The author is wrong to say that North Indians are taller and more strongly built then South Indians. In other countries such as bodyguards/bouncers/hired muscle of Indian origin are more likely to be South Indians then North Indians. If North Indians were so big and strong then they would be in demand as bodyguards/bouncers/hired muscle. Even in countries like China North Indians are considered to be weak and puny including the so called warrior races.

    The author is also wrong to says that North Indians are Aryans and South Indians are Dravidians. North and South Indians are both the same race. A North Indian standing next to a European looks like an Indian not a blonde haired Aryan. lol

  33. God should teach and help all morons who are cursing each other in this blog.
    Iam unsubscribing from this blog for good as i cannot see the ugly face of my people cursing each other .
    When you guys change and realize how backward we are both financially , morally, standards of life.
    stop wasting your energy on this nonsense talk and start appreciate what we have.
    God Bless India and Indians

  34. I think a fundamental difference between north indian and south india is:

    1) North indians care A LOT more about their Aryan/Caucasian heritage, claiming they are partly white or viking or something. It is a little sad. Can’t you just be happy knowing that you are brown? As a white person, I don’t think I see you as light brown or dark brown. You’re just an Indian.

    2) I don’t think North Indian people are built stronger. Where are your bizarre facts coming from? Do you need to write this to feel better about yourself? Are you North Indian and feeling a bit insecure?
    From what I can see from your cricket team, VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid (he must be Dravidian right?) are quite well built and actually even look a bit stronger than Harbhajan Singh (apparently North and Punjabi).. I actually looked up Indian guys after reading this post and from my opinion, South Indians often look quite fair and strong and North Indians look a bit shorter and sometimes even darker.

    Also Aryan invasion is unlikely, therefore all of you have the same genetics.

    Being white is nothing to be more proud of. It certainly isn’t something you should hold over your fellow countrymen.

    Take it from a proud citizen of the United States of America and a white person, we will win everytime, simply because you are not united enough.

    I feel sorry for the person who wrote this.

    You poor tragic soul, trying so hard to be white and superior. If this is what you believe, I was born 100 times more superior than you. You lose πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Lara, if your not Indian please don’t comment. I am Indian and actually from the east so I’m not taking any sides. I just want to say that I think the dynamics of India is totally beyond your comprehension. We Indians can fight it out between ourselves but I don’t want any outsider who doesn’t know jack shit about our country to post crappy comments about any Indian – North or South.

      • Hey Indian, did you proclaim yourself the self appointed moderator of this board to decide that only Indian citizens can participate in this forum?

        Please keep your patronizing tone to yourself. If you dont like a comment, please move on to the next, or reply a rebuttal. Dont behave like Saddam Hussien of the internet, please!

    • πŸ˜› india is much more complicated , than wat u read or hear ..frankly the culture had too depth priority and understanding . and btw americans know only one word ” other than USA rest are terrorist . c what u have done to afgan ,iraq.libya etc…without thinking anything attacking on innocent ?? what USA want to proof ?? i never understood . they read some article and some clues of magzines which are bullshit and start generalizing it with illusion . no offence . well , india is like EU with lot of conflict and culture . i a am still happy , coz still india is stable . well here the comments are just for fun , some are doing time pass , as they know , its a anonymity power to speak . and some are stereotypes ,those will be not get changed unless they learn there lesson by own . so hf gl .

    • Lara, am an indian living in the US and can understand your predicament :). Other cultures not being quite foreign to you, you saw a bunch of idiots fighting and thought of putting some sense into their mind which looked simple and straightforward and now they grouped together and started fighting against you πŸ™‚ when people fight each other on stuff like this, it’s due to their own lack of self worth. I don’t think anybody but their own experiences can teach them. Tried a lot and have now given up. πŸ™‚

  35. 1. North India lies in the Indo-Gangetic plain. South India is situated in the Peninsular Deccan Plateau.

    2. North Indians are termed as Aryans, and the South Indians as Dravidians.

    3. The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.

    4. When compared to the North Indian food, the South Indian food is spicier.

    5. The South Indians use more tamarind and coconut when compared to North Indians.

    “3. The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.”

    it is a laughable summary. I repeat LAUGHABLE.

    Are these the differences?
    Since when was India divided again my friend?
    You are from the north aren’t you?
    which rock have you lived under so far?
    I am amazed by the lack of research, narrow mindedness, stereotypical nature of your observations.

    Laughable and amusing.
    Even more so, that it got published.

    • Laxmi,
      It was never united. I read this somewhere, ‘India is not a country. Its just a collection of 29 states tied up using an imaginary rope’.

  36. I just cant understand what The hell r u talking bout..wat proud u hve ?to be a north or a south indian?.. this is the same indian whether it is south or north, who throw all d garbage of his home in d road., who go to a five star and ask like’ complimentry kya hai’ , and if the hostess talks in frank nature or smile, asks her number within a minute,dont know rules of driving even walking on pavements,,ppls who dont know their rights, driving a maruti and behaves like owner of aston martin, most annoyed guest in the world, highest corruption, increasingly population day by day, educated unmannered ppl, Thankless ppl.
    wat we suppose to do it stop fightin on southindian, northindian , we r bloody points of same block and try to focus on other things which is letting india down.

  37. 1.tamils are not darker than north indians-true but so whats wrong with that ?

    2.tamils are stronger and taller than north indians(i am tamil and im 6’1 my father is 6’3 and his grandfather was 6’6 and im taller than most hindi speakers in my class)

    3.tamils are richer and more educated than MOST not ALL north indians

    the guy who wrote this thing did not graduate high school

  38. Among all the posts, the posts of Lara appear to be close to truth. After my experience
    with interactions with North Indians

    1)North Indians always take pride in drawing their ancestry to some european race and caucasian features, which europeans themselves don’t care much about

    2)North Indians are obsessed about fair skin so much that it will put even
    the whites to shame as to why a non white guy is like this bordering
    maniacally about fair skin and light colored eyes

    3)Even by some fluke if North India were to become like Singapore, then also no one
    like chinese. europeans, africans would be interested in living with them. Because they boss around so much that they will let you do their personal chores and still sometimes
    insult you right in front of your face and others also

    4)Diplomacy and Customer Service are concepts alien to them. Even Pakistanis are probably better in this

    5)In Business deals they might strike a deal and at the last moment they disapper if they were
    to owe money to the other party.

