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The Pokemon phenomenon has taken the world and all its children by storm. Kids all over the world have just fallen in love with the cute creatures ever since they came on the scene not too long ago. The cool powers and variations of the Pokemons are what make them so interesting. This same phenomenon applies to the success of many MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) titles. People are all using the same software, but each of their characters have unique traits, ranks and powers. This same logic of customization has resulted in the ballistic success of the Pokemon phenomenon.

Movies, cartoons, games of all kinds, online offline, console, arcade, PC, web-based, flash games etc. have made Pokemon a household name worldwide. This franchise sells massive amounts of merchandise and licensed goods – maybe this amount is second only to Hello Kitty. Besides, anime is popular with even adults in countries of South East Asia, and many other places around the world. There are many types of Pokemons, and there also many different games/mediums to play with those Pokemons. Two of them are Diamond and Pearl.

A Diamond is rarer compared to a Pearl in the Pokemon world, aka ‘realm’. Each version has some specific Pokemons. Yet the storyline and characteristics are mostly the same, as there are lots of ‘base’ (around 20), or basic Pokemons in both realms. They are both different versions of the Pokemon realm, based on gaming ideas. On the front cover art of the Diamond version you will find Dialga, and on that of the Pearl version you will find Palkia. They are the rewards you get for completing each version, but you can also get the other one at the end.

They are actually not that different, but since people have attached more importance to the Diamond (due to the obvious higher real world value connoted by the word ‘Diamond’), and since that it is demanded more by the players, it is a little harder to find than the Pearl. Both have the power to control time, as do all Pokemons. The other more likely reason why gamers (mostly young boys) go for Diamond rather than Pearl, is that the colors of the Pearl are ‘girly’ and pink, and little boys just hate girls until they grow up! Mostly, they are same, and you will realize that the only difference is the box art that shows-up during the end of the games. Also, Diamond was launched before Pearl, hence it may have built a greater fan following – in the same way that the Red, Gold, and Ruby versions launched before the Diamond are more popular. The Diamond is blue and the Pearl is pink in color. The different colors are mostly just in the background.

You cannot snatch the following Pokemons in Pearl ‘“ Stunky and Murkrow, and in the Diamond, you will find it difficult to get your hands on Glameow and Misdreavus.


1. The only valid difference between the two is the box art. Diamond is blue and Pearl is pink.

2. Diamond was launched before Pearl.

3. A Diamond is rarer compared to a Pearl in the Pokemon world, aka ‘realm’.

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