    6)Their women . A white guy has to stand beside them. It will be a honor for them and they
    will be willing to get undressed.

    7)Being polite, tactful and sensitive to others feelings are signs of weakness for them, One has to be brash, assertive and have a my way is the right way kind of a attitude all the time.

    8)Not all North Indians are fair and not all South Indians are dark. May be like 25-33%
    of South Indians are fairer than North Indians

    9)Even though many North Indians deep inside have a condescending attitude towards South
    Indians , it is the South Indian dynasties with all their qualities who were able to rule
    other countries or influence them for periods of time in history. North India was ruled by others mostly and for a couple of hundreds of years or so ( Asoka and Gupta ) they were able to bring many areas of India under their control

    India in 2100 AD – if it were to be a great nation – the way is to forget the differences
    respect every culture for what they are and take this nation forward. Hope it happens

    • Addendum to the comments:

      -> Another claim which many North Indians make is that they are the descendants
      of the soldiers of Alexandar the Great’ army. When Alexandar came some soldiers
      left and mingled with local populace and many folks who have those Caucasian features
      lay a claim to the lineage of the soldier sof Alexandar

      What ever your origins are no South Indian has any malice towards you. We all
      wish and pray that the BIMARU states progress by leaps and bounds and there
      will be Law and Order , 100% of your population have Roti Kapada aur Makaan and
      all are well versed with Diplomacy 101, Tact 101, Politeness 101, Customer Service 101,
      etc etc. May GOD bless you also in achieving all your dreams and aspirations

      Well Wishing South Indian

    • SI, on number 9, ruling over others in my dictionary is a sign of involved humans, something left over from our animal evolutionary path. I would never think of it as a quality.

  39. A lot has been said. Many north Indians say South Indians esp. Tamils are dark. Is it crime to be dark? is not Kapil Dev dark? or Rekha is dark?

    Darkness is not in skin. It is in the mind. An ugly mind with fair skin is horrible compared to a fair mind in black body!

    If India has to be super power in 2020 as per Abdul kalam (Hope He also won’t be characterized as dark and ugly!) , these fights should stop!

    by the bye, I am in US…nobody called me ugly, dark or whatever!

    An ugly, dark Tamilian!

  40. The 2nd,3rd and 4th points are wrong.

    2.North Indians may be a couple of shades of brown lighter than South Indians on an average but that doesn’t make them Aryans. There are South Indians who are lighter than North Indians and vice versa. An average North Indian is much darker than even a Chinese person, so any suggestion that they are Aryans is redundant.

    Barely 2% of the people look like Aryans which is due to the intermixing with Turks, Afghans and British. Turks, Mughals and British have been around since the 12th century..

    3.In India only North easterners are a few inches shorter on average. The average height of an Indian man either from the North or South is around 5.”8.

    In fact there are many short North Indian cricketers like Gambhir and Sehwag, while South Indian cricketers like Ashwin and Laxman are over six feet tall. There are very weakly built NI’s like Harbhajan Singh and strongly built SI’s like Abhimanyu Mithun. Build varies from person to person.

  41. S indians Shud seriously stop ranting abt how great they r!!! They Should stop insulting other cultures….who do they think they r!!

    • I have heard of ‘color blindess’ before…wherein people are unable to see certain shades of color. This is the first time I have encountered someone with ‘selective comment blindness’.

      You seem to have a disease that makes you unable to see comments written by fellow semi literate north Indians.

      Please get your eyes rectified, then re-read comments by your fellow north Indian semi literates, and comment.

      Thank you.

  42. WTF is going on over here!!!! – Indian πŸ˜›

  43. hi..this problem of north indian south indian is not a topic for discussion,if we are truly indians in bold and flesh we wont talk about this crap… our forefothers who fought against british never saw this aryan dravidian issues…they stood side by side, hand in hand against british…we are indians …there is no north indian or south indian here…and if i have a chance i would kick his a** for posting such a kind of things which makes us fight ….seriously i have seen a lot of north indians living in tamilnadu finely and also seen lot of south indian living in north peacefully…so there is no difference….lets talk about the similarities we have in each other …which should be discussed
    1.we are seeing beggars still on street both in north india and in south india…lets eradicate it….
    2.corruption in tht we are always unified
    3.we dont pay our taxes
    4.we love cricket but we most of the time forget even what is our national game
    5.we still use road side as our dwellings and toilets
    6.we never follow traffic rules
    7.same parties rule for 60 +years still no development..
    8.a case in courts lives longer than plaintiff..
    9.religious fundamentalism is on the rise and we still do nothing about it..
    10.where criminals enjoy more humans rights than the public….
    and many more similarities…we have in common….we should be ashamed to even talk about divisions in india….were our soldiers are giving their life’s…moms are giving their sons …wife’s sacrificing their husband …fathers sacrificing their sons….we are here talking about differences among ourself…..how many of you people captain.vikram batra,captain saravan,captain vijayan thappar…these people never talked about these stuff they gave their life for our india..and we sit in our home happily comment about north indian and south indian …shame on us…and to the author be responsible please for god sake….

  44. I jut stopped by to comment because i’m enraged at the stupidity of everyone arguing about their colour or origin on this webpage. Stop coming on here and bitching to try and boost your deplorable egos, and go and live your life, rather than wasting your time spewing bullshit that will affect nobody.

  45. Do us all a favor and shut up. How can you speak for any Indian when you are not Indian yourself.
    You know nothing and are biased. Leave.

  46. I think lack in self confidence and faith in one’s own abilities results in criticizing others in order to feel superior. All those here who tried classifying Indians seem to have done so with the motive to increase their self confidence by looking down upon and criticizing others. Perhaps people find this as a way to combat their inferiority complex. Inferiority complex is something that the individual himself is responsible for.
    Such people exist in all parts of India. Are we to categorize millions of people on the basis of our experience with one such person or say 10 such people suffering from Inferiority Complex?
    Empty Vessels sound more and such people try hard to proclaim their superiority thus making their low self confidence evident.
    I am a fair guy from Bihar. Should I be proud for the fact that I am fair? For those who like fair complexioned people, I may have qualified in one way to look attractive so should I consider myself great?? Besides was it in my hands to be fair or dark? Is it that I worked day and night and put in a lot of effort and earned this complexion for myself as a wish granted by god??? Just because I am fair …I am actually nowhere.
    U are respected for what u have achieved by your hard work, thus giving meaning to your life. Beauty they say comes from within. Of course, people have their own standards for good looks which I suppose holds true when it comes to professions like modelling where facial expressions are absent, but, every person is beautiful in his or her own way.
    I feel beauty comes from the expressions which are the manifestation of one’s own thoughts and feelings. Buddha said “The mind is everything. You become what you think”. Thus beauty comes from how a person thinks and feels about things. Perhaps thats the reason why babies are so beautiful because they are so innocent, honest and pure. A human baby(whether black or white or Indian(whether north or south or east or west)), a puppy, a kitten they are all so beautiful.
    I urge my fellow Indians to be confident and happy people and take pride in themselves not because of what your ancestors and neighbours have achieved but in what you have achieved to give meaning to your life.

    Lives of great men all remind us
    We can make our lives sublime,
    And, departing, leave behind us
    Footprints on the sands of time
    – A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  47. all hindi speaking states in india under poverty and undeveloped where south indian states much better than the hindi speaking states still north indian come to south india and behaves like they are came from us or uk. North indian feels that they are white but i tell you other than europians termed as blacks if north indian go us or uk they feel the same racial abuse so this is india we should respect each other culture ………….jai hind

  48. south indian have four states but north india have more but four south indian states are well developed comparing to north.

  49. Come on dudes cheer up India is not a land which is meant to be divided into norts and south and fought for differences ,If you go deep into our spirituality we are sanatana dharma ,indai ispunya bhoomi a land from time immorial the entire earth was ruled and called bharat varsha rise up to a higher plane all the peolpe all over the world are indian origin. It was the muslims later who named the living near the river indus as hindus .and the people on the other side of himalayas deeper into were also called as hindus therefore ours is not a religion but a way of life.

    Visit this website for deeper insight on Spirituality

  50. I can see many north indians commenting bad on chennai and south indian food and culture. If you dont like south india then why north indians need to come to south india and work. Better you can be in north. First respect the people of other. We all are indians and humans. Dont critise other culture by being there:) for getting money you people need south for other dont need? Better get to your native and earn for your living. White s not a beauty k. We south indians are more handsome and beauty. Turn the pages of indian history and look the great things done by south indians

  51. I have seen most of the Northindians are selfish.when north indians in tamilnadu few years,they mostly knw tamil.but if they knw tamil,they happily praise herself to other tamilis,i dont tamil.they think is praise for him.what funny people.only south indian best best…..

    • The origin of your birth does NOT affect your personality. Open your mind.

      • Origin of ur birth may nt affect ur personalityΝ΅ bt d culture u were grown up is definitely…use ur mind

        • So you’re saying ‘selfish’ is a cultural trait now? wow you really are confused you ignorant ignorant person. Also, do everybody a favor and learn how to spell correctly before spreading anymore of your poison onto the internet.

    • hey don’t say like this
      or we start saying abt ur’s then u will be completly naked
      go it black tamil

      • Please go and educate your illiterate and semi literate millions in north india. You people live pathetic lives, controlled by khap panchayats. You people believe in honor killing of your own family members. Such pathetic Talibani culture north has.

        Did you pray before your Mayawati statue today?

        • We follow some rules and regulations in order to keep harmony in the country not like you people who marry their own cousins.. And follow muslim culture and say themselves to be hindus.. Every 1st cousin is ur wife/husband.. Have some shame before marrying your own blood..

          And u crapy people you speak about our culture..

          We were we are and we always be above you in every thing that we do.. We Aryans are here thats you bloddy Dravidians are surviving.. Other wise noone will allow you rakshashas to live with humans..

          • thats why you al are uneducated and mostly sattled in out countries by leaving india …. dont forget that miss world is from south ok

          • The only rules and regulations that north india seems to obey is to molest rape and murder women. That is all that north india is ever in the news for.

            How about empowering women like the south. Just today we have the news about 4 women from Kerala winning a gold medal for India in the 4×400 relay in the Asian Athletics championship. Several other medals won by men and women from Kerala. Several medals from other athletes from the southern states as well.

            Maybe your so called rules and regulations for life in north india should include rules to allow women to get an education, so that illiteracy is removed. Why are women from Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, MP etc not winning gold medals for India while girls from Kerala and Tamil Nadu are doing it? I am surprised because all semi literate north indians on this forum are alway boasting about how great north Indians are.

            Well if you are so great, then occasions like athletics championships are areas for women from the North to step up.

            Stop boasting. The whole world knows how you Talibani north indians treat women.

    • South Indians are the worst people ever..They have a very low thinking..

      • but v r not like ull bloody hells human killers ….. v have some respect to our country n culture ok not like youll shameless and characterless… v respect our country n love our country okkkk ….. not dumbos like u people … half mad

        • truly said by mona u are those people who marry to their own cousins and u are living life only to educate yourselves but we are living our life as a masterpiece not in engineering dumbs, i have visited south india it feels me as i m not in india .

  52. 1. North Indians are termed as Aryans, and the South Indians as Dravidians

    Seems still north indians are submitted to european people but not south Indians. This calssification was done by english people and hitler blindly followed for his benifit. The name India itself was coined by british. The division was as part of their divide and conquer policy.

    Bharat has five names. (Aaaryavarthamu, Baharata Desamu, Ratna Garbha, Hindustan (It was given by muslims), India (I never call it as Bharat desam, Bcz for westerns the land on the banks of Indus river is India bcz those days they know till that place only. They knew only indians not Bharatians. If you see they dont even know the people who stay on the banks of Ganaga also. So your conception itslef is wrong and you are still submitted to the europeans πŸ™‚

    North Indians are termed as Aryans, and the South Indians as Dravidians. Again Bahart is aaryavartahmu. As per above point all people of India are aryans . The meaning of Aarya is the noble person. If you leave about the people. Those two terms were mostly used for Brahmins and Kshatriyas as they were noted nobles in the scoiety. Then where the hell you can call normal people as aaryans. If you are not a brahmin or Kshatriya you are also not arya :-). Basically it does not depend on your place but on your intelligence.

    Moreover the North indians call themselves as aryans. South indians never call them aryans. South indians never call them selves as dravidians. If you call a person who lives in india indian a person who lives in dravida kingdom is dravidian. I understand you donot know the history. From Dwaparayuga times The current day tamillnadu was called as Dravida Kingdom.

    You even dont know the geography. The Dakshina BharataDesa kingdoms were (Andhra, Kannada, Dravida, Malayala) British kept all of these under madras presidency for their comfortability. That was just for 100 yrs. Again this shows you north indians knwoledge on history and geography.

    The North Indians are taller, and more strongly built than the South Indians. The South Indians are a bit darker than the North Indians.

    Who said? Have you measured them with a scale or what? only the people in western states (I never belive they are complete indians and we donot know they might be the migrants from western countries who came india(Again you know my meaning of India) to save themselves during muslim invasions). You come south india and measure. Do you think all north indians are fair? Have you ever seen UP and Bihar people. Also do u know who are east indians (The Bengalis and Andhrites). Do you thik they are south indians? The people who lives on the banks of any river are civilised. That way we have 12 rivers in india . U dont even know what is pushkaralu. If that was the case why the hell our anciants keep pushkaralu for these 12 rivers they could have kept only for Sindhu and Ganga ? what about Godavari(A very big river like Ganga and Sindhu), krishna , kaveri, Thungabhadra etc. Whenever peope started believing Europeans instead of brahmins from then itslef you are losing your culture. Just think about that . Already so many divisons in Indian people. You still wnat to continue those?

    When ever invasions happen people go inner partsof any country In that way I say North Indians are not Indians. Do you want me to conclude that way? I never do that as I am an intelligent(Arya).

    Coming to the skin color. The skin color does not signify your intelligence. As I said aryans are intelligent. That wasy south indians are more intelligent than north indians so can I call only south indians are intelligent? If you see south indians are more civilised in that way can I call south indians are Aryans? If you decide on color what is the color of Sani deva, Droupathi, Krishna, Rama? As per your knowledge all black people are dravidians. As you north indians are worshipping all these black people. I call black people are aryans and you people are dravidians. Is that Ok for you?

    When compared to the North Indian food, the South Indian food is spicier.

    India is dependent on agriculture. Who ever does farming they eat more spicy food to keep them active during work. You donot know that as well? Then how can you call yourself as an aryan?

    5. See the base for Hindu dharma is Aadi Shankaracharya. You know he has peethams all over india. Do you know from where he is? Where tirumala situated(South)? Where Kassi Situated(North)? Where Rameswaram situated( South), Where Nashik Situated (West). Where Puri Situated (East). Baharata Desam is one and we all are one.

    You know why kubera stanam is North? Lanka was kuberas kingdom. Ravana occupied it and he ran away to north. Ravana is a Brahmin, atleast you know that? Devathas and Rakshas are brother and they are the sons of Kashyapa Brahma. Do you know that? First believe in Indian Vedas, Puranas and Literature. Stop believeing europeans words.

    Coming to salwar and dhothi and sarry. Man you are so awkward. All indians wear sarry. You know we south indians call Salwar Kamiz as Panjabi dress not Bihari or Up or North Indian dress :-). Again we south indians, the Aryans know more than you:-)

    Dhothi, We andhrites wear Pancha and Dhoti, Dhoti we were during rituals. I saw so many north induans wear pancha (Only Panjabisused to wear salwar kamiz) And in south india we say only muslims wear Panjabi dress . Then you say are you a muslim??

    The people in bharata desam are intelligent than any one in the world. Devathas walked on this soil. Donot inculcate division like this. If you want to inculcate that kind of division then tell me who is aryan and who is intelligent :-))))

    • very well said…

    • Prasad, India is a big country, one day if you take your breakfast in Jammu & same day lunch in Patna, you will see how different people of these two cities are (most of the people say both of them north Indian cities but Patna is east Indian though), in fact they are as different as people describe differences of Aryans and Dravidians. Then how south and north India, georaphically that far, won’t be different.

      In short, north India had lot of influx from northwest side just because of gateway geography, Aryan, Shaka, Kushan, Hun etc many races came and merged. You will see higher percentage of foreign DNA in north-most Indian states than other north Indian states (same as Tamilnadu has higher Dravidian DNA than other south Indians). DNA go by state / region as well as by caste. Particular caste of norht / south may have different DNA than others in that area. Andhraites will find themselves closer to Odisha or Marathi guy but Kashmiris or Haryana (specially Jat people) are quite different.

      Even though there are differences, my point is, why are we fighting if we are different. Its ok to be different. There is no harm being different. Diversity is great, all Indians are equal. In fact we should never have any sort of superiority / inferiority complex, we should treat all human beings equal, irrespective of language / caste / color / race / handicap / gender / religion etc. This is tolerence, this is co-existence, this is Indianness. Jai Hind.

      • Perfect, unfortunately, everybody is not as intelligent as you.

      • very well said..we are Indians,, we all belong to this subcontinent ,genetically proved that we all belong to this place so we should not belong to this aryan .dravidian theory coined by britishers and foreigner ..no one should keep a complex either inferiority or superiority because its not productive by any way…we are different colors of this beautiful picture .. some people like pink some people like black ..

    • very well said.

    • nice brother

    • i don’t know abt these facts abt south indian but wat ever u said abt north indian especially abt food then my dear i req you to come any part of north indian
      and try any food i bet u will be fannn of our food
      before saying the theoritical hav a practical knowledge

      • It is hilarious to read your message written in broken English. Please go and educate yourself before you exhibit your illiterate self to public ridicule.

    • nice,unsubscribing from this stupid post though.all morons from north india and stupids from south india are fighting here.

    • Very Intelligent reply. Brilliant. Hats off to you.

    • je baat bhai ji…..ghani chokhi baat keh gaye the to……

  53. My main point here is dont talk about something which you have no knowledge in that.

    • Your main point came across as condescending and rude, not commenting at all would have made a bigger difference.

  54. In terms of Economy, Education,Infrastructure,most of the northern states like Bihar,UP,Chattisgarh,Jharkhand sucks.All the four south indian states are economically flourished, has high literacy rate and low price and fares for commodities

    • I think Bihar, Jharkhand are on eastern side of India and Chattisgarh are in central part.. I count Punjab, J&K, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan in North India. I may be wrong in your perception.

      • Parvesh you are absolutely right.. Our country is divided into 5 major regions..

        East India – West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Orissa
        West India – Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat
        North India – UP, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand
        South India – Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala
        Central India – Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh

        We also have North Eastern states like – Tripura, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh..

        Even few places of Orissa & Maharashtra falls under South Region..

        Rajasthan falls under North West Region..

        But you know those South Indians they don’t have minimum GK. Leave about Central India, North East, North West, South East or South West they don’t even know the basic 4 regions East, West, North & South. They don’t know the basic concept that a globe can only be divided into 4 parts and not 2..

        They say themselves to be the most educated and intelligent but they don’t know they are the most backward and illiterate lumps..

        • hey …plz dont use such divisive language….we all are Bhartiya ….even if u insist then i must tell u….we the north western states people call those people living in up bihar as Purbiyas……& we people dont like them either…south Indians are highly cultured & educated….then those people of UP Bihar…
          as it is apparent from ur comments that u hate southies…..but first look at the people of ur own region….

    • Its only according to you Mr. Bala.. Yes all the four South Indian states are flourished that doesn’t mean you people are more educated..95% of the people in South India can’t speak English and can’t even pronounce properly.. They don’t even know our national language Hindi..

      BTW UP is the birth place of all the gods..Its the hailing place for all the gods and goddesses we worship.. Hope you know it..

      If South is flourishing its only because of the East Indians and North Indians because we people come to your place and rule..Take example of any big company in South India its head will be a person from East and North..

      So improve your GK and then speak..

      • Mona’s boss is south indian and who screws here everyday. She is suffering some psychological problems. leave her alone πŸ™‚

    • very nice dear … you bloody noth people just compare our cities n yours n see the diff….. your own eyes will answer you ……. our cities are all developed ….. n banglore city is compare almost to foreign countries… noy like u village cow milk n bafelow milk ……. ha ha ha

  55. I think it is one of the best write up , I came across so far. Completely unbiased, just trying to make a point no matter what there is unity in diversity.

    I dont want to make any further comment except that there is too much of hatred in previous postings.

  56. God Bless All idiots with knowledge and wisdom.

    A Seed of knowledge should lead to Wisdom, otherwise it lacks its essence.

    I see a lot of half baked knowledge comments, so i pray for their mental maturity.

  57. all south indians r selfish and dumb inspite of 90 percent litrecy they r not practicsl in life

    • what the heck are you talking about.dont say any XXXXXX thing if you dont know about it/

      • if u know better than me then share u ………

        • hey booster these persons are actually jealous of us ..
          u know who rules in india it would bjp aur congress or any other party even in cricket or defense ,any other field u may have they behind us that’s why they are jealous but still i think my these are my wrong wat i am saying,we are indian it would be south or north .we indian

          • This is what the United Nation’s UNDP has documented in its Global Human Development Report:

            ‘Over 350 million people living in eight mainly Hindi speaking states of north India live in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness than all the people living in sub saharan Africa’.

            Now read that again. Frame it. Hang it around your neck.

            North India has the poorest, most pathetic, hopeless people on planet earth.

            So stop boasting.

      • Harsha he is right.. You South Indians claim to be the most educated but you people are the most narrow minded people with all sort of low thinking.. You still demand dowry, you people marry your brothers and you think you South Indians are educated..

        You people are so so orthodox and have a very cheap mentality..

        Not in this birth not in any birth that you South Indians take you will never be compared with North Indians.. They are intellectual and very practical people.. You black South Indians you cannot beat North Indians in anything..

        South Indians will always be considered as black and back ward people with a very low and cheap thinking..

      • that is what north indians …they just speak any think …..as they dont have brains……. they simply buk…… but dont know to bite …… and we bite but dont buk n make joke of our own self……. thid is the diff….. thats why our womens are more futher in employments and education….not like them uneducated dumps

    • Please learn how to spell before you start talking shit

    • Yes illiterate and filthy and backward north indians are very ‘practical’, right?

      That is why the filthy north indians are in the news every day for gang raping little girls. Or for khap panchayat ordering rapes of women which the uncultured north indian men willingly obey. I am not even going into the details of how you people openly answer natures call on the streets, and spit paan wherever you feel like. Just travel on trains in the north, then travel in trains in the southern states. The differnce between the civilized humans in the south and uncivilized subhumans of North India will be come stark.

      The uncultured people of North india will kick and abuse and push one another on trains and spit and urinate all over.

      You north Indians are famous for honor killing of your own family members…all over North India. Be it Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan…the list goes on. These uncultured north Indians will simply kill their family members because they happen to marry a person from another caste. the entire family will gang up and kill the family member concerned. And this includes pregnant women who married against the family’s wishes…she will be beaten to death. Google up for pictures. These subhuman north Indians are very proud of their junglee habits.

      I am glad that the courts are finally teaching these uncultured north Indian animals to behave. Recently a family that beat their daughter and her fiance and electrocuted both after hours of merciless beatings that had both of them bleeding (this happened in Delhi)…the entire family of subhuman talibani north indians were sentenced to death by the high court. What was most surprising in this case was that the neighbors of the murderer family, were also subhuman uncultured, uncivilized, north Indians. They kept hearing to the screams of the young woman and her fiance, but did nothing. Did not bother to inform the police for all the hours that the young couple were being tortured. Only next day when the neighbors realized that the murderer family of north indian talibanis have fled after killing the two, did the stupid neighbors inform the police.

      North India is the most poorest part of not just the country, but the entire world! REad that line you semi literate uncultured north indians. ‘Over 350 million people living in eight mainly hindi speaking states of INdia live in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness’ than all the people living in sub saharan AFRICA as per the UNDP report on global human development.

      In other words you talibani north indian sub humans are the worst of the worst.

      Now in the South you have people who are much better when it comes to Human Development Index. In fact, Kerala in south india ranks so high in Human Develpment Index, that only two developed nations rank higher than Kerala in Human Development figures. Norway and Australia.

      Kerala has teh highest percent of child births being conducted in hospitals (100%) among all states of INdia. Kerala has the highest percent of people living in their own homes (Over 90%). Kerala ranks number 1 in health index of its people. Women in Kerala live the longest in the country (no dowry deaths like in North India). Men also live the longest in Kerala as compared to rest of the country.

      Not just kerala all of south India is doing very good when it comes to social/human development figures.

      Just boasting empty boasts, and writing lies on the internet, without any supporting figures to back up your claim will not make all the poverty and injustice in your pathetic backward north india just disappear.

      To make it easy these statistics are readily available to you semi literate subhuman north indians, so you can easily read up before boasting your empty boasts.

      You morons should read up what the govt of India has declared a few months ago as the ranking of ‘most developed states’ of India.

      The top three are 1. Kerala 2. Himachal pradesh and 3. Goa.

      Look up the entire list of states. you will see how the South has made tremendous progress the past 20 years.

      Do you even know, north Indian duffers, that Kerala and Tamil Nadu now have a higher per capita income than Punjab! Duffers, read that line again!

      Infact Punjab is going down the toilet at a very quick speed. Even compared to other north indian states. Himachal is making great progress. Punjab enjoyed free water, free electricity, free subsidies from Govt of India for its farmers for decades. Life was good with free money. But Punjab did zero investmen to grow industry, or business, or encourage tourism, or even in education. Infact Haryana and Himachal, and even a very backward place like Rajasthan did much better in investing for the future.

      Today Punjab CM is inviting industry leaders from Tamil Nadu and Andhra to get advise on setting up industry and technology bases in Punjab. He has invited Kerala experts to advise on building the tourism and services industry in Punjab. I admire the current PUnjab CM for recognizing the Punjab got left behind and that he needs expertise from other states. No shame in that. Much better than semi literate north indian fools on this site, boasting empty boasts.

      REad up you semi literate north indians. Dont rely on bollywood phillums, and saas bahu TV serials, for your general awareness. That will make you boast empty boasts. your north india of reality is not what your Bollywood phillums show you. Those phillums are shot abroad. hey, look closely, do you see people answering natures call or spitting paan every where on those bollywood phillums and pikchars? Now look around your pathetic selves…dont you see people answering natures call on the open streets and then walking all over it and spitting paan everywhere and basically living unhygenic lives and using 10 swear words in one sentence. Well that is the real north India.

      So zip it, north indian duffers!

      • either u r pakistani or u r full of complexes, in both way it completely reflect that u dont believe in India as one country..if u r so literate and intelligent and belong to a developed part of the country ..why dont u invest it in something productive..rather ranting here on internet ..is it ur pakistani trait or south indian trait..

        • @Deep: ‘if u r so literate and intelligent and belong to a developed part of the country ..why dont u invest it in something productive..rather ranting here on internet ..is it ur pakistani trait or south indian trait..’

          Well, North Indian Deep, how about posing the question back to you:

          If you are so knowledgeable, why dont you yourself invest in something productive…rather than ranting here on the internet! Is it your semi literate north indian trait?

          • @ Radha Krishnan
            (Well, North Indian Deep, how about posing the question back to you:

            If you are so knowledgeable, why dont you yourself invest in something productive…rather than ranting here on the internet! Is it your semi literate north indian trait?)

            i guess its my Indian trait that i m not ranting around like you guys , and whatever i m doing is only for my country and not just for one region … please stop giving replies with different names , u can call me illiterate, . semi literate or anything rubbish it will reflect ur mentality and understanding not mine and its not going to affect my health any way… i m a proud Indian ….

          • Why Rama you getting so pissed..Is setu your brother or you South Indians are filling left out.. You Copy Cat.. You don’t even know to frame your own sentences copying somebody else.

            Even we know how educated and literate you bloody South Indians are..If you people are educated then its only because of us.. Orelse you would have been in the same slum where you and your fellow brothers were earlier..

            Its because of we North Indians that you South Indians got the exact definition of modernization.. U dumb idiots open your eyes and see we were ruling you and we are ruling you in your own state because we know that you people are incapable of doing anything..Its because of us that you people getting exposure in big companies..

            So speak sense okay..

      • p.s i wont deny the ill mannered practices u r talking about but the way u r addressing or putting up are very objectionable.. and please without evidence and knowledge dont write baseless rants.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_states_by_GDP
        per capita income of kerala is 1315 & and so is punjabs per capita income… delhi’s per capita income is 3182 $ much ahead then Chennai’s or tamil nadu per capita income
        kerala is much densily populated state than punjab .. ( now if i ask that why ur well literate people can not manage their population )
        http://www.slideshare.net/mitukhurana/crime-against-women-in-india rant only when ur sates have zero percent incidents ok ..and if u r pakistani then u can go back to ur 12th failed state of the world.. in other words hell

        • Deep, you are a typical semi literate north indian duffer. You prove yet again that a paan spitting semi literate north Indian is INCAPABLE Of THINKING before ‘boasting’ their empty boasts.

          What you did is…just ran into google and wikipedia…and as soon as you saw some statistic, you cut and paste…and began jumping up and down. Listen Dude, though I compliment you for atleast putting an effort to go find some statistic (which 99 percent of your fellow paan spitting, filthy abuse spewing, fellow north indian semi literate brothers and sisters do not do).

          But, next time, think and analyze any stats before just jumping up and down in glee. That would prevent you from subjecting yourself to public ridicule.

          When you ridicule Kerala for ‘Not controlling population’ just because you saw one statistic about ‘population density’. You connected the two ‘densely populate’ with ‘uncontrolled population growth’. That was it. You were so impressed with how you little brain got a wonderful fact to come right back on this forum and beat a Keralite with this ‘population growth’ stick. Great!!

          Now calm you semi literate paan spitting north indian brain, down. Then let me eduacate you.

          You checked the wrong statistic to beat Kerala with. Population Density and population growth are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ANIMALS. Just calm you semi literate north indian uncultured abuse spewing brain down…and let me complete this education that I am offering you. So sit tight patiently while I educate your semi literate head.

          Now go and check the ranking of states by ‘population growth’. so a little question for you. Which state in India has the LOWEST population growth? Surprise surprise…KERALA! Infact Kerala is the only state in India with NEGATIVE population growth. In other words Kerala is the only state in India where the population is REDUCING.

          And your semi literate paan spitting brain is ridiculing Kerala for ‘population growth’!! Very cute. So you are ridiculing the state which has the least population growth for …. having such high population growth!!!

          So dude, density of population, doesnt mean uncontrolled growth. It could mean a lot of things. For instance, it could mean that unlike other states, Kerala’s land is totally habitable. In other words, Kerala does NOT have thousands of acres of deserts, or barren land with NO DRINKING WATER, which makes human civilization possible. Ever been to Kerala? It is one continuous city or town for all practical purposes. No barren land. No deserts.

          Now what may surprise you is that despite its high population density, Kerala is the state with maximum home ownership. Over 90% of people live in their OWN homes. Not in slums or rented accomodations or on the road side. If that is the case, and if their population is NOT growing, how should it bother you if they are densely populated.

          HDI (Human Development Index) ranking…kerala ranks number 1 in the country. HDI is also known as ‘Standard of Living’ index.

          Incidentally, only two nations, Norway and Australia, have a higher HDI ranking than Kerala. Google up the studies done by Harvard and Wharton universities about the wonderful HDI figures for Kerala. it is called the ‘Kerala Phenomenon’. Why Harvard and Wharton research Kerala’s high standard of living, is to find if Kerala’s success can be replicated in the rest of the third world. That is because till Kerala’s high social and human development numbers became well known, the common wisdom was that you have to be very rich, highly industrialized like the developed world to have high social development statistics. Kerala proved it otherwise. Which is why research institutions world wide want to discover the reasons behind the ‘Kerala Pardox’ (how can a place in the third world do better than the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan…in social development statistics). Harvard declared that the ‘Kerala phenomenon’ cannot be replicated elsewhere. I wont go into the details…but if you can, google up, spend some time that you otherwise spend on watching ‘phillums and Saas bahu serials’..which is the typical source of General awareness for North Indians.

          Next…Stop bragging about Delhi’s per capita GDP. Which by the way is much lower than Goa’s GDP. Where does Delhi get its money from? It doesnt have to do farming like Punjab, Haryana, or the rest of the country. It doesnt have to build Industries like TN, Mahrashtra, Gujarat. Delhi has an ATM machine in the form of the Govt of India. That is what Delhi economy is based upon. Its high per capita GDP is because the entire bureacracy and salaried employees of Govt of India live there, be is Civil servants, Military establishments to support the defence headquarters there, Diplomats of all countries and embassies, and the resulting traffic of travellers.

          Now if Islamabad, or Colombo were to be made a state that state would have the highest per capita income.

          Let me give you an example. Delhi Metro. When it was time for Delhi Metro to be built…people of Delhi did not have to pay for it. Govt of India (Montek Singh Ahluwalia) cut a check from Govt of India for Delhi Metro.

          Now when Kerala govt approached, Mr Assi Tussi Montek Singh Aloo Gobi wala, for a check to build Kochi Metro, what did Mr Assi Tussi say. His reply, ‘Well….well…you know…well…I can not pay for Kochi metro’. When the Kerala Govt reps asked Mr Assi Tussi Montek Singh, why the two different standards of treating Delhi and Kerala…the Assi tussi..said…’Well, you have a point…please come back to me with a newer proposal..and I will consider’. Kerala govt went with a newere proposal..and Mr Assi Tussi Montek Aloo Gobi walia…he sat over it..and again REFUSED to help Kerala govt.

          Knowing Kerala people, I was sure that Malayalis abroad would step in and sponsor the project to show this stupid Punjabi Assi Tussi Montek Aloo Gobi Walia. That is exactly what happened. Malayalis abroad and those in Kerala took it as a challenge to show the pathetic punjabi Assi tussi, that you dont mess with Keralites. Long story short…Keralites got the funding needed on the table..and invited Mr Man Mohini Kaur, the invisible PM of India to come and inaugurate the Kochi Metro Project. That was the Keralite way of showing the smelly Punjabi, Mr Assi tussi Montek Aloo Gobi walia, not to play his games with kerala.

          And thereafter govt of Kerala, declared plans to set up ‘Air Kerala’ an airline being launched by the state of Kerala. Just to rub it into the Assi Tussis like Montek Singh ..eat Aloo Gobi…and pass gas in Delhi..walias.

          So next time you boast about Delhi’s per capita GDP, remind yourself to THINK before boasting your heart out.

          Atleast I must compliment you for reading up and accepting that Kerala and Punjab have similar per capita GDP, even though Kerala’s is marginally higher now. That is such a disgrace for Punjab. Punjab got lavished with free water and electricity for its farmers, and tremendous govt subsidies for decades. Punjab had a great Banking sector, and small scale industries and services sector. All of it gone down the drain now.

          Kerala has a robust Banking network, tourism, services sector. Can you imagine, Kerala, with all its labor problems, and high cost of labor, ranks higher than Punjab in per capita GDP. Kerala is ranked 7th highest per capita GDP in India, which is not bad at all for a state with tremendous shortage of land for agriculture or industry..and beset with labor problems.

          Punjab is down the toilet because of drugs and total neglect of its education infrastructure over the decades.

          Talking of population density…let me remind you that Japan is very densely populated ..like Kerala. Japan has a tremendous shortage of land, like Kerala. Japan has very low population growth…like Kerala.

          So remember that population density by itself does not necessarily mean high population growth.

          Lastly, THINK before you shoot your mouth next time.

          • one thing u proved very well is that keralites ( talking about u in particular ) are born with some complexes.. closed stinky mentality and they live all their life thinking about these complexes that they can rant as long as they want and they dont get mental peace no matter how much they spit out this all life long accumulated poison … oh well u r representing kerala na.. how nicely u represented ur people and their mentality with these racist words.. allu ghobi paan assi tussi etc etc… i have been to kerala and still believe people live there are far better than u … but anyhow.. har talab main gandi machli toh hoti hai hai …next time pls learn something from us northie gobhi eating people that give some evidence proof or statistics before ranting ur dirty mind out their in social world…jeez… hes so frustrated pls give him some mental peace..or he will end up having some mental problem….
            p.s to the rest of my indian people : guys we should take pride in our unity in diversity, there are lot of things for us to learn about each other , and practice without any hesitation,on my personal level ido it often .i listen south indian music,want to do gujrati garba and dandia πŸ™‚ ,i m very fond of telugu and tamil songs ,i want to learn the way marathi beat their drums during ganapati visarjan rallies,i have tried making sound that bengali ladies make ( jok ),i want to learn many indian languages, i take interest in different Indian cultural things, i have a punjabi background but i m open to everything , please try to do it, u will feel good trust me,dont listen to sick people ( spare mentaly sick people ..they rant becoz they want mental peace )
            after all we all know we are indian first then we are punjabi bengali tamil telugu asseme gujrati marathi n all…

          • Ha Ha Ha! Deep, looks like it hurt you to be tutored by me that your ‘hurried’ claim that Kerala has uncontrolled ‘population growth’ was FALSE.

            Well friend, all I did was educate another semi literate and ill informed North Indian. So instead of saying that I have some ‘complex’ why dont you be glad that someone corrected you by pointing out that Kerala has a ‘negative’ growth rate instead of ‘uncontrolled population growth’.

            Atleast next time, you will not expose your ignorance. So go ahead, thank me, for educating you that Kerala has a spectacular record when it comes to ‘controlled population growth’.

            Assi Tussi! Tussi Mainu!

            The problem with you naarthies is that you people rely on Saas bahu serials and pikchars (or phillums) for your general awareness. Learn to read. And THINK. Before boasting your naarthy boasts.

            Keep ’em coming. I love reading naarthy boasts, its so hilarious.

      • hey guys kindly cut this crap here itself u ppl are fighting as if we are Indians and pakistanis……so u guys decide who is an indian and who is a pakistani….
        as Indians don’t provoke to any kind of fight…and pakistanis do as far as we believe

      • Setu its true you really have some sort of mental disorder.. And you are full of complexes.. I am telling you this not as an East Indian but as an Indian..You should go and get yourself checked properly from a good Psychiatrist.. You can find n number of good and top Psychiatrist in North or East.. Because you are a racist..

        And you know what you can never support India or even your so called uneducated backward,not even semi literate totally literate, orthodox, South Indians. Because your only concern is Kerala the state which which does business of women every day.. The sate that makes n number local adult movies.. The state that comes up with movies where we can see the girl totally naked..

        So you mentally retarded idiot before speaking crap about any other person just see what you people are.. You behave as savages and you are behaving in the internet itself..

        You proved us today that you bloody dumb South Indians are the real incarnation of RAVAN.. You all are from his family.. You South Indians are dumb A** good for nothing..

        • i think setus ansestors belong to south africa or sri lanka thats why she is favouring south indians and not india . u southies think only of yours and not for whole country . north indians are coming to take good jobs in south thats why south has developed

          • Ha Ha Ha. North Indians are coming to south to take up jobs, that is why South India is so developed.

            Ha Ha Ha. Someone please help me understand this semi literate north indian paan spitters logic here.

            So this guy means to say that north indian who have no jobs are leaving their pathetic states and migrating in search of jobs far and wide and end up in the South Indian states and find work to feed themselves and their families.

            Now the UNDP world human develeopment report states that: ‘over 300 million people living in eight mainly hindi speaking states of north india live in worse levels of poverty, illiteracy, and backwardness than all the people living in sub Saharan Africa’! That makes north india worse than the worst!

            And then this semi literate northy wants to claim that just because semi literates and illiterates from the north are given jobs that they cannot find in the underdeveloped hell holes of north india…so somehow by a twist of his strange logic, the development in the South is not attributable to the semi literates of north india.

            So my question to the north indian paan spitting duffer is this: If you north indians are so responsible for developing south india, why is north india the most backward part of planet earth?

  58. her legs are tamilnadu and kerala… her head is kashmir..her arms are gujarat and arunachal pradesh…her heart is delhi….and she is our bharat mata….she needs all of the parts….we are of one blood and soul of one body…..we ll make her rich and happy….jai hind

    • Leave the term India as one nation. Go to any state, and you will see local people criticizing outsiders, auto-drivers saying slang words at outsider asking for any direction or fare. If the local people do not accept outsiders, what is the use of sitting in your home and calling India as one country. In reality, it is the opposite. They are different states each representing a different country. Why the concept of one nation???

      Leave the bigger metros, take example of smaller towns and cities. The small towns and city people hate outsiders from other states. What a hell!

    • Nice comment yar! but No1 in our India want follow it!
      “JAY hindi”

    • absolutely true doctor thiripan

  59. I am from kerala…i got lot of north Indian friends…i felt they are emotionally not matured as south indians..seems funny???.used to complain about their north indian friends..used to fight each other often..even though they act like gud friends..not very gud in understanding or tolerating with each other….its not just my thought..we south indians used to discuss about that…i dont know why..ny thoughts???

  60. My Story.
    My Name is Abhay.
    I am 34 Years Old, from Gujurat. I have been married to my south indian wife for 9 years. We have 2 kids and we are now livin in Australia. I married her because i love her.
    I dont care if south indians are shorter or darker.
    I dont care if they are not fair as north indians.
    Because i have other things to worry about. As indians we are supposed to be one of the greatest civilizations that has ever formed. We have held ourselves together for how many years while there has been war elsewhere. Do you want to start now?.
    @Booster; What is this nonsense about south indians being poor and not fair.
    Have you been there?
    South Indian states are more smarter and have a higher GDP.
    My wife is the same colour as me, she is acutally fairer, her family comes from Kerala.
    There are dark people in the south but saying that there are an equal amount in the north. The only difference is, in the south everyone gets an equal chance. As for us, we what we do is we keep the darker people in the slums and push them down the castes. If you are dark, the more fairer people DONT frown up on you, Why because they have lived with each other for so long, they have learned to treat others equally.
    It is about time, we should too.

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